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The “Bachelorette” Rachel/Gabby – Finale Part 1 Thoughts, Rachel’s Dilemma, Next Bachelor Talk, & Your Daily Roundup

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Hey Steve,

I appreciate all the spoilers you give and your work, I’ve been a follower for a few years now. I was just wondering if you happen to know what order the finale/AFR will be in? Will they start with Rachel or Gabby? Planning on being there next week and just wanted to know who I should expect to see!

Thank you and I hope you have a great night!

Comment: I don’t think there’s any particular order. Both women are parts of both nights.

So it seems like Ethan Kang and Nate Mitchell are hanging out a lot (not to mention creating TikToks together/posting similar things), and Ethan keeps liking comments that insinuate that he himself is the “next bachelor”. Someone posted that they “missed seeing him on their tv screen” and he replied with something along the lines of “I might be back on there soon”. Do you think all of this is just to keep themselves relevant? Or do you stick with your statement that you don’t really think anyone from this season will be the next bachelor?

Also, hope you’re doing well after your surgery!

Comment: Ethan seems quite thirsty as he’s been talking Bachelor stuff for a while now. As I’ve said, anyone who’s single and on a recent season is technically a possibility for the next Bachelor. However, is Ethan realistically going to be the next Bachelor? No.

Hi – Long time reader and I just had one question. I saw Jesse Palmer doing college football color commentary last week (was half expecting him to say it’s the most dramatic game ever!). What is the production schedule like that allows him to do both football and bachelor? Is he going to do the full college football season? Just curious.

Comment: He did last season. While filming is still in LA, as long as a rose ceremony isn’t on Saturday (the day he needs to be in Bristol for college fb Saturdays), then he does his hosting gig in LA, flies to Connecticut for Saturday’s for ESPN, then is back in LA the next day. Once overseas travel starts, just like during Clayton’s season, you’ll see he’s off ESPN for those weeks.

Steve, I’m HOLLERING laughing at your podcast today. You are talking 90 mph because you’re so giddy over him getting arrested. Frankly I laughed when I saw it. Thank God for the girl he was with that he decided to pee outside his truck. That really saved her. He’s SUCH bad news. I know next to NO ONE famous, and I have friends who James tried to pick up from bars etc. Anyway, I was laughing today. Thanks for the daily entertainment.

Comment: I mean, the amount of stories of women who have said they either did hook up with him, or he tried to hook with them over the last 5 years is staggering. If all these women decided to band together and out him, he could really be put to shame. Not giving anyone any ideas or anything. Just saying.


I completely agree with you about Mandy Moore! But gotta say you are missing out on a LOT of great TV on streaming!! You would LOVE Ted Lasso on Apple TV! So heartfelt and hilarious! I thought they actually did a pretty good job with the other categories…some amazing shows you really gotta watch! Succession, Ozark, Stranger Things, Euphoria, The Morning Show, Barry. Incredible TV. Promise!! Zendaya did an AMAZING job playing a drug addict on Euphoria. But agree Mandy Moore should have been nominated. The train episode was gut wrenching.

Comment: I will say there are two shows on your list that I have seen: Ted Lasso and Euphoria. Euphoria is on HBO so I don’t need streaming for that. But outside of Cobra Kai, Ted Lasso, and anything on Disney + that’s an MCU or Star Wars related show, can’t say I watch many streaming shows. But yes, I’m well aware there are some really good ones out there.

Hi Steve –

When Jesse did his segment about how we all needed to prepare ourselves for this week, I have to wonder what kind of preparation he had in mind. Maybe they should partner with an online therapy service and display the #. Separately, this must be the only show where “I’m in love with you so I really don’t want you banging other people.” is a bad thing. This show loves hyperbole. But considering the ending Rachel and Tino are headed for, it might actually fit this season.

As the blackface thing came out at the end versus earlier in the season, it sort of feels like a Michael/Brittany/Kyle thing where someone had the info and then tipped the press for maximum damage. I know you are not big into politics but there are a number of politicians who pride themselves on being “anti-woke”. The people who don’t think Kyle or Erich should apologize are probably anti-woke. Not people I want to be around. And people that I’ve spent the last week blocking on my IG. As I said in my podcast, for people telling Erich he has no reason to apologize, then I just want to see them dress in blackface this Halloween and see how well that goes over.

Predictions for The Challenge: Enzo is not going to win. If BB Michael is on a future season, he will not be comp beast. He is a BB comp beast. I’m stunned at how bad Enzo sucks at the main challenges, but is 3-0 in the Arena. Totally bizarre.

Even though no one bought it and it threw Brittany into a meltdown, Michael made the best case he could. Funny exit too. I am glad that the house and jury are all questioning the holding back of the Kyle info before weaponizing it. Before the jury found out, it was interesting to learn that they had animosity towards Brittany. Also interesting that DJ NoTime was offended at the assumption of a POC alliance, but, when he was in trouble, he tried to form a black alliance with Monte and Taylor. Taylor’s response that there will be a black winner – her or Monte – cracked me up. I’ve missed all of that. I still haven’t watched Michael’s Thursday eviction speech or Sunday’s episode. I need to get to that since I’ll be talking Big Brother on this week’s Thursday podcast.

Did you notice that Paloma did not get a BB comic? I’m guessing she will not be listed as an option for America’s Favorite, be at the finale, or be mentioned. Not until you just mentioned it, no, I totally missed that one. Yeah, I doubt she’s part of anything come finale night.

Aside from fun, is there any difference between betting in Vegas vs on an app?

F James McCoy Taylor!! Amen.

Comment: No, there’s no difference other than you actually get to collect your money when you bet at the window in Las Vegas if you win. On a app, obviously you pay upfront, then whatever your balance is you can take money in and out.

The thing about betting on an app WHILE IN VEGAS, is that you never have to worry about standing in line to bet. And those lines get long. At 8:15 Sunday morning, my buddies were in line to place bets for Sunday’s 10am kickoffs and they didn’t get up to the window til 9:30. So while you’re there, most of the casinos on the strip now have their own betting apps. If you bet frequently, it’s worth the 10-15 minute sign up. Because waiting on lines to place bets in Vegas just sucks. Why not have it available to you at your fingertips? So much easier.

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