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“Reader Emails,” Rose Ceremony #3 Questions, & My Two Cents on the Nick/Natalie/Katie Beef

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I have a feeling that today might be adding on to a little bit of a firestorm that has started the last couple days, but hey, I feel absolutely inclined to add my two cents to the situation at hand, because I think people are forgetting something major when it comes to this whole Nick/Natalie/Katie ordeal. And I will repeat this until I’m blue in the face. Please take the time to actually listen to what the arguments are on both sides and what both sides said, and not just go off hearsay, or soundbites you may have heard online. Listen to what Katie said on her TikTok live, listen to Nick/Natalie’s response on his podcast, then form your opinion. I think I know where most people will lean once they do, but still, take the time to listen to each of their stances and go from there. I listened to the first 20 minutes of his pod, because I really wanted to know what they were so bent out of shape about. And I still am kinda scratching my head on why Natalie is whining so much about what Katie did. I guess we just have a different opinion on the “tea” that was spilled. It was barely mild in my eyes. Nick and Natalie seemed to think Katie burned down the whole franchise or something. It’s bizarre. However, I’ll get to that in much further detail during “Reader Emails.”

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Looking forward to tomorrow’s podcast with one my favorite guests, Suzana Somers from the @BachelorData IG account. The content that she’s produced just this week has been so detailed and thorough, we’re gonna talk about all of it. So that’ll be up tomorrow. But even though the Thursday podcast will remain the same, I will still have a Daily Roundup podcast that’ll post maybe an hour before that one. Yesterday I had mentioned that I was gonna maybe try out running a music bed under the whole Daily Roundup and see how it sounded. That didn’t happen. While most of them have been around 20 minutes, because they don’t all end at the exact same time, it’d be added work to have the music bed playing underneath it, so that idea has been scrapped. The Daily Roundup podcast will just have music in the intro and outro from the Rave Ups. Glad that “issue” was put to rest after 24 hrs ha ha.

Wednesday night is now my new favorite night of the week with “Big Brother” and the “Challenge: CBS” on back-to-back. Unfortunately, while looking for more info on what was happening regarding the Taylor bullying in the BB house, I accidentally came across the POV winner. Didn’t see what they chose to do, but I do know who won it, so I guess I’ll find out tonight what they decided on. I hate that. You know I only like to be spoiled when it comes to the Bachelor franchise. Nothing else in my life I like to be spoiled on. So yeah, not thrilled I came across that, but it happens. I’ve stayed off watching any live feeds or reading any of the Twitter accounts regarding what’s been happening. Maybe as we get deeper into the season I will, but it’s just too much to constantly be reading all day every day what people are saying in the house.

Anyway, lets get started. Your “Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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