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Podcast #155 – Interview with Gavin Rocker of “Temptation Island” & “Bachelor” Talk

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Things are beginning to heat up on “Temptation Island” this week as episode 5 drops tonight. We get the fallout from Dave’s threesome that ended last episode and, well, take a wild guess at how tonight’s bonfire ends. Anyway, this week we have Gavin Rocker as our guest to talk about his time on the show, his relationship with Esonica, and what he thinks of what has aired so far. Before that, I give a good 15 minutes with some “Bachelor” talk about where the show is at right now, the three women left and how two of them couldn’t be more different, how the show is really coming down on their contestants doing podcasts, and then some of the recent breakups we’ve had in Bachelor Nation. Yeah, I’ve got some thoughts on Tayshia/JPJ and the Demi/Kristian break up that probably neither of them want to hear. Oh well. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Gavin’s Twitter handle (@GavinRocker) in your replies. Thanks again to Gavin for coming on and don’t forget to watch “Temptation Island” tonight at 10/9c as we get the fallout from Dave’s threesome last week. Hint: It’s not pretty.

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(SPOILERS) I begin the podcast by talking news in the “Bachelor” world – Peter’s final 3, future podcast guests and break ups in Bachelor Nation. Then Gavin Rocker from “Temptation Island” joins me to talk about his journey this season on the show with Esonica (18:31).

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