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Podcast #203 – Interview with @BachelorClues & Lizzy Pace from the “Game of Roses” Podcast

We’re only 5 days away from the premiere of the “Bachelorette.” Think about that. We haven’t had any Bachelor Nation programming since March. We should’ve already seen a “Bachelorette” and BIP season. But now, we’re gonna get 6 straight months of BN programming assuming Matt’s season that begins filming this weekend goes off without a hitch. If you’ve never listened to the “Game of Roses” podcast, you should. @BachelorClues on IG and Lizzy Pace break this show down differently than basically anyone else on the internet. Today is a very fun talk as we dive into all things Bachelor related, from Clare’s season, to Matt’s upcoming season, to the release of Matt’s women on Tuesday, etc. And oh yeah, I ask them about their dynamic which I really had no clue about, in addition to the anonymity behind who @BachelorClues is. He’s a great follow on IG, so if you haven’t done that, I would suggest you do so. Also, subscribe to their podcast on the link below. Always a great listen, and their podcast covering my interview with Nick was as fascinating of a deep dive as you’ll ever hear. Thanks again to them for coming on. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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(SPOILERS) I start by talking briefly about the season upcoming and getting back to my regular schedule. Then @BachelorClues on IG and Lizzy Pace from the “Game of Roses” podcast join me (8:33) to discuss a lot happening in Bachelor Nation. Clare/Tayshia’s season, Clare’s men, Matt’s season, Matt’s women released this week and who they find most interesting, the Hannah/Tyler video, having 6 straight months of Bachelor programming, how they view the show as a game, & much, much more.

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