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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 8 Thoughts, Last Night’s Editing, & Your Daily Roundup

-That conversation between Rachel and Gabby to start the episode seemed like a giant time kill. Not surprised they had it, but it seemed to go on FOR-EV-ER. Like that was a good 10 minutes of them basically just recapping for the audience where they stood with each guy. A few minutes? Sure. But that thing just kept going, and going, and going, and going. Man, they really needed some filler to drag this thing out over 2 nights I guess. And also, the ending credits scene was the same scene they showed in the bloopers last week, wasn’t it? The women seeing a lizard or chameleon or whatever the hell it was?

-When Erich was up first, their day portion was made up of two things: jumping off a structure into a man-made hole and a ton of kissing. Like, A TON. They couldn’t stop kissing themselves. Almost like one of them had a virus and the other had the antidote on its tongue. I mean hey, good for you guys. They were really excited to see each other and basically counting the seconds til they could get to the overnight date. They really enjoyed their kissing to say the least on this date, and it showed. I wish @Bachelordata tracked “Amount of Time Couples Mouths Were Stuck Together” in an episode. Gabby and Erich would take first prize by a longshot last night.

-You know what I’ve always found interesting about the “Bachelor/ette” show versus “Bachelor in Paradise?” Take last season for example. We know BIP is the more fun, silly, summer show, and they kinda let things go on that one. Remember last year when Tia was on her date with Blake Monar and kept referencing her vagina and how he made it “dance?” And other expressions to basically tell us how turned on she was? How come they never do that on this show. The whole time at dinner, it was crystal clear these two couldn’t wait to get back to the room and start knocking it out. Yet you know how Gabby described it? “I want to shed every last wall,” and “I want to give both of us a chance to really feel each other’s love.” Huh? Who talks like that when describing how badly they wanna bang someone? And we know Gabby has no filter, which is something everyone loves about her. Yet now we have her speaking like something out of a romance novel. Why can’t she say Erich makes her vagina dance, or something to that effect? I guess because the main show is more serious and classy? Screw that. Let them say the things you let the contestants on BIP say. It’ll all more realistic for the rest of us, no doubt.

-Erich tells her his family is obsessed with her and that he’s falling in love with her and Gabby knows she wants to tell him that in return, but kinda holds back. I mean, Rachel didn’t, but Gabby did with this caveat, “I can definitely see it being him but I have to save it for the right moment.” She even tells Erich to be patient with her which is usually the sign of, “Hey pal, just let me get through the formalities of these other dates, then it’ll be just us.” I mean, that’s essentially what she was trying to tell him in so many words. Not sure if Erich picked up what she was putting down. Well, you’d think he did until you see that conversation he had at the end of the episode with her and, well, yeah we’ll get to that in a minute.

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