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The “Bachelor” Zach – Thoughts on Episode 5, a “Bachelorette” Breakdown, & Your Daily Roundup

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If some of you have never listened to the Daily Roundup, I suggest tuning in to today’s. No, not for any new Bachelor tea, or any hot takes on reality TV or pop culture. No, just because you can hear me singing late 1980’s Glenn Mederios songs. I bring it up because, and now I’m aging myself, but Glenn’s daughter was on the season premiere of American Idol this past Sunday auditioning for the judges. Of course, they bring up his “Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You” single that was a chart topper in the late 80’s, but me and maybe 4 other people know Glenn Mederios for another song – “High Wire” – which played during the club scene of Karate Kid 3 where Terry Silver is sabotaging Daniel’s date on purpose so he can teach him a lesson. There’s Glenn in the background giving all his effort to “High Wire” while Daniel dances as only a white boy with no rhythm can. It should’ve won best movie soundtrack song that year and Ralph Macchio should’ve won an Oscar just for that club scene alone. But I digress. Just tune in to the Daily Roundup today and listen to me belt out “High Wire” like I’m trying for an Emmy. You won’t be disappointed by these outstanding pipes of mine.

Don’t forget to get your “Reader Emails” in today for tomorrow’s column. Definitely need some more as we are real low this week so far. Lowest we’ve been going into a Wednesday this season. Email me at today for your email to appear tomorrow. And who knows, you could be part of a grand prize drawing that wins you $1 billion dollars! Ok, I made that up. But hey, having your email appear in my column is just as exciting, no? Wait, don’t answer that. Let me continue to dream big.

(SPOILERS) Today’s Daily Roundup covers thoughts on last night’s episode, what previous moment in show history Kaity’s talk at Zach’s door reminded me of, American Idol’s premiere, me singing Glenn Mederios songs from the 80’s, & two popular syndicated shows are done.

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Something I mentioned on yesterday’s Daily Roundup, was the idea of who are candidates for the next “Bachelorette.” As we know, 18 of the 20 women (19 seasons of “Bachelorette” but Clare and Tayshia each had their own “season which is how we have 20), finished in the top 4 of the “Bachelor” season they were on. Katie and Hannah Brown were the only “Bachelorette” who didn’t, finishing 11th and 7th respectively. The other thing was that only 3 “Bachelorettes” were from seasons that WEREN’T from the “Bachelor” season that just aired – Emily, Clare, and Tayshia. So you always hear people saying, “Why don’t they pick someone from a previous season?” Well, if you look at the top 4 finishing women in the last SEVEN “Bachelor” seasons, only 2 of them are single and “eligible” – Susie and Bri. I’ve included the top 4 the last 7 seasons below:

Clayton: Susie, Gabby, Rachel, Serene
Matt: Rachael, Michelle, Bri, Serena
Peter: Hannah Ann, Madi, Victoria F., Kelsey W.
Colton: Cassie, Tayshia, Hannah G., Caelynn
Arie: Becca, Lauren, Kendall, Tia
Nick: Vanessa, Raven, Rachel, Corinne
Ben: Lauren, JoJo, Caila, Amanda

Now, by “eligible” I meant, “can possibly get the role” because, while Gabby, Rachel, Michelle, and Tayshia are all seemingly single, I highly doubt they are getting the gig again since we’ve never had a repeat “Bachelorette” ever and it’s only happened once on the men’s side. So I’m just playing the odds here of 1 out of 46 seasons have they ever repeated the same lead. So yes, that’s why I eliminated those 4 women as possibilities. So 32 total women in the top 4 of the past 7 seasons (28 if you eliminate those 4), and you only have 2 women who are even POSSIBLE to become “Bachelorette” since everyone else is either married, engaged, or in a relationship.

I know people clamor for new blood every season, and every season (for the most part), this show recycles. So judging by everything I just posted, your “Bachelorette” next season is most likely coming from one of Zach’s women, Susie, or Bri. And I highly doubt it’s Bri just because she’s been off the radar since Matt’s season. Even dated someone outside the franchise for a while, but she’s not someone on anyone’s mind or on our screen or in the news. Susie at least has her name out there, she’s living in LA, she’s done some podcasting on Bachelor Nation affiliated podcasts. She’s just a more realistic option than Bri at this point. However, I have no idea if they’ve even talked to Susie or if she’d even be interested. I’m just listing possibilities. So unless they completely go off the board and don’t even pick someone from the franchise, which has never happened with the “Bachelorette,” we pretty much know who the candidates are.

-I thought this was a great breakdown of how the roses are given out at the rose ceremonies, which kinda follows along the lines of what I pointed out last week in regards to the final 4 women getting their roses consecutively this season. @Bachelordata says you kinda don’t even need to know the spoilers to have an idea of who might be going home every week:

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