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The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Men Tell All Thoughts, Kaitlyn/Tayshia Convo Edited, & Claytons Season Teaser Video

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One thing that comes up every season when discussing this show and the final choice and spoilers is that, while every season I say I have to wait until I get the confirmation I need, sometimes that confirmation even gets rejected by the people who were directly involved. I won’t give names, but there have been seasons in the past where I posted who the winner was, and through the grapevine, I’ve heard that that particular person has told people “that’s not true” or “the spoiler is not right” or “he’s wrong,” when it ended up actually being right. So when even the eventual winner of the season is going around telling people the “spoiler is wrong,” that can throw a lot of people off. Like I said, I won’t mention names, but it’s definitely happened where word got back to me like, “Oh, I heard they said your spoiler was wrong.” And I never changed it because I knew it was right and they were just lying to throw people off. And I told that person who told me, “I don’t know what to tell you other than they’re lying. They’re the winner.” Which is exactly what happened.

So, anyone who hears any rumblings this season maybe directly or indirectly from Susie, Rachel, or Gabby, just take that into consideration. If former “winners” have lied about it in the past, they will lie about it in the future. Now, there’s nothing to lie about now because there’s no spoiler out there yet of who Clayton is with. But we know it’s one of those three women, and these contestants have been instructed not to say peep, not to post anything on social media that could give it away, and not to do anything suspicious. Lets see if all three can make it to March without screwing that up, regardless of when I post the spoiler. And just the fact that everyone knows now who the final 3 are, production will tell all 3 of them to be even MORE careful with everything they post so as to not give anything away. It won’t matter. I don’t use social media to spoil the winner unless they blatantly spoil it themselves (Andi’s snapchat/Nick plane video, Arie/Becca, Kaitlyn/Shawn) to name a few. I’m getting close.

Yesterday I also posted some spoilers about the season since your episode-by-episode stuff is coming soon (up to the final 3). Here’s what I posted:

You will get all those episode-by-episode spoilers soon. Probably right after they release the women’s bios. But now that I gave you Friday Fun Facts for the last month, then yesterday’s tweets, there isn’t a whole hell of a lot you don’t know about this season now. You’ll just have it all in one post. So when are the womens bios getting posted. Well, here were the release dates of womens bios the last 4 seasons:

Arie – released on 12/8
Colton – released on 12/6
Peter – released on 12/16
Matt – released 12/12

So what does that tell us? Well, they’ll either be released this week or next. However, if you still don’t know who the 30 women are, you can either go to my IG feed and look at them, or, go to the “Claytons’ Women” Highlights on my IG and you’ll see them there as well. So I’d say anytime in the next week their bios are going to pop up on ABC’s page.

Some thoughts from the MTA last night…

-So Will hated Peter’s guts so much at the beginning of the show, even throwing the dude’s sister under the bus (a storyline they didn’t bother diving into even thought we all wanted to know), but by the end they were hugging it out? Pretty much confirms what I’ve always said about these Tell All’s. None of these people are really as mad about anything as they make it out to be. It’s all for show. They’re told ahead of time what to react to on stage about.

-So they hugged it out at the end, but, ummmmm, didn’t Peter “serve” will papers earlier? You mean to tell me that wasn’t a real notary and those weren’t real legal documents suing him for defamation? I’m shocked!

-I guess the emails I got all season about Martin having a gf were true. He says he’s now found the love of his life. She’s not anyone from Bachelor Nation so I’m not gonna post her IG info. In terms of were they dating before the show and he went on with a gf? Look, I don’t expect him to admit he did. I heard they were definitely dating, she knew he was going on, and this was all a career move for him. However, these contestants use the term “dating” so loosely that there’s no way to actually confirm the seriousness of the relationship before the show. But yeah, I’d heard about it but you never heard me mention it once. For two reasons, 1) I just don’t think the “they’re dating pre-show” is all that interesting anymore since so many of these guys have someone back home before they go on and 2) I’m done being the middle man on stories like this and it’s a lose-lose for me.

-If anyone can actually transcribe anything that Jamie said up on the hot seat or while he was on stage, please do. Dude just seems like he loves to hear himself talk without actually saying much. He gets asked a direct question and likes to just throw a word salad at everyone after that to make you think he sounds smart, when in reality, he’s dodging the question. I still have no idea why Jamie didn’t admit to it being him that shared the story with Michelle. No clue. And I could go back and watch his answer 20 more times and I still wouldn’t.

-Ryan, yet another guy that talked in circles last night and still never gave a clear answer as to why he did what he did with his documents pre season. And when told that he was on the Bachelor Live on Stage, he just shook his head at that too. So basically nothing got resolved with him either.

Again, this is a show that should be one hour, not two. There’s just not enough meat on that bone justifying it being a 2 hour show anymore. In the past? Sure. When the audience wasn’t as aware of the tricks and editing that show can pull. But outside of Courtney showing up on Ben’s WTA, I can’t remember a memorable Tell All since. It should be an hour on the back end of an episode. Simple.

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