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The Bachelorette 17 - Katie

The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 7 Recap, Schedule for the Next 3 Weeks, Michelle’s Season Notes, & Fan Appreciation Party Openings

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-Over dinner, Greg is talking to Katie about some things, half of which I forgot, but he did mention something about what his sister said about him. Again, can’t remember what he said, but just noted that he brought up his sister. The only thing I know about her is the mini shade that she threw Katie’s way about a month ago. This was it in case you missed it:

Yes, Katie liked that meme, shortly thereafter, Greg’s sister wrote that and tagged Katie in it, then both were deleted in like an hour once people started commenting. No love loss there. I think what gets lost on a lot of contestants, and family members for contestants for that matter, is literally once your sibling/son/daughter are on the show, EVERYTHING you do online is dissected and will be found by others looking for anything they can. The second you sign on the dotted line to appear on this show, throw all your privacy out the window. Is it fair? No. But will it happen? Absolutely. We’ve seen it time and time again. Everything you say, tweet, post, will scrutinized to the 1000th degree by others. And when it’s something as blatant as this, where Greg’s sister doesn’t even hide her disdain for Katie liking a photo and it’s public for everyone to see, you gotta know people are gonna run with that. Certainly doesn’t sound like something a future sister-in-law would say, now does it? Oh yeah, they created fake rain, and Greg got the rose securing a hometown.

-The group date card said Justin, Andrew, Blake, Michael, and Brendan were on it, meaning, Mike P. would get the other 1-on-1. Again always remember, these dates are put together knowing what the end result would be. Before Mike P. even went on his date, Katie knew he was sending him home. He was given that date for the specific reason of sending him home. So by doing this to Brendan, putting him on group dates all season and never giving him a 1-on-1, I’m sure they knew he’d be bothered or leave on his own, or even go talk to her, which he did. So he goes to talk to Katie once he realizes he’s on another group date, and even says to her he begins to question, “Why am I still here?” You know Brendan, that might be the best, and only, thing you’ve said all season, but you nailed it on the head. It’s pretty much what everyone sitting at home is thinking. Katie tells him other relationships are farther along and it probably wouldn’t be fair to keep him around at this point. No shit? Could’ve sworn you guys would be engaged in two weeks. Guess not. So Brendan peaces out, goes to Blake’s room to tell him he’s leaving because they’re boys yet the show never addressed their pre-show friendship, and heads out. Blake is the one who tells the guys the next day Brendan left. Just weird all around.

-The group date begins and it’s painting. Justin is the artist in the group, so he figures he’s got this one in the bag. I’m with Blake on this one. While the flower he drew was great, what the hell was the rest of that? I was half expecting macaroni to be glued onto it. Lets just say it left a lot to be desired for an artist. Anyway, the other three guys did some, ummmm, interesting art to say the least. I have no idea what Michael made. How come all the other guys painted and Michael did some clay concoction that was supposed to be of Katie’s ass. Andrew’s painting was of sushi because, well, I don’t have the faintest idea why. Then there was Blake who, while we didn’t see his painting because they blacked it out, he described it and the way he verbalized his painting, it seemingly was of two people having sex. I mean, it’s Blake. What else would you expect from him? Last season he molded a penis structure on a group date. Never change, Blake.

-During the night portion, Blake got time with Katie first and told her that he’s not in love yet, but that it’s “inevitable.” Of course he said that. You know who else said something was inevitable? Thanos. Then half the world disappeared when he snapped his fingers. And Thanos may as well be Blake’s long lost cousin. Now they’re sharing the same vocabulary. Justin also got time with Katie and and they made out, as she did during her time with Michael. Michael said he’s ready for hometowns, but it’s scary to open his heart again, it’s scary the rate the show progresses, etc. Then drops the “I can assure you that no one can love you like I can.” Seems a bit heavy and self absorbed, but whatever. Clearly something happened between him getting the group date rose and him deciding to leave the show 24-48 hours later in real time. I’m sure the next talk with his son just triggers something where he feels he’s not there yet with Katie, even though he’s trying to convince himself he is. That’s really the only thing that makes sense to going from where we were last night to where we’ll be at the beginning of next week’s episode where he decides to leave.



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