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The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Episode 6 Recap, & My Honest Thoughts on the Katie & John Relationship Revelation Yesterday

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I don’t have too much on last night because, lets be honest, the Katie stuff dominated the headlines yesterday. I just gave you 2 pages worth of my opinion on the whole thing. Michelle’s episode really played second fiddle to anything in Bachelor Nation yesterday. You can maybe even say third fiddle if you wanna count Hannah Brown’s book revelations as part of that. So I just have a few thoughts and scheduling notes on last night’s episode.

First off, I loved this graphic from our friend @Bachelordata about the length of the relationships this show has produced. Like, we’ve all talked about it numerous times over the years how it seems like anyone barely stays together. But to see in chart form how long these couples DON’T last is pretty amazing.

Normally a season of the “Bachelor/ette” is 11 episodes, with one of those being the Tell All. And in those 11 episodes, episode 8 has always been hometowns. With 9 being overnights, 10 being Tell All, and 11 being finale/ATFR. Sometimes 9 & 10 have been flip flopped, but you get the point. Episode 8 has always been hometowns for however long this show has gone to 11 episodes. Well, not this season because last night was only episode 6 and hometowns are now next week. So we have one less episode this season. I believe this is the schedule for the rest of the season:

Tues 11/30 – Hometowns
Tues 12/7 – MTA (taped this past Monday)
Tues 12/14 – Overnights
Tues 12/21 – 2 hr finale followed by 1 hr ATFR

The network hasn’t officially made that announcement, but if it follows the same format as Tayshia’s season, that’s what we’re looking at. Although Tayshia never got an ATFR and I’m hearing Michelle will.

Clayton. Oh Clayton. Well I’ve been telling you for weeks there was never anything this season was gonna show me to make me go, “Oh, so THAT’S why they made him the Bachelor.” Was never going to happen and anyone who set that expectation for yourself was surely disappointed. Last night we got to see the most we’ve ever seen of him. Seems like a nice guy, a little shy, a little reserved, clearly isn’t some lady killer with a ton of dating experience. But man, they sure did try hard to shove him down our throat last night. It was clear that by having the kids deliver the letters to him the next day, production had an idea back then they wanted to make him the Bachelor. Why else would they film that? Has any other eliminated contestant gotten that type of send off where we still see them at the hotel the next day? Not that I can remember. And oh yeah, no 10 year old girl wrote that note. Please. We aren’t that dumb.

Clayton’s season wrapped filming this past weekend in Iceland. Most of his women have turned their IG’s public now, outside of his final 4. I do not have your finale spoilers yet. I’m sure I will at some point. I would think within the next couple weeks I’ll start hearing things and hopefully it’s stuff I can confirm. Season starts airing on Jan. 3rd. You will no doubt have your spoilers before then. Would be pretty surprised if I didn’t know the winner sometime before his season begins. You knew it 2 weeks before Michelle’s season began, I would think I could get it before then for Clayton. I’d rather release all your episode spoilers at once, but if I need to do everything that happens before the final 4 early, I may do that. All depends on when I find out about the finale and how close we’re getting to that Jan. 3rd premiere date. I’ll keep you updated.

Another storyline that came from last night’s episode was Martin putting his foot in his mouth again…then immediately running to IG the second he was eliminated to let everyone know that reality TV doesn’t show you everything. Great Martin. Thanks for that. You’re like the 1000th contestant from this show that hides behind the edit. At no point during this diatribe on IG last night did you ever take any responsibility for anything you did. And that’s where you lose me. Yes, we know the show is edited. But Jesus, this was NOT any sort of apology and you deserve to be called out for it. Don’t go harassing Martin. Don’t send him death threats. Don’t troll him. The best thing you can do to a guy like this is just ignore him. Don’t engage, don’t comment, don’t do anything. Just read this nonsense he wrote last night, store it in your brain, and ignore him moving forward. That’s all you need to do. He showed his ass on the show, then basically doubled down on it last night with this post. Unreal.

By the way, next week I won’t be watching the show live because I will be at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball here in Dallas. I’ll watch when I get back late that night, but I wouldn’t expect to have a full recap next Wednesday. Just a few of my thoughts on the hometown dates. And yes, Rodney is the one eliminated after hometowns. I think people kinda knew that by now, but for those that didn’t, there’s your answer.

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  1. realitynyc12

    November 24, 2021 at 6:54 PM

    Geez, Katie is quickly becoming the female Peter Weber, isn’t she? What a hot mess. Watch her date John for awhile, then go hook up with Greg or Andrew for the hell of it later lol its amazing to me that these ppl clearly have no clue what or who they want… Between this and then Tayshia and Zack breaking up (I actually naively had high hopes for those two) I’m starting to think some of these relationships are more for show than anything, to take advantage of all the opportunities and the fame and then go their separate ways. That’s what the show is now.
    Good luck to Michelle and Nayte, I guess…

  2. tinyred500

    November 25, 2021 at 12:19 AM

    @realitynyc12, I couldn’t agree more, you took the words right out of my mouth, and I really can’t add much more.

    I also agree with what Steve wrote.

    I never took to Katie, and her performance on the ATFR showed me all I needed to know about her; self entitled, immature and lacking in empathy etc. Being part of the Bachelor/Bachelorette now, is all about the opportunities in every sense,. :o/

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