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(EXCLUSIVE) What Happened on Victoria’s Hometown Date Yesterday

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All sorts of weirdness yesterday, I honestly don’t know where to begin. A lot of false information floating around out there regarding what happened based on the things that were sent to me, and I want to clear everything up. Especially after I released the name of the person who Peter was seen talking to once he was done dancing with Victoria. Might wanna listen to this whole story considering, well, she and I have been in contact during this last month. How everything came together was so bizarre because it was so back and forth and last minute. That truly was one of the weirdest days of filming I can ever remember yesterday from this franchise, and really, I still don’t know what to make of it. When you read everything I lay out for you today about the chain of events yesterday, you’re probably still gonna be slightly confused as to the show’s motivation and what it all means. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only ones. I’ll share my thoughts at the end today of what I THINK might happen now after knowing what I know about yesterday. Bear with me here, there’s a lot to go over.

First, lets just get out of the way all the pics and videos from yesterday’s date to those who didn’t see it. Keep in mind, all these pictures and video are BEFORE Peter knew anything about Victoria and what I posted yesterday. Clearly. So here it is in chronological order of what went down:

Can I just point out now that I’m glad Victoria dressed up for her hometown date? Did she think they were going to the beach and it was 90 degrees out? Cut off jean shorts in 60 degree weather? I’m no fashionista by any means, but that didn’t look like hometown date attire.

So you get the gist of what went down. Peter is into Victoria clearly. There’s a physical attraction there that is undeniable. And then things got weird. So you saw me mention the fact that Lauren Luyendyk (Burnham) had her mom (and dad) there, Pamela Burnham. Her mom got mic’d up by production. The other person of note who was there that was also mic’d up was Morgan Speight, this girl:

As you can see, she is friends with Lauren Luyendyk from back when she lived in Virginia Beach, as she attended her bachelorette party and wedding. But, I can tell you that Morgan is also good friends with one of the women whose now ex-husband Victoria had a relationship with. That’s why she was there and mic’d up. It certainly looks to me like Pamela and Morgan were told to be there by the show and were there to warn Peter about Victoria. I don’t see any other reason why they’d mic them up. But then Merissa happened…

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