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“Reader Emails,” Rose Ceremony #3 Questions, & My Two Cents on the Nick/Natalie/Katie Beef

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Hey Steve!

It’s obvious that the producers talked Gabby and into both being The Bachelorette by reassuring them that they won’t be competing for the same guys. Judging off the preview for the season, the producers got the results they were hoping for.

Anyways switching topics, what team do you think Kevin Durant will play for this season? What team do you wish he would play for?

Comment: I’ve gone back and forth on KD since draft night. Could he rescind his trade offer and go run it back with the Nets? I guess. Seems like it’d be kind of awkward because he’s already made his feelings known. He wants out. Even if he changes his mind, still seems like that’ll play a role, and if things go south again, and they’re a first round exit or a non-factor in the playoffs, won’t we be right back in the same boat next offseason? But I understand the Nets aren’t going to give him away for $.75 on the dollar either. It’s a tough trade to make. He’s one of the 5 best players in the league, but he’s also 34 and coming off an achilles and knee injury. Is a franchise will to gut their team of young players and draft picks for 4 years of a top player, assuming he doesn’t get hurt? I guess that’s why I’m not a GM. Tough call to make.

Hi Steve,

First question, knowing the track record of bachelorettes picking their first impression rose at the end, do you think there is a high chance Mario is in Gabby’s final four? I don’t think he is.

Second one is what do you like to do in your off time?

Thanks for all you do for us!

Comment: Well, since it’s been over 100 for 2 weeks straight and not looking like it’s changing in the next couple weeks, the short answer is: nothing much.

But I like binge watching old shows, I’ve started back up at the gym again, I obviously like going to Vegas when I can, and I just like spending time with my dog. I’m a very simple person.

Hi Steve –

In case you are open to reader / listener questions or topics for your daily…

This is Us – on one of your podcast interviews, you seemed to feel all the stories were told. I feel the major story they never covered was when / why Kate went from a bit overweight to her adult state. It seems unlikely that there would not have been a family intervention and major drama. I also felt bad for Miguel who was there for the hard times and pretty much got blown off by Rebecca in the train episode. She practically gave him a Reality Steve “See ya!” I think I’m more bothered by the fact that Emmy announcements were made yesterday, and This is Us got ZERO Emmy nods outside of some nom for Best Song. C’mon. Are you kidding me? To not even nominate Mandy Moore for what she did in that last season? And Randall? Highway robbery.

But to answer your question, yeah, it’s definitely something they could’ve addressed, but seems like a very sensitive subject and I can see why maybe they stayed away.

Challenge USA – As CBS has a much bigger and older audience than MTV, I think they should have made some kind of reference to the original show in the intro. Instead, the audience is probably scratching their heads when people talk about watching past seasons. The algorithm may stop the situation the real Challenge had last season where the vets picked off the rookies. I think the weakness vs the original is the pre game alliances and strategies. I think putting the USA vs other country winners on streaming is not going to draw a lot of people to pay. I’m interested in this one. And I’m sure I’ll watch when they do the World Challenge, bringing in winners from the different countries. But this show has a very niche audience. I’m really curious how many new viewers it brings in who’ve never watched the MTV version. I don’t even know if there’s any way to count that.

Big Brother – I think they should not warn the contestants, show the real stuff and have a much more thought provoking show. Did anyone warn Todrick? The warnings influence the game. Let the contestants deal with the repercussions – I know this may sound harsh.

Comment: I see what you’re saying, but, that might turn into a giant shit storm. And race battle. CBS’ demo is like 35-64, white and Middle America. They don’t want that.

Hey Steve!

It’s been a while since a final couple from the show got married. Since Jojo and Jordan recently tied the knot, I was just wondering if you are still keeping your tradition of buying final couples a wedding gift? If so, any hints on what you got them? Thanks!!

Comment: No, I haven’t. Only because I just stopped saying I would, so there’s no reason to follow through. I was never asked to put my money where my mouth was before, I just did it just to do it. And then I stopped because I realized it didn’t mean a whole hell of a lot whether I did or didn’t. Simple as that.

(1) do you know or had you heard if Gabby and Rachel really are as close of friends as they have been acting in the media rounds, interviews, etc. or have the producers just brainwashed/convinced them into that narrative? Like were they super close friends on Clayton’s season? Placing a number on the level of their friendship is pretty impossible. I don’t know either of them.

(2) does the show ever pay for any cosmetic procedures/training for the leads prior to their season? Like professional teeth whitening/eyelash extensions/personal trainer/hair extensions/etc.? I feel like I heard that about some reality show but can’t remember if that was something from the Bachelor franchise or not. Yes, this has been done. I know one former girl got her breasts paid for by the show. And one former lead had $15k of dental work done.

(3) how long does each limo entrance and each group of limos take? Obviously we only see about a 15-second clip of each guy introducing themselves, but curious if in reality they get like 30-minutes of footage of each guy’s entrance (including the girls’ sound bites, re-takes of the entrances, etc) 30 minutes? No, not that long. I think on average it’s like 5-8 minutes for each person.

(4) I know you don’t have the finale spoilers yet (I follow you even in the off-season). But do you think there is a possibility of one of them getting engaged and the other not, or some twist like that? I can’t help but think (given how twisted this show is) that they would LOVE if there were 2 different endings (either one rejects an engagement, or one doesn’t get proposed to but then ultimately gets proposed to on the ATFR) I really don’t think there’s a twist like that.

P.s. I wish you would do “reader emails” in the off-season—maybe once a month or something. I feel like I’ve had questions building up for a few months about Bachelor news or just other pop culture and reality TV news in general. But I know you need a break too! Welcome back to “Bachelorette” season! Thanks!

Comment: It’s not that I’m refusing to. I literally just don’t get any “Reader Email”-worthy emails during the off season. The only thing I really get asked about in the off season is spoilers. And I’m giving those as we go along. My email inbox is basically barren when this show isn’t airing.

Hi Steve,

Quick question for this week – how much stock do you put into the fact that Jason’s Instagram is still private? No one in recent history, even night 1 people, have stayed private from what I can remember. Considering we know he goes far, I’m guessing it either means he’s with Gabby and doesn’t want to do anything to spoil that, or that he does something to make himself a villain towards the end and is hiding from the inevitable backlash. Wondering if you’ve heard anything either way, or think I’m way off base. Thanks!

Comment: I had no idea he wasn’t public. I don’t follow that stuff nearly as closely as most people do. So to say it matters 1000% or 0% is kinda hard to say. There’s no mandate that says you have to turn your IG on and post about the show every week. So I guess it doesn’t mean all that much to me that he isn’t.

Hi Steve

I’ve had so many questions for you over the last 9 months, but I’ve forgotten them all?

Anywho, here’s a couple:

Have you dated anyone since Kat? You don’t have to give any details, but just curious, you seem like such a nice guy! Not hitting on you, I’m married and would never be able to handle not knowing how you got your spoilers ha! I’m too invested in this show. Define “dated.” I mean, have I gone out on dates? Yeah. A couple. Not many. But definitely haven’t been in any relationship since then. I’m kinda re-evaluating my dating priorities right now. Seen some eye opening things these last couple months.

Have you talked to Blake and do you think he’d ever come on the pod? He seems like he’s distancing himself from the franchise and over their crap. We had a nice chuckle on IG DM’s yesterday. Maybe that day will come.

Hey Steve!

My question is: what is your take on the Katie/Nick/Blake drama?? I’ve never loved Blake but I definitely agree with what he posted on his story. Nick is totally a hypocrite. And his girlfriend seems like a total mean girl. Yikes!!


Comment: Hmmmm, well, glad you asked. Lets start by…

A full answer is earlier in these emails and also addressed on today’s Daily Roundup podcast.

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