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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 3 Recap, Ratings, IG Following, and “The OC”

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Can I just say how awesome it’s been to be on an “OC” rewatch? I remember watching all 4 seasons the early 2000s, but then I don’t think I ever watched it again. But back in May when I went to Vegas, on the flight home American Airlines wifi was down, so all I could do was watch videos on their app. “The OC” was one of the shows on there and I watched two on the flight, and ever since I basically try to watch 2 a night. Last night just finished episode 20 on season 3. There’s 25 episodes in season 3, then I think the final season only has 14. So I’m a good 75% through the series again and it’s been thoroughly enjoyable. I haven’t listened to the podcast that Julie Cooper and Summer Roberts are currently doing, but I plan on tuning in to certain episodes I wanna hear more about. Anyway, if there’s anyone in the 35-45 year old range that maybe wants a fun show to binge, and maybe get a little nostalgic, I highly recommend “The OC.” Good times. SPOILER ALERT: Marissa is about die. Both on the show and her career. I gotta believe that was one of the biggest miscalculations a lot of us had back then. I certainly thought Mischa Barton would become a bigger star once she left that show, and basically the opposite happened.

@Bachelordata on IG posted the 23 hour IG follower update after Monday’s episode. Here it is:

Here’s what’s interesting to me just looking at those numbers. I think the contestants in this franchise might be overcalculating how big of a social media bump you get by going on this show. Yes, that’s a one day snippet, but really, are really increasing your follower count by that much? I guess what I need to do is look at where they were before the first episode aired to what their number is once their off. But again, this notion that these people are gaining hundreds of thousands or something like that by going on this show just isn’t true. I think they think that’s what they’re gonna get, but that’s not reality. I’ll take a look again once the season is over, but these numbers, although only a 23 hour snippet, don’t show me a whole hell of a lot.

I don’t have a ton of notes about last nights episode, so I’ll make it brief:

-The ratings for last Monday’s premiere and this past Monday’s episode are in (still waiting on last nights numbers), and they are as follow:

8/16 – 3.0 million viewers (.9 rating)
8/23 – 3.2 million (1.0 rating)

I’m guessing tomorrow’s will be lower since all Tuesday episodes usually are. The last time BIP aired in 2019, every Tuesday episode drew lower than Monday’s episode, even the finale and reunion show. So I don’t expect that to change. This audience is programmed for Monday nights. Not to mention, four hours a week for the next month is a lot for some people.

-The introduction of Lance Bass with the boom box was funny to me for two reasons: 1) There was no cassette in the boom box, yet they pressed play and “It’s Gonna Be Me” started playing. 2) That song came out in 2000, which means most of these contestants were between about 5-8 years old. Damn I feel even older now.

-It’s still funny to me that when any of Katie’s guys join the season, they have to introduce themselves to everyone, like Thomas last night. I’m guessing the average fan at home is like, “How do these women NOT know who Thomas is?” Remember, Katie’s first episode aired June 7th. Unless you were a later arrival to Paradise, none of the first beach women were able to see any episodes of Katie’s season, since BIP started filming either June 5th or 6th. Even though I know that, it’s still funny that the women are getting their info on who Katie’s guys are and what happened on her season from the other guys.

-The Thomas thing was obviously a major storyline last night and, again, I find it quite humorous how people are taking him. I know everyone has short term memory when it comes to this franchise, but when Katie’s season was airing, fans HATED him. Like, seriously hated him. But now that people know Thomas ultimately ends up woo’ing Becca Kufrin this season, you hear a bunch of “You know, he’s not that bad really” comments here and there. Let me tell you this: If Thomas ended up with Victoria Larson this season or, I don’t know, someone else who may not be well liked, you know what the response would be? “Good, those two deserve each other.” It’s just interesting to hear the reaction to him now knowing he gets with a very popular and well liked woman from the franchise. As if all the sudden because Becca likes him, that must erase how most of the guys on his season couldn’t stand him. Interesting dynamic.

-Now, do I think what he did on Katie’s season was as bad as the guys made it out to be? No. And I said that at the time. All guys think about being the Bachelor or its at least crossed their mind. Thomas was just dumb enough to verbalize it. However, it seems like the issues guys like Tre, Aaron, and James had with him seem to extend beyond that based on their talk last night. And when Thomas openly apologized to them, unless I’m forgetting things from Katie’s season, he seemed to be apologizing for things we necessarily never saw the full footage of. Whether or not he was sincere about it, I guess that’s for everyone else to decide. But giving specifics about what he did/said to Tre and Aaron, I guess I just didn’t remember that happening. Maybe it wasn’t shown. So while the whole “he wanted to be the Bachelor” talk is whatever to me, it seems like Thomas’ behavior towards some of the others guys is the bigger reason why they dislike him. But now America is gonna convince themselves none of that ever happened and all the other guys must totally be overreacting because he’s gonna be tonguing someone they love in Becca.

-I have no idea what Maurissa and Riley had to eat on their date, but that looked flat out disgusting. That was tongue? It looked like a boar’s ankle. Who thought to feed them that? Is this Fear Factor now? Just let these two enjoy a nice, peaceful first date without shoving pig snouts and bull testicles and whatever else at them. With that said, I can see how these two hit it off so well. And how has Maurissa never been on a date before in her life? What?

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