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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 8 Recap, Michelle’s Cast Released, How You Can Be a Part of This Week’s Podcast, & “FBoy Island” Drops This Week

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Is there something that the show can do to the Tell All shows? I think one good thing they’ve done a few times recently is actually cut it down from 2 hours and mix in part of the episode to start, then make the transformation into the Tell All. Because lets face it, these episodes are painful to watch. Imagine if last night’s was 2 hours? I think the issue is, especially during “Bachelorette” season, is that the guys are 3 months removed from filming, and in this case, a lot of those guys on stage have already filmed another show in between (“BIP”), so it’s really hard to believe that they were really still that bothered by what Karl or Thomas did. We don’t hear peep from Brendan all season, then last night the guy dominated the first two segments of the show being all upset at Karl. It’s just not believable. Now, Brendan didn’t go to BIP (I heard he actually was on BIP Canada), but still, the whole thing just isn’t believable. It’s like this every season. I’m never convinced anyone is half as bothered as they pretend to be come the Tell All about shit that happened months ago. But they’re told to get riled up or, well, there basically isn’t a show.

They don’t want to see all the contestants bury whatever beefs they had during the show and come out on the Tell All and say, “Hey, it’s all good.” It’s also funny they show a BIP preview and then don’t even acknowledge some guys sitting on the stage were on it. We see Aaron chewing out Karl in the BIP clip, they’re sitting right there, and zero acknowledgement. I get that the Tell All is a mainstay in this franchise, and people want to see the lead come out and confront all the guys/women they dumped, but outside of Courtney Robertson showing up on her WTA as the eventual winner, nothing gets accomplished on these shows. It’s just not believable. And then the silly stunt they pulled with the paid actor in the crowd coming on stage to make out with Connor made it even more ridiculous. Yes, her name is Tara Kelly and she’s a musician in LA. And also happens to be good friends with Kyland from this current season of “Big Brother.” But yeah, she was recruited to be there, there was nothing organic whatsoever about that scene, and it was just silly. This is Tara:

Speaking of “Bachelor in Paradise,” here’s the newest promo they’re running for it:

You already have a majority of the spoilers for this season that I laid out in a column a couple weeks ago that’s also on my IG feed, so the next thing I hope to get you is the breakdown of the first 2 rose ceremonies. I have a lot but not all of the roses given out, and I’m a little confused on when a couple people showed up. But I hope to have that for you soon.

It’s been a couple months, but this week’s podcast will feature your audio and written “Reader Emails.” So to be a part of this week’s podcast, go to the bottom of today’s column, create a Yappa account, record an AUDIO ONLY question/comment, and you can be on this week’s podcast. Do NOT record a video one because the sound doesn’t transfer over correctly. I will mix in some of your audio clips with any “Reader Emails” as well for this week’s podcast. So get your “Reader Emails” in as well for tomorrow’s column. A lot of questions to get to this week, so start sending them in on Yappa down below in the comment section. You’ll see the camera icon next to the record button. Just click the camera icon and that’ll shut it off. Hit record and you’re all set. The default is set to camera being on, so once you sign in, you’ll be on camera. Just click the icon and you’ll be off.

Also, spots are still available for my Annual Fan Appreciation Party in Vegas, Aug. 27th at the Rio Hotel and Casino. All I ask is that you’re vaccinated and show proof in an email to me. Party starts at 8:00pm on the 27th and it’s first come, first serve to whoever emails me to get on the confirmation list. That’s all you need to do to get on. Just email me at, tell me everyone’s name in your party, prove vaccination, and you’re on the list. There will be an open beer and wine bar all night, appetizers, and we will be doing a raffle for prizes & money. So email me if you’re interested in coming. If you’re local to Vegas, obviously you’re welcome as well, I just ask that you don’t flake once you’re on the list. In addition, anyone attending, even if you’re not attending, please help donate to the Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support in Dallas that I’m working in conjunction with for this years party. Any donation would help and all will go to the women’s shelter. Thanks. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

I’m 100% convinced someone hacked Chris Harrison’s Twitter account last Wednesday. Chris Harrison has not tweeted, or even replied or retweeted, anything since Feb. 10th when he made his apology for the Rachel Lindsay interview. Then 5 months later, out of the clear blue last Wednesday, these three tweets appear:

He wasn’t responding to friends, and he wasn’t responding to people with blue check marks. Nope. Just decided to randomly quote tweet 3 strangers on the internet who say they miss him. First off, those tweets don’t even sound like anything Chris would write. Secondly, Chris knows how to quote tweet people and that’s not it. Those tweets were the old way of doing it where you literally have to cut and paste what they wrote, then write RT, and put your reply before it. The second I saw that I knew something was off. But they’re still sitting there. The guy has nothing to say about anything since the incident back in February, then last Wednesday he just decides, “I’ll respond to three complete strangers on Twitter and thank them for missing me?” Totally weird. And definitely wasn’t him.

Now it’s time to talk a little “FBoy Island.” It’s a new show that drops this Thursday on HBO Max. The first 3 episodes are coming Thursday, the next 3 the following Thursday the 5th, then the final 4 episodes on Aug. 12th. I’m collabing with them to promote the show, and I’m here to tell you, it’s good. I’ve never steered you wrong when it came to promoting shows. I get approached a lot to do collabs with products and/or shows, but I only agree to the ones I think you guys will enjoy. Some people promote anything and everything that comes to them. I’m a little more selective. But if you like “Temptation Island,” or you like “Love Island,” or the “Bachelor,” I’m telling you, you’ll enjoy “FBoy Island.” And better yet, it’s on HBO Max so they don’t have to keep it PG the whole time. No, there’s not nudity or anything, but there’s definitely cursing and things you can get away with on network TV. So go follow their Twitter and IG account, which is @fboyisland.

Here’s why I like it: Because it doesn’t take itself so seriously. I mean c’mon, the title is FBoy Island, how can it? But that’s the thing, it leans into the fact that they know they’re a show that’s NOT any of the ones I previously listed. Former podcast guest and comedian Nikki Glaser is the host, and if you know her comedy, I love the fact that they basically let her be herself on this show. What host makes fun of the contestants on their show? Nikki does. And in typical Nikki fashion. I’ve seen the first 3 episodes, within the first 20 min of the show, Nikki is making sexual references and basically doing some of her stand up act while talking to the guys. One line is a classic from her set that I won’t ruin for you. The 3 women competing for the men – Sarah, CJ, and Nakia – are all extremely attractive, so that certainly helps. Then you’ve got 24 guys – 12 of which are “nice guys” and 12 of which are “fboys” – and the women have to navigate who’s legit or who’s playing them. There’s money involved and, just in the first 3 episodes, there’s a twist in each one. Not to mention, a little birdie told me the end of the season is insane. I have no idea what happens, nor will I spoil it once I do see those episodes, but I’m telling you, you’ll enjoy it. It’s mindless summer fun with humor, good looking men and women, make outs, and twists galore. They have profiles on all the guys up on their IG account (@fboyisland) so go follow there to get a head start on breaking down who you think is a nice guy and who you think is an fboy.

Cast release for Michelle’s season on Page 2…



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