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The “Bachelor” Zach – Thoughts on Episode 5, a “Bachelorette” Breakdown, & Your Daily Roundup

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-Gabi gets the first 1-on-1 of the episode, and the women are very excited for her. “Have so much fun!” Granted, they’re lying out of their teeth when they say that and I’m sure deep down they’d love nothing more if Gabi and Zach didn’t get to snog once and she gets sent home. But alas, that wasn’t going to happen. They first visit a place where perfume is made and they basically scold the poor worker who has them try out a bunch of different smells. One they think smells like Sour Patch kids, another smells like week old fish, and another they said smells a baby diaper combined with Indian food. Ok, I made the last two up, but you get the point. The worker tries to impress them by telling them that’s where Megan Markle gets her perfume from. So now we know that at any minute, there will be a riot outside from the locals and the place might burn down. Why were they brought there again? Oh yeah, to name their own perfume, which they go with “Zabi,” a combination of both their names which clearly shows how much these two can accomplish once they put their minds together.

-Then they go get to play with a room full of Corgi’s, I assume, because puppies basically are the cure for anything. I really don’t know what this was all about other than it gave Zach and Gabi a reason to roll around the floor with cute little dogs, all while making sure dog hair got all over them and a lint roller would be needed before moving on to the next stop. And that’s where Gabi got to try on dresses for the night portion of their date and she ended up choosing one that ummmm, errrrr, uhhhhhhh, wellllllllll, she ended up choosing one that, lets just say, she wore to dinner that night. How’s that? I don’t want to mention anything about how it looked Edward Scissorhands went crazy on the shoulders of that dress, so I won’t.

– But the best part of this date, and really the whole reason this date even took place, was specifically for Gabi to return back to the hotel with 700 bags in her arms with all the stuff she received that day. All they wanted was to make sure some of the other women got mad and/or jealous Gabi got this date, the first of which was Greer. Now if you remember all the way back to when the cast was first announced in September, you’ll remember I reported that Gabi and Greer both attended Univ of Mississippi at the same time and were in the same sorority. That’s never been brought up once this season publicly. Why not? I think that would’ve at least added to what we saw last night. They certainly aren’t enemies, but maybe Greer has always seen competition in Gabi for all we know, and this was just another example and why Greer was so bothered. I don’t know for sure, but that’s kind of a fun note the show chose to leave out. Anyway, Gabi gets the rose, UB40 performs “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” (sorry if that’s not the exact title of the song “Name That Tune.” Close enough) and everyone watching over the age of 40 asks to themselves why didn’t we get to hear “Red Red Wine?”

-Lets face it, Greer’s reaction was pretty over the top if you ask me. I’m sure every woman in that room would’ve loved that date. Just because Greer has a tattoo of a tea cup on her inner wrist, she’s supposed to be THAT much more upset she didn’t get that date versus anyone else? It’s the one date every season that ANY woman would want. That’s why I’d be curious to know if this jealousy stemmed from anything going back to their sorority sister days in college. But nope, they’re just gonna completely deprive the public of that storyline. Hey, maybe there’s nothing there, but why not at least bring up the fact sorority sisters are on the show together? Missed opportunity if you ask me. Hotty Toddy.

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