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Podcast #247 – Interview with @Bachelordata Creator Suzana Somers & Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Carly Patterson

Big podcast today. Over 2 hours of interesting and informative talk to two completely different subjects. First up, I do discuss the last 4 episodes of “Fboy Island” that were released today by HBO Max. If you haven’t watched, I suggest skipping the first 14 minutes or so of the podcast. But once you watch the episodes, go back and listen to my thoughts on how everything ended. Then Suzana Somers, the @Bachelordata creator on IG, joins me to talk about how her page has exploded, what she’s doing to expand it, how you too can learn what she does, and much, much more. Then former Olympic gold medal winning gymnast Carly Patterson, who won the gold in the 2004 Athens Olympics in the all-around, joins me to discuss what happened at the Tokyo Olympics with Simone Biles. A very polarizing story for sure, so I wanted to bring someone on who is a champion in her own right and knows what it’s like to be in that position, how difficult it can be to manage, what the “twisties” are, and so much more. Also, a huge thanks to Suzana for finally bringing me up to speed and helping put out the graphics and audio for the podcast tease both on Twitter and Instagram. You will see that every week going forward now and I hope you like it. Only took me 247 episodes to finally do it. I feel like a moron for not investing in doing this sooner. Most podcasts do. Welp, now I’m on board. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about the final 4 episodes of “FBoy Island” that were released today. WARNING: Spoilers involved. Then @Bachelordata creator, Suzana Somers joins me (13:58) to discuss the evolution of her page, what the IG follower count looked like this season among Katie’s guys, and much, much more. Then, former Olympic gold medal winning gymnast Carly Patterson joins me (1:18:01) to discuss the Simone Biles situation from the Tokyo Olympics along with her career, what she went through in 2004 in Athens, the negativity surrounding her sport, what she’s up to now, & much, much more.

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