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The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 3 Recap, IG Followings from @BachelorData, March Madness Upcoming, & WORDLE!

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-Last night had a lot to unpack, but also in the same breath, nothing really we haven’t seen 100 times over. It started with the conclusion to two weeks ago when Cassidy was confronted about having a Friends with Benefits situation. We remember: she told the other girls she had a guy back home who didn’t want her and she was out to make him jealous. Sierra told Clayton so Clayton confronted Cassidy about it last night to start the show. By the way, I just typed “Shanae” both times I typed “Cassidy” before I corrected it, so that shows you what I think of the both of them. Cassidy tells Clayton she hasn’t had any type of relationship since summer of 2019. She says the guy in question does not want a relationship and she has no interest in that relationship or making it more. Isn’t she just defining then EXACTLY what an FWB is? Of course your friend doesn’t want a relationship, nor do you want to reciprocate. Because you’re in a FWB!

-I really didn’t understand Cassidy’s logic in this whole thing. Look, I’m not naïve to think that Cassidy, along with numerous other contestants before her and after her, come on this show having just recently hooked up with someone. Or multiple people. If you don’t believe that happens, your head is buried in the sand. It’s just that when it gets out so openly on the show, it immediately turns into they aren’t here for the right reasons when, in reality, is anyone? They all know what the possibilities and opportunities are post-show, so lets not kid ourselves. And yeah, I’m sure we don’t have all the details to Cassidy’s story with this guy from back home. But I also see Clayton’s side of, the second something like this is brought up, yet Cassidy is acting so over-the-top about how much she’s into him, there’s a disconnect there. Do any of you sitting at home really buy that Cassidy was 100% laser focused on Clayton, was buying everything she was saying to him, and really believed her affection was anything more than her just wanting to win? I’m pretty sure I know your answers.

-He had reason to question her, the FWB story didn’t make a lot of sense, and while Clayton didn’t see the footage that we all saw two weeks ago, at least we actually DID see it. This could’ve been a she said/she said, something could’ve been misconstrued, whatever. It wasn’t. The show allowed the audience to see the clip of what Cassidy had to say about her FWB back home. And while it’s not a crime by any means, nor does she deserve hate, death threats, and I’m sure all the other goodies that trolls are throwing her way, in the context of this show, it’s just a no-no to openly get caught talking about and Clayton made the right decision to just cut his losses early and send her packing. Every season has an “early season” villain, and this season’s was Cassidy. You can just go down the list of past seasons and they’re all there. So Cassidy’s “character” is nothing new. The overconfident one that’s clearly there to play a game and wants to win versus someone genuinely interested in finding love.

-Rose ceremony time. Susie and Sarah safe with roses. Clayton: “Let you all know…had to send Cassidy home…take back rose…sick to stomach…strong connections…our best interest to send her home…apologize to those I didn’t get to talk to…does anyone know where I can get some chapstick?”

Eliza, Rachel, Serene, Sierra, Teddi, Lyndsey, Jill, Gabby, Kira, Mara, Marlena, Genevieve, Hunter, Melina, and Elizabeth get roses.

“Ladies, Clayton, this is the final rose of the evening. When you’re ready.” “Of the evening” is the new “Of the night” in case you were wondering. Jesse Palmer is a trailblazer I tell ya’.

Shanae gets the final rose for dramatic effect and sets up the rest of the episode.



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