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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 8 Recap, Fan Appreciation Party Cancelled, & FBoy Island Releases Next 3 Episodes This Thursday

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In case you missed the beginning of the podcast last Thursday, the Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party set for later this month has been cancelled. With the Delta variant growing, and Vegas being one of the leading cities right now for infections and going back to a mask mandate, although I really didn’t want to cancel my party for the second year in a row even though everyone in attendance would be vaccinated, it was the right call to make unfortunately. The Rio wasn’t thrilled with me hosting a party of almost 100 people once the mandate was handed down, and the liability was just something I didn’t want to possibly have to deal with. So to everyone who purchased flights and were set to come, I apologize and you all have first dibs on next years party – assuming things have died down by then. I always said I didn’t want to have to hold the party if a mask mandate was in place, and when I started promoting this years party on June 8th after Katie’s premiere, Vegas had just lifted their mask mandate and we didn’t really know anything about the Delta variant. Amazing how much things can change in 2 months. We will eventually have the 6th Annual Fan Appreciation Party dammit ha ha. Just not this year. Looking at going back to the normal spot of first weekend in June 2022, but that’s tentative since it’s impossible to predict what’s going on with COVID.

With that said, this week’s podcast is one I know you’ll enjoy. Emily O’Brien is back to talk all things virus/COVID/Delta variant and the like. Emily is an epidemiologist at Duke University and she’s been outstanding the first two times she came on. She joined us for the first time right after the pandemic hit and explained a lot of what was going on, most of which all turned out to be true. Then she came on again in December once the vaccines were getting ready to roll out to explain that and, once again, was very accurate about those. Well, now we’re dealing with the Delta variant and all sorts of issues regarding that. We will dive into everything and I will try and get you a lot of the answers to the questions the general public has. I’ve been doing a lot of reading myself, and even listening to podcasts on it from doctors and researchers, so I think I know what questions I need to ask. I’m recording with Emily tomorrow so look forward to that podcast on Thursday.

Get your “Reader Emails” in today as we are VERY low as of this writing. I’m sure after last night you have your opinions on the fight. I certainly do on pages 3 & 4 today, but just remember, it’s still just a television show. This isn’t life or death. Yes, this is what I cover and what we talk about, but after I post this, I’m probably not going to think much about it. And I’m certainly not running to either Greg or Katie’s social media to bash them. It was a heated conversation for the public to see, both sides could’ve done better, and we move on. We can discuss it, but lets not let this ruin our moods, as it clearly has for some people. I will take parts of that argument to critique and question some of the things said, along with offer suggestions on ways it could’ve been handled. But that doesn’t mean someone is hating. Lets just keep our heads about this, ok? I don’t think that’s asking much.

So what’d you think of FBoy Island on HBO Max? For those asking, the first 3 episodes released last Thursday. This Thursday will be the next 3 episodes, and then the final 4 episodes the following Thursday, August 12th. I’ve seen the first 8 episodes. I’m telling you, it gets better. You’ve got major twists coming at the end of episodes 4, 5, and 6. And something that I think you’ll really like coming in those episodes too, which Elan Gale talked about in this this interview last week promoting the show. Social media becomes a storyline this season. And then once it does, THEN go check out that persons IG and it’s like another storyline is happening off show. You’ll know when you see it.

That article is a really deep dive into this show by the creator and the show runner, and you can see why I really am enjoying the show so far. Has nothing to do with my collaboration with HBO Max. If I like a show, I’ll tell you I like it. And I like this one. I’ll also tell you that there’s one thing coming up in the next few episodes that I absolutely HATE. However, because I haven’t seen the final two episodes yet, it may be a moot point. But just because I hate this one particular aspect doesn’t mean I’m gonna let it ruin the rest of the show for me. I understand the why behind it, just not a fan of the execution. But like I said, I haven’t seen the ending yet, so it might not matter. All I’ve heard about the ending is it’s insane. Even Elan in that interview hints towards that. And that’s probably one of the biggest reasons I like this show. They aren’t sticking to some regimented format where every episode follows the same formula. I mean, basically every episode has a new twist to it. We find out at the end of episode 1 the eliminated guys aren’t sent home. Then we have an episode where they introduce 3 new guys. Then you have new twists coming at the end of the next 3 episodes. So be ready. It gets better. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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