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(1) do you know if Rachel was asked to do “Dancing with the Stars” at all? ABC has been forcing down our throats all season (including in their promotional interviews on ABC shows like “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and “Good Morning America”) that they are not being pitted against each other, they’re best friends, both equally deserving, etc. so if they only asked Gabby to do DWTS that completely flies in the face of all that. I would be so offended/jealous if I was Rachel. I doubt it. Probably has more to do with Gabby being the successful one out of this season. Would seem weird to give it to Rachel as well knowing what we know now.

(2) Does this mean that Gabby was more well-received out of the two? Either based on audience feedback or based on how much the producers liked her? I don’t think it means anything more than they chose her, probably because they like her and she has a dance background.

(3) do the producers make the bachelorettes do the run and jump hug (hu-ju as it’s called by “Game of Roses”) every time they see a contestant? That seems so unnatural. Absolutely.

(4) Did you see Luke Pell got engaged to the girl that he cheated on Holly Allen with? I don’t care (I don’t even follow either of them, it just came up on my insta home page), it just made me think of you because I thought your podcast with Holly back in the day was really good. I feel like that was one of your first podcasts where you allowed someone outside of the franchise share and put their name behind how they were wronged by someone in the franchise.

Comment: Yeah, I saw that. They’ve been together for a while now, so good for them. I certainly didn’t think they’d last. Neither did Holly.

Hi Steve,

Just an observation that the stylist(s) who dress Rachel are really bad at the job.

What were they doing putting her in those high waisted, big, baggy, wide legged white pants (last night meeting Tino)? She is a beautiful lady with an enviable figure, but she is only about 5’3″! Those ‘elephant pants’ (what we called them in early 70’s) were not flattering for her body type at all. I am a short gal too, and I would never choose something like that unless I wanted to look heavier than I am.

Then there was the time they put her in a poofy red dress with GIANT sleeves. Again, not a good style for her proportions.

Another time they put her in a yellow/ gold evening gown; the color was putrid awful for her.

I would refuse to wear these things. Do the leads have any choice to decline what the “stylists” pick for them?

I just don’t get it. It seems like sometimes the stylist is focusing more upon the outfit or dress and less about how to highlight the beauty of the individual woman.

Comment: I’m the last person to comment on the stylists of this show. That’s just not something I ever pay attention to really. Do some outfits look better than others? Yeah. But they never repeat outfits, or rarely do, so to sit and critique is just not something I have the time to do.

I think Gabby dodged a bullet with Jason. It makes me wonder why he even joined the show. He didn’t seem into it. Does that mean Erich is second choice? Or was she thrown off by both Johnny and Jason not ready? And Erich was always first choice? Gabby is on DWTS, usually that’s the kiss of death for these new romances. Oh I’m sure people will say Erich was her second choice, but it doesn’t seem that way to me. She literally has been about him pretty much since the hometown date and made it known in Mexico. The only people pushing so hard for Jason are the nameless, faceless, delusional, and irrational people on message boards who live vicariously through these contestants.

Rachel and Tino seem on a good path, not much drama other than his father.

Comment: Welp, not anymore.

Hi Steve,

I hope that you are doing well and continuing to recover from your surgery. I have a few questions about what I saw on The Bachelorette tonight and some recent headlines concerning it

1. The other day I saw a headline on Reddit about Erich in tagging a photo from December 2016 with MAGA Friends. I know you are not big on Reddit, I was just curious if you heard anything more about this before this was mentioned? It seems not as bad as what happened with the posts liked by Garrett Yrigoyen, Becca’s ex-fiancé. I just wonder if it will ever be addressed since his edit was relatively good this season? Any thoughts on this? Have no idea.

2. I think it is crazy that they chose to make it a cliff hanger until next week when it came to Zack and Rachel’s conversation during the rose ceremony being that Jesse described it as so controversial. I have a prediction about what it was that made Zack make a 180 degree turn with Rachel. I believe that they didn’t align with political views and how they wanted to raise a family due to religious differences between them. In addition, I believe her mentioning him being 25 annoyed him based on his comments about how she asked him if he was ready repeatedly for an engagement because of his age coupled with the fact that she probably wasn’t as affectionate with him as she was with Tino. She may have felt guilty about showing Zack affection on-camera after declaring her love for Tino. Overall, I believe it was several factors and not just one thing that made Zac change his mind. I wonder if this will make Rachel look disingenuous? It can be argued that Zac is making the claim that she was different off camera which I believe is a fear many cast members on this show have. I remember Rachel Lindsay talking about this at length and she was right. When you are off camera, that’s when everything gets real between the couples. What are your thoughts on Zack’s comments and what do you predict went down between Zac and Rachel? I mean, I’d like to know since Zach really did accuse her of acting different, and being inauthentic. Yet, we saw no footage of it. So until we hear what Rachel has to say back, it’s tough to even predict where that’s going.

3. I believe that Erich is genuine about his feelings for Gabby and the show is trying to build up suspense when it comes to them when they are showing us in the promo about him wanting to date before being engaged. Complete nonsense in my opinion when we know how things ended for them. They remind me of Des and Chris where Erich will be the only one there at the last chance date, meet Gabby’s parents and how Gabby felt like she never found a man that loved her the way she needed to be loved until she met Erich. I remember Desiree saying she never felt so loved when she was with Chris in the end. Desiree and Gabby also both had hard childhoods for different reasons. I read Des’ book and loved it. I remember her saying she moved all the time, her family faced a lot of hardships even as far as her moving out on her own and paying her own way to college. As for Gabby, building a path for herself on her own without her mom and having a strained relationship with her. On top of that, her having a job that shows compassion for others and care for others as an ICU nurse. What do you think? I mean, I don’t really put that much thought into it, honestly. They’re together and are seemingly happy. So good for them.

4. Am I the only one that thinks that Rachel Recchia has a similar voice and mannerisms to former Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert? I just see the tone as similar and how they are both short in height and Rachel was the same age as Ashley was when she was the bachelorette. Just found this interesting. Hadn’t made that correlation.

5. Do you still think that Nate is going to be The Bachelor? I wonder if Aven is going to be a heartbroken final 2. I think if he cries enough and has a very sad exit, he may have a chance as well. I like him more than Nate. I think he comes off more sincere. Ever since watching him on Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo’s podcast, I got to know Aven’s story more and liked what I heard from him. You should check out the interview if you haven’t already. The guy has a very interesting story beyond just his role on the bachelorette. I know we didn’t get to know these guys this season with the limited air time a lot of these guys had this season. I said last week Nate is not going to be the Bachelor on a couple of occasions. I don’t know who it’ll be. The only viable candidate from this season is Zach, and I don’t think it’ll end up being him either.

6. Do you think Gabby will be announced as a cast member on DWTS this week or will they wait until the bachelorette finale has aired in its entirety? The DWTS cast announcement is tomorrow on Good Morning America.

7. My prediction for who will win Big Brother would be Michael if Brittany wins HOH next week. It’s his game to lose between his competition wins and brilliant social game. The only thing he did wrong for me was when mentioning what Kyle said to him weeks after it happened. It seemed calculated to help him and Brittany to gain trust with the POC in the house to advance further in the game and not about the greater purpose. I get why Terrance questioned them on this. I believe it should have been brought up sooner if they really had an issue with it. Nonetheless, I believe that it taught Kyle a valuable lesson and I hope he grows from this. Now, if Brittany loses HOH next week, I think Michael will be on the block next week. If he loses the POV, he will be sent to jury next week. If this happens, I think Monte or Turner have the best chances to win. You have two strong competitors who will do what they have to do to win. If Michael goes home next week, I think he will regret not putting Turner up this week when he had the chance. He had a perfect reason with finding out Turner was going to possibly back door him last week on his HOH even if he did promise him safety. What is your prediction on who will win big brother this season?

Thank you.

Comment: If Michael makes it to the end, he wins. Period. No one has a chance. Any HOH or Veto he doesn’t win through the end of the season, he’s gone – unless like you said, Brittany wins and saves him. He has to run the table or he’s gone.

Hey Steve!

Would you agree that these days the show is trying to one-up itself each season with dramatic endings? I can’t remember a season where we, as viewers, were privy to so much info regarding private conversations that took place during overnights. Erich/Gabby convo, Jason/Gabby convo and then Rachel/Zach (more to come) – we don’t usually get to hear this much about what went down during the overnights, right? Normally we get morning-after smiles, making breakfast and some innuendos, but not this much back and forth about private conversations that were had. Do you think producers are getting wind of these conversations the next morning and then “forcing” them to rehash on camera? Or do you think this will become a norm where we get to know more about what went down behind closed doors? Although, like you said on Twitter, hard for us to corroborate anything since it’s not on camera. Or maybe, this season was just a fluke that so much about overnight conversations was revealed and relevant to storylines. I just wonder if tapping into the overnights this much was producers way of getting a more dramatic ending – a simple happy engagement for both girls might be too dull for them at this point.

Have fun in Vegas!

Comment: I think we did because they extended it over two nights this season. They went through 4 of the overnights on Monday. We had a 2 hour episode last night and only had 2 overnight dates – Jason and Zach. And both were disasters. Hence the reason they gave them the full episode. So I don’t see them extending the overnights over two nights again with one lead. That’d be 4 hours for 3 guys. Way too much.

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