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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 3 Recap, Ratings, IG Following, and “The OC”

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Hello Reality Steve!

Never written one of these emails, but I felt inclined to this time! Love your podcast and been following your site/Twitter for a long time now. I keep all my friends and family in the loop about what you have to say about each episode lol.

My first question is about the casting “call” they showed during maybe the first or second commercial break. It said something along the lines of “Seniors looking for love” with the link to the casting application online. Is this referring to actual senior adults?? I was very confused, as I hadn’t seen this before in previous season commercials, but it may have happened in the past. I get the whole idea as it would be weirdly wholesome to some, but the whole premise of the show these days is churning out likeable couples and Instagram influencers. Just not sure what the franchise would get out of it and interested in your thoughts. They want to do a senior edition. It was set to go before the pandemic hit, so they shelved. Now they’re doing it again. I don’t know where and when they’d film it considering their upcoming schedule. Currently filming Michelle’s season, about a month off, then start filming the Bachelor, which will run up to Thanksgiving. They aren’t gonna film between Thanksgiving and the end of the year you wouldn’t think. But then again, Winter Games did, so maybe that’s what they’re aiming for. But that’s the earliest it could be. We don’t know any other details because this show hates being transparent.

My second question is why did Tazhjuan make a point to tell almost everyone that she went on a date with Tre’s uncle? I get that it’s funny and also weird, but… she had to know it was coming and she clearly didn’t seem to let it get in the way of anything. I don’t see why it’s necessary to tell everyone there other than just for the drama it adds to the show. It also definitely had to make Tre look bad and I don’t see the value in that, but I guess that’s just me! I think for storyline purposes. People got a kick out of it, Tre tweeted out his uncle online and now it’s a whole thing. So I guess to keep people talking. But overall, could she have left that out and still connected with Tre? Of course. But it’s better she told us.

My third question is how would Joe have known Kendall was coming onto the show prior to her arrival? I’m a little behind and can’t seem to connect the dots. He seems really nice, but he’s just wimping out from meeting someone new by sulking about how hard it is and it hasn’t even been a full day. I really liked Joe but I felt bad he was really only making it more difficult for himself to meet anyone or be happy by isolating himself most of the time. Definitely counterproductive. All these people pretty much know who’s being talked to and who’s heading down there.

I also agree with your Victoria L stance. I expected her to actually come back and sound/act different but she just chose a new weird persona with the same ideas behind it.

Comment: It’s sad.

Hey Steve. Don’t really have anything to say about BIP. You pretty much summed it up in your recap. Victoria L. smh. She needs to step away from reality tv and work on herself. Seriously. And she won’t.

I wanted to say thank you for recommending that Greg interview with Nick Viall on his podcast last week. I really enjoyed it. I gained more understanding and Greg and his communication and validation struggles. Admittedly, I can relate to those issues social/friendship wise to some extent. He even said the therapist who initially helped him with his father’s death got stage 4 cancer and died too! Talk about trauma on top of trauma. Yeah, he definitely doesn’t deserve the hates he has gotten. He’s clearly going through his own struggles. Wish him the best. Thanks again.

Comment: It was a good listen. But again, people who already have vilified him in their minds probably will nit pick at it. Glad you were able to keep an open mind. I’m not for or against the guy. I’m just Team Willing To Listen.

I’m so glad you are taking reader questions for BIP because I have had a Bachelorette question that I’ve been meaning to send you for weeks, so hopefully you’ll make room for it.

Remember how everyone was exclaiming how Brendan could make it so far (top 6) on Katie’s season but they never showed any kind of connection between him and her (did they even show a kiss?). My thought is that since he was so tight with Blake, and Blake was absolutely one of her front runners the whole time, she kept him around for company for Blake as a favor to him. I seem to remember one of your podcast guests who was a lead said that they absolutely kept someone around they were uninterested in for the sake of the person they chose in the end. (Do you remember who that was?). I feel this would’ve been especially important during Katie’s season because Blake was brought in late, so was always probably a bit of an outsider amongst the other men, so at least he had Brendan in his corner. Thoughts?

Comment: I remember that now from a podcast, but can’t for the life of me remember who it was or who they were referring to. I think. Or maybe it was another podcast. Hell I can’t remember. I’m 248 podcasts in. I forget A LOT of stuff people said.

It’s certainly possible she kept Brendan there for that reason. I guess only she knows. And maybe Blake.

I am NOT A David Spade fan. At all. I read your recap before watching the first episode (BIP), and I was thinking “Ugh!! Not David Spade!” One minute of him on the screen, and he had me laughing. He was great in this role! Totally agree with everything you said about him. I hate admitting I’m wrong. Tastes like vinegar.

Comment: Good. In fact, more people in this world should be willing to admit their wrong. It’s one of the biggest problems we’re having as a country right now. Facts be damned, it’s whatever anyone believes is what their truth is. And nothing can change that. Dangerous times we’re living in I tell ya’. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong. I’ve done it plenty of times and will continue to do so in the future. I don’t see what the big deal is.

Dear Steve,

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the new BIP since you were asking for comments:

-Best episode ever due to David Spade hosting. I don’t dislike CH, nor was I previously a super Spade fan, I just loved Spade’s comments and the new vibe. It’s like the show has fully become what it always should have been: light-hearted and fun. That’s why he fits in. He’s in on the joke.

-I loved the conversations between Spade and Adams. It was just more natural, like what a fan would ask of Adams, who knew all the dirt as the bartender, rather than some script.

-Seems like most of the “couples” were rushing into a make out session primarily to make sure they would be safe. It reminded me of that awkward first day of school, where everyone just wants to feel like they belong and have at least one friend. The only real possible connection I saw was between Joe and Serena. And speaking of Joe, unlike you, I think his social awkwardness is real. I feel for the guy. There were other people I really felt for too, and could tell it was a struggle for. I too am now feeling badly for the Goddess, fka the Queen. But Spade kept making me laugh, so while watching, I forgot about all that!

-Tahzjuan: loved her! She was hilarious, and I loved the uncle connection.

– Although I am rooting for Abigail and Noah as individuals, I did not see a spark between them during their one-on-one. I am not surprised they did not work out.

-Kenny, really??? Hmmm, well it is a good thing at least one woman expressed some interest in him, or he would have felt really badly after putting it all out there.

That’s it for now. 🙂 Thanks for everything you do.

Comment: Well, technically he didn’t put it all out there. He was in a speedo.

Hello Steve,

Keep up the great work! I enjoy your blogs.

I believe I saw a former contestant from The Bachelor appear on the HGTV show “Christina on the Coast” last week. It was episode 85. They said her name was Nicole and she married a man she went to high school with named Dean. They were having their kitchen remodeled.

She is so familiar!

Comment: Never heard of that show or seen it, so I don’t know who you’re referring to unfortunately.

Hey Steve! Big fan here! Wanted to see if you could clarify why the number of followers that Bachelor/Bachelorette cast member has is a big deal. Or why do folks go on shows to increase followers? Or why the increase is tracked thru the season? As a Gen X’er I must not get it….

Thought? Insights? Any clarification you could proved would help this gal out!

Comment: Because high IG followers means you can make some good money post show, which is what this show has turned into. It’s a very lucrative business.

Have you ever thought of having an ad free site for a subscription fee?

Comment: No. My site has been free for 18 years. So start charging people to read now? Not gonna happen.

Hi, Steve. I hope you are well.

So, about the next bachelor being Greg. I get that this franchise has zero morals, they could not care less about their contests if they tried. I honestly get that. BUT, recent history shows people are not willing to let go and let them have their way without making a fuss, like the CH thing, thankfully. So, here’s my question: Why, oh why, they would pick Greg to be the bachelor? I mean, it’s not just controversy over feelings and emotions and about how the whole thing went, there’s a lot going on online about him, enough stuff to indicate that he’s displayed potentially emotionallly abusive behavior on past relationships, so WHY, oh, WHY pick him?

The women that have shared about him may up to this point felt like there was no point to coming foward publicly, but once you put the guy front and center and paint him as great catch, The Bachelor, that might star some sh*t up and I just don’t get why they would risk gettin involved in a situation that can pottentially become a scandal. I’m not even talking about what happenned between him and Katie, because even though what we got to watch was not enough to label him as anything, sure as hell showed a lot of red flags (and I say this not only as someone who’s been in an emotionally abusive relationship, but as a psychologist as well). Imagine a setting where its a longer relationship and the interactions are happening in privately. It gives me chills. I don’t know what to tell you.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve put up with a lot this franchise has thrown at us, waiting they would eventually get things right, but this is a whole new low.

BTW, I started watching Fboy Island because of you and I’m so in. Nikki is great! Thank you for bringing this show to our attetion.

One more thing before I go, last week you had a brazilian emailer, and like they said, this franchise its not a big thing at all. I’ve been watching this show since Brad Womack’s second season (as well as getting spoiler from you since then) and I still don’t have anyone to talk to about it. So, if you don’t mind, could you pass along my e-mail adress to them? if they feel like reaching out to chat that would be awesome.

Thank you for all that you do, Steve.

Comment: Unfortunately, once I copy and paste the “Reader Emails” over, I delete them, so I don’t remember who that Brazilian emailer was.

Hi, Steve. I wanted to write an email to you in regards to your spoiler that Greg is going to be the next Bachelor and how that has really upset a lot of the audience. I’ve listened to and read plenty of analyses of the break-up of Katie and Greg and the following meet-up on After the Final Rose. I’m completely lost when someone gives an argument criticizing Greg. I’ll try to be concise on my thoughts about their arguments:

1.) Argument: Greg never loved Katie.
My response: Love is a feeling. You can love someone and break up with them.

2.) Argument: Greg was manipulative. Manipulation is bad.
My response: Does the word ‘manipulation’ have an agreed upon definition? When does something stop being communication of one’s unmet needs and an attempt to persuade one’s partner to meet them or try to meet them and start being manipulation? Communicating your unmet needs to your partner is necessary.

3.) Argument: Greg was rude when he broke up with Katie.
My response: Is there such a thing as a polite break-up? Isn’t a break-up in and of itself an insult? It is extremely difficult to be completely cordial when breaking up; therefore, it’s not morally required.

4.) Argument: Greg was acting during his entire relationship with Katie.
My response: This is conspiracy theory logic. I can’t prove it not to be true, but I’m certainly not gonna believe it.

Comment: All good points. Good thing I don’t include people’s email addresses in their “Reader Emails.” You’d have a whole legion of psychos coming at you and breaking down all your points so they can tear down Greg and tell you you’re wrong.

Hey Steve

Hope all is well. 2 things on your plans to visit olive garden in las vegas.

1. When white castle opened on the strip it was mobbed (although this was pre covid and the 1st white castle in the area).

2. Olive garden is pretty awesome, but it is located around the country. Go to Battistas hole in the wall. It is located behind the flamingo. You will not be disappointed. Lasagna is amazing and a guy plays the accordion around the tables. Definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy vegas!

Comment: The point isn’t to hit up some nice Italian place. This is strictly an Olive Garden thing. People know how much I love that place, the Strip has never had one located on it until it opens on Aug. 30th. I will be there an hour early and hope that’ll be enough time in advance where I can be the first customer.

Hi, Steve,

I have pretty much been with your site from the beginning and enjoyed your work.

However Podcasts are now the wave of the future and I understand that.

But, being deaf, I can’t listen to those. It’s such a bummer.

Are there any plans to do transcripts of them?

BTW, I do thank you for turning me onto FBoy Island. I laughed out loud. Nikki G was the BEST host they could have had.

Comment: To transcribe 60-90 min podcasts every week is just something I don’t have the time to do. Especially when most of my podcasts are recorded Tues or Wed of the week they run. So unfortunately, it’s just not something I see myself doing in the future. Sorry.

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  1. Nahu

    August 25, 2021 at 9:35 AM

    Oh, so you hate Thomas too and you think the way Aaron and the other guys treated him was okay? Thomas did nothing wrong (nothing that was shown at least, and we can only judge people by what we see them do). Thomas was the bigger man and decided to fall on his sword, even though the other guys were in the wrong.

    We didn’t hear Thomas say anything too bad about them, but we DID hear Aaron call him a psycopath and say he wanted to rearrange his face, and Tre call him trash human and rotten to the core. Bullying is NOT okay.

    It was not okay on Matt’s season, it was not okay on Katie’s season when they did it to a different guy each week, and it’s not okay now. The hatred and toxicity Aaron, Tre and James showed last night makes them the actual villains of the story. Thomas may be smarmy, but the other guys are straight up bullies and a-holes.

    I wish you’d take a harder stance on this, but you decided to go the route “oh, now people like him because of Becca.” No, people side with him because he did nothing wrong and yet he was bullied nonstop.

  2. shelly7878

    August 25, 2021 at 11:28 AM

    I totally get the first in line at Olive Garden thing but the letter about Battista’s was spot on one of the first restraunts ever went to in Vegas a kitrillion years ago and still love it now. Usually in Vegas 2 – 3 times a year but have not been since Covid. Can’t wait to go back. Thanks for the fun memory!

  3. rob22

    August 26, 2021 at 1:02 PM

    Olive Garden is fine. I eat there sometimes myself. But falling all over yourself for the Olive Garden as great Italian Food is like falling all over yourself for Burger King as a great Burger Joint. Or Panda Express as great Chinese Food. I eat at all of those places, on occasion. But, come one. Olive Garden serves mediocre Italian food. And many really good Italian places also have really good salads and garlic bread.

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