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Podcast #242 – Interview with Kate Casey of the “Reality Life” Podcast & Today’s BIP Cast Announcement (Column)

An always fun time talking with today’s podcast guest, Kate Casey, of the “Reality Life” podcast. She watches just as much TV as I do, so, I feel we’re on the same wavelength. Actually, she watches way more shows than I do and we dive into that today. Just recently I’ve decided that I have a favorite housewife from the franchise even though I’ve never seen an episode and I don’t know a thing about her. Don’t make this a thing. She’s married with kids. But before this podcast, that’s all I knew. I didn’t know her husbands name, her kids’ names, what she did, etc. The only thing I knew was what show she was on. Absolutely nothing else. But reading the entertainment sites all the time and what not, I’ve always seen her pics and thought she was very attractive. I have Kate guess at first, but that goes nowhere, so I tell her and then she gives me the full backstory on her, her family, and what her storyline is on the show. Kate is like an encyclopedia when it comes to the Housewives franchise so I knew she could fill me in. Will I ever watch this show’s seasons? Probably not. Oh well. Anyway, Kate and I discuss numerous things in the TV world today, so if you’re a fan of TV, you’ll like today’s podcast. I began the podcast by talking about the BIP cast list which is being announced today. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by going over the original BIP cast list coming out today. Then Kate joins me (8:08) to discuss this season of the “Bachelorette,” Katie as the lead, rumors in the franchise, game shows on TV, who my favorite housewife is, the debut of “Big Brother” and “Love Island,” and much, much more.

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Today the BIP original cast is being released. I’ve already given you a lot of the spoilers, but today I wanted to give you who I think you can expect in the original cast list. There’s 1 possibly 2 people I’m missing. Remember, the cast that will be announced today is usually just people who arrive on Day 1. There’s always people who arrive every season after Day 1 but before the first rose ceremony. Becca Kufrin is definitely one of those people this season so I doubt she’d be in today’s cast list. Also, expect way more women to be announced today than men, because from what I can count, at least 4 men who were initial cast are guys from Katie’s season that haven’t been eliminated yet. So they wouldn’t put them in today’s cast because they still have to give you the illusion they have a chance with Katie. So I assume they’ll just do what they’ve done in past seasons and give you all the guys who were past seasons or Katie’s season who HAVE been eliminated (only one – Karl), and then leave silhouettes or just say “more men will be announced in the coming weeks.” So with that said, here’s who you should see in today’s cast list:


Kelsey Weier
Victoria Paul
Tammy Ly
Serena Chew
Victoria Larson
Deandra Kanu
Mari Pepin
Abigail Heringer
Jessenia Cruz
Serena Pitt
Demi Burnett


Noah Erb
Ivan Hall
Kenny Braasch
Karl Smith
Thomas Jacobs
Aaron Clancy – still on Katie’s season
James Bonsall – still on Katie’s season
Tre Cooper – still on Katie’s season

One correction: I just realized I kept saying in my podcast today that Thomas is still on Katie’s season and wouldn’t be part of the cast reveal today.. Clearly he’s not he was eliminated 2 weeks ago, so, expect Karl and Thomas to be a part of today’s original cast list. Brain fart there. My bad.

I think I’m missing one girl that was original cast. I believe it’s Natasha Parker, but not 100% sure. And I think Grocery Joe is original cast too. Those are the two I’m unsure of when they came in, but we’ll find out soon enough. I think I might be missing one other guy too. But those names above I’m positive are original cast. I guess there’s a possibility that someone could not be original cast but still arrive before rose ceremony #1, so they technically wouldn’t be on today’s list. But yeah, this should give you a good idea.

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