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The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 8 Recap, Michelle’s Cast Released, How You Can Be a Part of This Week’s Podcast, & “FBoy Island” Drops This Week

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I knew Michelle’s cast of potential guys was gonna get posted this week since filming starts in a few days, but I didn’t realize they were gonna drop it first thing Monday morning. So much to my chagrin, didn’t expect it to take over my Monday as I spent all day getting info on these guys to get you their last names and IG accounts. Was able to get 33 of the 35 guys. They are all on my IG feed and in my IG highlights. Here you go:

Remember, this isn’t the whole cast. Some of these guys will get cut before filming starts. With 35 men, in the past, we’ve seen it go down to 30 or 31 or so. So expect anywhere from 3-5 of these guys not to make it. The average age of this cast is 29.3, which seems to track with past seasons. The age of the men on “Bachelorette” seasons is always higher than the women on the “Bachelor” seasons. That’s a given. I know @Bachelordata on IG will have the age breakdown of seasons coming soon, but an average age of 29 seems about right for “Bachelorette.” A couple notes about the guys that were in my Twitter reveals but not necessarily in IG:

-LT Murray IV is Clint Eastwood’s grandson. And according to this article, he’s wanted to break into TV/acting for a while. He’s currently got a training business in Washington state, and this article seems rather old, so who knows how legit it still is.

-PJ Henderson’s brother, Bakari, was murdered in Greece in 2017. So the Bakari Foundation was set up in his name to provide travel experiences for families who’ve lost loved ones at the hands of others. I’m sure PJ will share this story with the world on the show, as he should.

-Have I already started hearing negative things about some of Michelle’s men? Yes. Yes I have. I do every season. We’ll just leave it at that. Just remember, not all 35 of these guys will make it to night 1. Some are getting cut. I’m curious to see who gets the boot.

-As far as I could tell, Spencer Williams is the only father on the show. Has a little son named Bray, which you can see on his IG if he hasn’t set it to private right now.

-Speaking of that, yesterday when I revealed the 33 guys I’d found, 17 of them still had their IG’s public: Alec, Brandon Jones, Brett, Garrett, Jamie, Joel, Jomarri, Martin, Michael, Mollique, Nayte, Olumide, Peter, Rick, Ryan, Spencer, and Trevor. Since yesterday and as of this posting, 5 of those 17 have gone to private: Joel, Mollique, Nayte, Rick, and Ryan. I would expect most, if not all, of the remaining 12 men who are public to go private either today or tomorrow.

-And oh yeah, if anyone knows who Daniel or Will are, the only 2 guys I haven’t found yet, let me know.

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