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The Bachelorette 18 - Michelle

The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Episode 3 Recap, Villains Gonna Vill, & Toxic Bachelor Nation At It Again

-We started off with a group date that was literally a repeat from Peter’s season as you saw both Tammy and Kelley post last night on. Dressed the same, did essentially the same activities on the date including the spinning around in that G force simulator. Did producers just forget they did this date in 2020? (Well, it filmed in 2019 but aired in 2020, you get the point). Granted, this date had a tie in with the release of Top Gun: Maverick, which is still 6 months away. Did you know the release of that movie has been pushed back 5 TIMES already? Geez. These are all the dates it was set to release in the last 2.5 years:

July 12th, 2019
June 26th, 2020
Dec 23rd, 2020
July 2nd, 2021
Nov 19th, 2021
Now it’s May 27th, 2022

My God, just release it already. Trust me, I’m just like most other 80’s kid who saw “Top Gun” and was blown away by it. So the nostalgia part of me is looking forward to seeing it. But Lordy, just release the damn thing already. It better be that freakin’ good to postpone it 2.5 years. Yes, I understand we had a pandemic and movies got shut down but this seems a bit excessive.

-The “jousting” or whatever it was on the date was strictly set up so that Will and Peter could start their beef. Clearly they don’t like each other and that’s why they were put on this date and forced to go 1-on-1 with each other with foam sticks. I was actually more interested in finding out what some of the other call signs the guys had. There were 10 guys on the date and we heard, what, three? Doughboy was Peter. Little Willy was Will. And some other one I already forgot and didn’t write down. Oh wait, Frosted Tips for Martin or something like that. What about LT, who is Clint Eastwood’s grandson. His better have been either Dirty Harry or Eastwood. Our next “Bachelor” was on this date and they couldn’t tell us what Clayton’s call sign was? Frontrunners Nayte and Joe also on this date and we don’t get their call signs? Weak. Oh yeah, forgot, they have to show us this petty BS between Peter and Will.

-Does anyone truly know what Will and Peter were actually fighting over? Because I still don’t. Will is mad because Peter makes a mean pie and he can’t? Peter is bothered because will rocks a turtleneck like Brendan Morais? Peters country club sweater-tied-around-his-neck look is giving the turtlenecks a run for their money. But other than toxic masculinity, I don’t know why these two despised each other so much up to that point. We all know it escalated even more when Peter chucked Will’s jacket in the pool, but I’m talking before then. Because Will won a jousting event where the whole idea is to knock the other guy off the perch? That’s what Peter was mad at? Does he also get upset if he’s playing basketball and the other team scores a basket? Not that Peter seemed like the most rational person out there, I’m just confused on what was really the issue between the two of them.

-Nayte is the first guy to pull her aside during the night portion of the date and clearly this is shown to remind people that Michelle is into Nayte. Like, a lot. A lot, a lot. She even took off her shoes for the guy! Yeah so the shoes come off and they ran outside so they could make out. I guess I didn’t quite understand the point of all that. Yes I get that they wanted to get away from the guys to make out, but, that hotel is ginormous. I’m guessing they could’ve gone to numerous different places in the hotel to have privacy so they could tongue wrestle each other but they decided to make a cameraman work THAT much harder by chasing them outside with an HD camera on his shoulder. Thanks a lot guys. I hope you tipped him extra or something.

-We finally get some camera time with our Bachelor Clayton as he decides to spend his time with Michelle – spinning. Interesting choice. Maybe he was inspired by watching so many videos of Britney on her IG. But yeah, they lock arms and spin in a circle until they get dizzy. Hey, whatever floats your boat. I think one thing that’s certainly been surprising through three episodes is the lack of camera time Clayton has gotten. Since we’ve known since the beginning of her season that he’s the next Bachelor, the consensus was that he was gonna get this glowing edit. It’s not that he hasn’t looked good in his edit, he just hasn’t gotten much of one. That’s really the first time we’ve seen him have any alone time with Michelle. Obviously he’s still got a few episodes left on the show and a 1-on-1 date in Minnesota, but you’d think they’d feature him just a bit more up to this point. Like I mentioned a couple weeks back, I didn’t ever think he was gonna do anything this season that made everyone immediately say, “No wonder they picked him!” That was unrealistic. They picked him because, well, they can do whatever they want. He was never going to blow anyone’s socks off, just like plenty of previous male leads didn’t and then they got the gig. But since this our first one who we KNEW was going to be the Bachelor from the very first episode, I just thought he’d get more screen time.

-While Michelle and Nayte are making the camera guy work overtime and her time with Clayton is bordering on making one nauseous, back with the rest of the group, Peter and Will’s confrontation escalates to the point of Peter taking Will’s jacket while he was no longer there, throwing it in the pool, Will coming back and finding out it was in the pool, then walking off crying because of what happened. Here’s my question: when Peter picked up that jacket in front of the other guys and walked away with it, why didn’t any of them stop him? Did they honestly think he had any good intention with that thing? Will comes back and is like, “Where’s my jacket?” “Yeah, Peter threw it in the pool. We watched him do it. Sorry man.” Very big of them to get all upset at Peter after the fact and say he shouldn’t have done that, but c’mon, they easily could’ve stopped him the second he picked up that jacket. Bowing up after the fact about how wrong that was (which it was) seemed a little off to me.

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  1. wisewords

    November 3, 2021 at 10:58 AM

    Have you all noticed how Rick looks like Jim from The Office (John Krasinski)? I keep expecting some “Jim” quips from the guy.

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