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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 1 Recap, Michelle’s Filming in Minnesota, & Thoughts on “Love Island” and “FBoy Island”

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-As mentioned, not a ton that happened last night, especially in the drama department. I mean, we were an hour into the show, and they’d just finished introducing the initial 23 people – 10 men and 13 women. I don’t have all your first rose ceremony recipients laid out just yet, but based on all the makeouts last night, it’s clear that we’re looking at:

Kenny to Mari
Noah to Abigail
Aaron to Tammy
Ivan to Jessenia
Connor to Maurissa
Joe to Serena
Brendan to Natasha

So the 3 remaining guys to give roses are Karl, Tre, and James. I’m pretty sure Karl gives his to Deandra and Tre to Tahz, IF she doesn’t eliminate before the first rose ceremony. If that happens, then we all know who James gives his to. We know that Serena C., Kelsey, Victoria L., and Victoria P. don’t get roses. Well, Victoria P. leaves before the first rose after getting called out for having a boyfriend. So technically those other 3 don’t get roses.

-Oh yeah, Victoria L. I mean, I guess it’s good that she’s really learned a lot about herself since Matt’s season and really came into this season full of humility. Kidding. So much for that redemption edit we clearly know she was hoping for. Honestly, it’s just sad at this point. I’m serious when I say this, I feel sorry for her. I do. She’s so affected by what other people’s perception of her is and she’s trying SO hard, it just doesn’t come off well at all. I’m not even laughing at her anymore. I actually am a little worried. She absolutely cannot deal with the scrutiny that comes from this show and tries so hard to pretend it doesn’t affect her when it most certainly does. I hope she learns something through all this when it’s all said and done. Nothing about her character or anything she’s saying is remotely funny or iconic.

-Here’s the full season preview if you want to study it and break it down:

Not a whole hell of a lot in there that you weren’t already given a heads up about in the spoilers. With so many people this season, it was really hard to nail down every date and every hookup. So I just tried to give you the basics of what to expect for all the main couples that made it far.

-Once everyone had settled in last night and the makeouts started to happen, and yes, it certainly did seem like that was the most day 1 makeouts we’ve ever had, there really wasn’t much drama at all. That’ll happen when people arrive and start going on dates with someone seemingly “coupled up.” They’re setting you up for what’s to come by making you think that everyone who was together last night is gonna be like some forever couple. Yeah, not quite. A lot of flip flopping this season.

-Demi arrived to end the show.

So starting next week, the show is on Monday AND Tuesday nights up until DWTS begins on Sept. 20th, then I believe BIP just moves to strictly Tuesday nights. So we’ll get Mon/Tues episodes the 23rd/24th, 30th/31st, 6th/7th, 13th/14th. Then after that I don’t know how many weeks it will go on for just on Tuesdays. Gonna be an interesting season for sure.

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  1. shenanigans

    August 17, 2021 at 1:35 PM

    I realize that Steve doesn’t read these comments. However, if he does, I want to say that I agree with his position on whether or not to report the outside hijinks of a cast member. Unless the source is willing to identify him/herself and go on the record, it is just gossip and hearsay. It’s a mistake to get involved and report anything under those circumstances.

  2. elizabeth82

    August 17, 2021 at 7:17 PM

    Don’t you mean Conor to Deandra (not Maurissa)?

  3. elizabeth82

    August 17, 2021 at 7:23 PM

    NVM: I have trouble placing either of them from their seasons so I mixed them up.

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