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Podcast #212 – Interviews with Josh Bourelle & Dominique Scalise, the Exes of Tayshia Adams & Memphis Garrett

Got a very interesting podcast for you today that I’m sure will generate quite a bit of interest, as I guess you can call this the “Exes Speak Out.” First, I’m joined by Tayshia Adams ex-husband, Josh Bourelle. Then after him, Dominique Scalise, the ex-girlfriend of Big Brother All-Star Memphis Garrett, joins me to talk about her reaction to the Memphis/Christmas relationship announcement last week. If your immediate reaction is “Psssh, exes just looking for attention,” you’re missing the point. Nobody has heard from Josh Bourelle in the 2 years since Tayshia became part of the Bachelor world. He’s never done any interview or said a word about their marriage. He’s a little fed up about what he’s seen and heard this season so he wanted to finally speak up for himself, since no one knows his side of things. Dominique came forward because last week once Memphis & Christmas went public with their relationship, her previous relationship with Memphis was called into question, and mostly doubted. So she felt she wanted to stick up for herself and kind of explain the timeline of her relationship with Memphis from quarantine to when he was in the BB house all summer. Two very good conversations that provide a perspective pretty much very few people know. All I ask is you actually listen to them before forming an opinion. Both of them have every right to tell their side since the other side is the only side you’ve heard from up to this point. I thank both of them for coming on knowing that they’ll be immediately criticized for really no reason. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin first by giving a little background as to how these two interviews came to be. Then Josh joins me first (5:32) to talk about why he decided to come out now and discuss his previous marriage with Tayshia, what narrative he’s not happy with, how he feels about her being on the show, and much, much more. Then Dominique joins (49:15) to discuss her relationship with BB All Star Memphis Garrett while he was living in the BB house this summer, what she received while he was still on the show, when the relationship started going south, her reaction to Memphis & Christmas’ public relationship announcement last week, and much, much more.

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  1. hostets

    December 10, 2020 at 7:31 AM

    ?I personally think it’s unreasonable for Josh to expect Tayshia to not talk about his cheating when that’s something that clearly impacted her (despite how much he is trying to downplay it). It’s admittedly unfortunate that the nature of this show makes it impossible for her to keep their past as private as he would prefer, but at the end of the day, if he didn’t want his parents/gf/church to hear about his cheating, he shouldn’t have cheated. However that being said, I think he has every right to share his story as she does to share hers, so I respect that you gave him this platform.

  2. littlelil

    December 10, 2020 at 9:51 AM

    Well that was abhorrent. Tayshias ex comes off as such an a hole, it’s insane. There is no excuse for cheating. I don’t care if the marriage was troubled, if there were intimacy issues that you brought to her attention, that you suggested couples counselling – none of this changes the fact that you cheated. Plain and simple. End it first and then go do as you please. Total d o u c h e.

  3. idontcare

    December 10, 2020 at 11:21 AM

    Josh is not the first person to make a mistake like he has. To me it does matter if the infidelity is a one time thing or ongoing. It says a lot that he came clean the next time he saw his wife. There was infidelity in my marriage in a similar way yet that was not ultimately the cause of our divorce. We both knew we could forgive and get through a one time offense but that the underlying issues were the true cause of the breakdown in the marriage. And yes, we both saw it that way. It in no way condones what took place but the fact of the matter is drug problems were the deciding factor in the marriage ending. I’m glad Josh had the opportunity to give his perspective. It’s not my business to point blame on either of them or both. I just hope they both have a brighter future ahead.

  4. tinyred500

    December 10, 2020 at 3:15 PM

    I so agree.

    I popped over to Steve’s Twitter page and read some of the comments. Many are stating she didn’t name him (so no harm done etc) and people could have Googled him to find out who he was. My takeaway from Josh and ‘why’ he did the Podcast was her reasoning why she aired in public the reasons ‘behind’ their marriage break-up. I absolutely do not condone infidelity, but she could have kept that part private and told her chosen pick in private. This doesn’t in anyway take away her hurt or how she feels, but I can never understand why anyone feels the the need to air private and intimate details in public, let alone their dirty laundry. As much as I have a dichotomy of feelings over what should remain private I do understand why Josh felt the need to air his side.

    There is two sides to every story and no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors and between two people, and we shouldn’t pretend we know otherwise. We have no more idea what type of person Josh is, anymore than we do Tayshia. You can’t tell what a person is really like just from an edit of a reality programme.

  5. avbuff26

    December 11, 2020 at 6:51 AM

    I have so many thing to say
    1. He is trying to downplay the facts that he cheated
    2. He is basically saying he doesn’t regret cheating because it made her try more in the marriage
    3. You cheating on your wife is her business too and she can tell as many ppl that as she wants
    4. You did end you marriage pal, not Tayshia’s lack of trying (if that’s even true)
    5. How annoying he is to bring up “my church and current gf)
    6. I know he did not just imply that Tayshia is a cheater because she is in the Bachelorette?!!!
    You cheated on your WIFE, and she is dating multiple men who signed up for a tv show where that is the plot!! You see the difference. No sneaking around while your SPOUSE is out of town

  6. jlew

    December 11, 2020 at 8:09 AM

    I respect him for coming out and saying what he did. As someone who is a bachelorette and has to be transparent with other guys she is dating on why her marriage ended, she should have just said it didn’t work out.

    It’s ok to still like her, but respect him too.

  7. kathyfrank1222

    December 11, 2020 at 2:46 PM

    I went into this with a open mind. He only seems upset that people know he cheated. He talks about her throwing him under the bus and creating drams but really she didn’t say much except her ex cheated. That is part of her story, being cheated on deeply wounds and creates pain and insecurity, that does not just go away it becomes part of you.
    But he keep subtly bashing her, he actually said he made a mistake but she made more in his opinion. He spent most of the time deflecting on her and how she caused problems, wasn’t honest etc. He kept her name on a loan and she had to get a lawyer to get it off and it was just a mistake but then digs that it took her time to give the ring back. Legally, your not obligated to return your ring.

    It was not a good look for him.

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