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The “Bachelorette” Rachel/Gabby – Finale Part 1 Thoughts, Rachel’s Dilemma, Next Bachelor Talk, & Your Daily Roundup

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Hi Steve,

I have a question about Brandon and Serene from BIP. We have seen clues about Victoria and Johnny and Michael A. and Danielle still being together. But I have seen nothing on Brandon and Serene. As far as you know are they still together or have they already broken up?

I hope your are recovering well.

Comment: Still together and engaged.

Hi Steve!

My biggest question that I just can’t understand – why don’t they choose Greg Grippo as the next bachelor? isn’t he one of the most popular people from the last few seasons? or do they want someone more controversial for ratings? Thoughts on Greg? he’s obviously single again and wasn’t on bip.

Take care!

Comment: He is? That’s news to me. Everyone in this franchise has a fan base. To say one is bigger than someone else’s is impossible to determine factually. Technically anyone who is single and on a previous a season is a possibility.

Steve, not sure if someone has already been tallying up who is single from the F4 over the last five seasons to ponder who Bach could be talking to about being the lead.

Only people that I could deduce as known to being single are:
Joe C, Blake M, Zac, Tyler C. It has to be Zach from Rachel R’s season or a fresh new face. I know we’ll find out Tuesday.

I assume it can’t be Justin, Aaron, James, Andrew as they are all in BIP.

It would be a breath of fresh air to have a nobody like you have suggested as a lead.

Comment: Well the emailer previous mentioned Greg, so he’s a possibility. Add him to your list. As I mentioned on page 1 today, I think I’m getting close.

Hey Steve,

Hope all is well. As you’ve mentioned in many past columns/podcasts, producers usually are successful in splitting up at least one or two couples at the end of Paradise, and recently a lot of those couples have reconnected post show (Astrid/Kevin, Abigail/Noah, Becca/Thomas, etc. etc.). Have you heard anything about the couples who broke up at the end of this season of Paradise? Have any of those people reconnected?? Thanks

Comment: I honestly haven’t heard much about Paradise since I posted the spoilers because it’s kinda been off the radar. I should start hearing more stuff in the next couple weeks.

Old white woman here. I have watched big brother since the start. About 5/6 years ago I noticed the exclusion and mistreatment of anyone who was not white. Watched an episode or 2, emailed CBS to complain and quite watching that season. It happened year after year.

That’s not why I’m emailing however. I wanted to point out that not only did Kyle think the POC were in an alliance, But HE SUGGESTED AN ALL WHITE ONE. That was the truly bad part. Unfortunately Big Brothers history is full of all white alliances, but they were not explicitly based on race.

Comment: Yeah, Kyle’s thinking was all sorts of problematic. Lets hope he truly sees how his thought process was inherently racist. Especially because there was zero evidence whatsoever that the POC in the house were working together. Terrance didn’t like Taylor. Terrance was on the block numerous times. Why he immediately thought that, then jumped to having the white people band together was a horrible look. And I’m glad fellow housemates called him out for it and explained to him why, even though it’s not their job to.

Hi Steve,

I for one will not bash you for not knowing every detail about this season’s ending. Honestly I am just really thankful for what info you can provide and your comments. I found last nights show a bit disgusting. First the producers seemed to focus on Gabby’s bashing herself and how she seemed to be in a pity party.. Both Gabby and Rachel sure had their share of being dumped by men who were supposed to be their suitors.

Rachel bothered me last night a lot, and I know editing can really make things look as they are not. Her walk into the rose ceremony was nothing other than a strut. While I have no problem with a strong woman, there was an arrogance there that I had not seen before. Or perhaps I was blind to it.

Totally agree with your assessment on the podcast that its absurd that contestants apply to go on the show without knowing who they are being contestants to meet.

Thanks for your efforts…..

Comment: It’s truly baffling. The women on the next season of the Bachelor begin filming in less than two weeks. They leave early next week for LA and, as far as I know, they have no idea who the lead is. It’s pretty funny that then we as the audience are expected to believe they are all there to find their future spouse. Please.

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