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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 1 Recap, Michelle’s Filming in Minnesota, & Thoughts on “Love Island” and “FBoy Island”

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I do it every Tuesday, but considering that BIP has a little less of an audience than “Bachelorette” so I expect these batches to be a bit smaller, so get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. The only ones I have so far are still some final thoughts from last week. It’s been two years since BIP, so gimmie your thoughts on what you saw last night. Granted, not a whole hell of a lot happened, but did you like the cast? Like any pairings? What do you think of the celebrity hosts? Well, at least David Spade since that’s the only one we’ve seen so far. A lot of makeout that’s for sure, and A LOT of foreshadowing of what to expect this season. They’re really luring you in last night on couples they want you to believe will last forever and ever, when in reality, they barely make it more than a couple episodes. I’ll go over all of that in my recap of last night on Page 2. So get your emails in today for tomorrow’s column.

As you know, filming is underway on the “Bachelorette,” and believe it or not, they’re already on episode 5, basically half way through the season. They did 4 episodes in CA and then this past weekend they moved on to Minnesota. If you were following along on my social media on Sunday, you saw that Joe Coleman got the first 1-on-1 in MN as they got to go on the field before the Twins game were Michelle threw out the first pitch. Well, the first pitch BEFORE the first pitch. This was about 20 minutes before someone else actually threw out the first pitch, but whatever. Anytime you can get a jersey from TC Bear and throw out a pitch, you do it:

Yesterday was a group date. I actually got a video late last night of the night portion of the group date as the guys were all walking into the Semple Mansion. However, it was dark and I couldn’t for the life of me make out who was who. I just know how many there were. So I’m sure we’ll see more coming up and be able to deduce who’s still there. Today should be another 1-on-1 with rose ceremony #5 tomorrow night. They’re gonna be in Minnesota for another 2 weeks, so more is going to get out publicly no doubt. When I see it or hear about it, I’ll be tweeting and posting on IG.

Joe Coleman is a former state high school basketball player of the year in Minnesota and also played at the University of Minnesota. So I’m guessing that’s why he got this date. Yes, I’m aware of the things floating around the internet being said about Joe. Again, unless someone wants to come forward and put their name to it, I’m done reporting stories like this. Yes, I’ve done it in the past. I’m just not doing it anymore unless the person who comes to me is willing to go public with details about whatever it is. The show has been made aware this season about certain contestants before filming started. Outta my hands now. Took me a while to realize it, but I’m in a no-win situation. If I say I know something negative about a contestant but don’t report it, I get yelled at. If I relay what I know with no proof or evidence or who told it to me because they told me not to report their name and/or proof/evidence, I get yelled at for that too. Yet, almost all fans out there want to know which contestants are shady. They LOVE the tea. However, there’s a caveat to that: they only want to know if it’s someone they don’t like or are indifferent about. I’ve seen this for years. That’s the reality. I will absolutely share things I hear about contestants IF the person who tells me is the one who puts their name behind it. And since I implemented this policy last season, exactly zero people have wanted their name behind it publicly. The amount of things I heard about Katie’s guys and now Michelle’s guys is staggering. But no one wants to come forward. So we just watch the show continue on.

Now, some of you may think that means it must not be true if someone is not willing to come forward. Well, that’s wrong. I don’t blame some of these people for not wanting to come forward publicly. Why? Because of Toxic Bachelor Nation’s fan base. Why do they need the headache of strangers on the internet attacking them, calling them liars, blowing up their social media, etc? Hell, even if they presented evidence and proof (some of which I’ve seen and still have over the last 2 seasons), people who like that particular contestant will immediately dispute it and start harassing said accuser. So it’s really a tricky situation. I wish people would understand that negative info about contestants could absolutely 100% be true without you seeing the evidence or knowing who the person is who reported it. But I understand that we now live in a world where people’s own self truth is what matters more than anything else.

For those that may have forgotten your main BIP spoilers for this season, or weren’t pay attention when I posted them 6 weeks ago, here they are:

Wanted to bring up a couple other shows here as I have some thoughts. “Love Island” USA wrapped up this past Sunday in about the most anti-climatic way possible. Anyone who didn’t know Korey and Olivia would win just weren’t watching the same show. I’ve watched all 3 US seasons of LI, never watched UK before, but the US version needs to do something to change things up. It’s way too predictable and boring. It’s been the same thing for three seasons. Was there really any difference from them filming in Vegas last year than in Hawaii this year? That answer would be no. Now, I don’t know if COVID prevented them from going anywhere on the island, but outside of ariel views, nothing about that show made you think they were in Hawaii at all. I might be out come next season. There’s just way too many episodes where nothing happens. Even the recouplings, was there really any that were that shocking? Based on the edit, you pretty much know who’s gonna end up with who. Arielle Vandenberg is completely being misused. We see her maybe once every 3 to 4 episodes, and nothing that she’s known for on social media we ever get to see on that show. That show needs a complete facelift. My guess is though, nothing will change come next season.

As for “FBoy Island,” if you haven’t watched the final 4 episodes yet, then just skip this next part. I gave my thoughts in last Thursday’s podcast in the first 12 minutes or so, but wanted to add a few things here. It’s most likely getting picked up for a season 2, but now that we’ve seen how everything played out, you pretty much have to think of new twists next season. If the women know going into the finale that they get the choice to split $100k if they pick a Nice Guy, but the power shifts to the FBoy if they pick him, why would any of them pick an FBoy next season and take that chance? Taking it a step further, if an FBoy knows that they have no chance of winning any money by choosing to keep it themselves (as Garrett had his money taken away from him), why would any of them choose to keep? So yeah, you definitely need to change the ending format of the show since next seasons contestants will go in knowing exactly what to expect.

I need to spend more time thinking about this, but I gotta believe there’s twists you can throw in to surprise the men and women next season so they don’t try and game the system. Maybe have guys that are sent off to Limbro or the Nice Guy Grotto be allowed to come back IF the women feel like they’ve made a mistake. Maybe the ending twist should be if you pick a Nice Guy, you get no money since that relationship wouldn’t want to be based on money anyway. Maybe they shouldn’t know the status of all the guys halfway through the season. Because then going into the finale, it’s truly a case of not knowing who they’re picking. Because then if the same rules are in place, they don’t know who is an FBoy and who is a Nice Guy, then it changes things up. I need to think about this more but those are my early thoughts. I’m sure I can come up with some good ideas that they’ll totally listen to and implement. Yeah right.

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