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The “Bachelor” Zach – Episode 7 Thoughts, the Next “Bachelorette,” & Your Daily Roundup

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-I gotta admit, it was tough focusing on last night’s show for no other reason than it’s conference championship week, we had 2 more teams punch their ticket to the Big Dance last night (and 5 more tonight), all while Zach was making it quite obvious who the hell he was actually going to keep on this journey of love. They’re in Budapest and, wait a minute, for the second stop in a row, at the top of the episode, Zach has a sit down with Jesse to tell him his thoughts on all the remaining women and where he’s at with them. Having literally just done this last week in the coffee shop in Estonia, they really must’ve needed to kill some time here. Not to mention if you were really just to take Zach at his word, he really made it seem like every single one of the remaining women had a chance at getting an overnight date when we know that wasn’t true. Zach doesn’t have the greatest poker face when it comes to women in case you couldn’t tell by this point.

-Kaity got the first 1-on-1 of the episode and during the day I remember there was a typewriter and some poems were being typed. I’m serious when I ask this, but, are typewriters still a thing? Do people actually still use them or are they collectors items at this point? When I was a freshman in high school is when I took Typing as a class and it’s where I first learned it. And we all learned on typewriters. Man I just dated myself. Now I know they start teaching way earlier in school, but yep, first semester of high school is where I learned to be a magician on the keyboard. Yet, on a typewriter, that’s how they got you with mistakes since, well, when you screwed up and used a backspace, you were just re-typing over a letter. How many times did Zach screw up? No way he typed that without a numerous amount of slip ups, right? Unless he was finger pecking. I can’t even remember at what point we learned on a computer keyboard. I’m going to go faint now since I’m old as dirt.

-When the date card arrived, it essentially set up Kat’s storyline for the rest of the episode. All the names got read for the group date, meaning Brooklyn got the second 1-on-1 of the episode. This sent Kat into major bummed out mode that she carried for, oh I don’t know, EVER. I get that emotions are heightened in this environment and everyone is hoping to get a 1-on-1, but you gotta hold it together better than that when you don’t get one. Kat being visibly upset in front of everyone and trying to feign excitement for Brooklyn with her, “I know you’ll have a great time” as tears stream down her face wasn’t the least bit believable. If Kat could’ve packed Brooklyn’s suitcase herself and shipped it to the airport she would’ve. You think Gabi wanted another 1-on-1? Charity? Of course. Doesn’t look like this environment was quite suited for Kat. I also get the impression that Kat is used to getting what she wants in the man department so this experience was a quick dose of reality for her. It’s really the only explanation.

-When Zach and Kaity are at dinner, he asks her what she wants out of this. Earlier in the episode, she’d mentioned that she’s “been rejected so many times…and scared to get her heart broken.” So she tells him she’s looking for “family, stability, and a man that’s gonna be there for me.” She says her father left at a young age. Then her mom got a new boyfriend (or husband I forget which) who was a major part of her life as a child, but he left when she was in 8th grade, so basically, her idea of a great guy is someone who doesn’t leave and actually sticks around for more than a few Thanksgiving dinners. You know, it’s kinda funny when you think about it. You can dissect this show all you want, and you can create your own narrative as to why someone chooses someone over someone else on this show, but shit for this season, is it really that hard to think that Zach chose the woman that he was most attracted to that lived in his city?

-Like, why should anyone be the least bit surprised at him and Kaity being together? It honestly makes the most sense and has from the very beginning regardless of if you knew the spoiler or not. Shit, the second place girl lived the second closest to where he lives as well. Not saying they’ll no doubt get married, but not having to start your relationship long distance is a MAJOR hurdle Zach and Kaity don’t have to deal with. Outside of Travis Stork and Sarah Stone and Andi and Josh, has any lead chosen someone who lived in their city before? Unless you count Colton and Cassie, even though he was back and forth between LA and Colorado and she was Orange County, that’s probably the only other close one. Probably why the success rate of this show sucks so bad. Neither one of them has to uproot their life for the other one once this thing is over which is probably the biggest reason why couples from this show haven’t made it. It’s asking a lot to do right off the bat with someone you just met on TV.

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  1. adelina

    March 7, 2023 at 8:02 AM

    Kat definitely has Pretty Girl Syndrome and watch out for those with PGS when they don’t get what they want just based on their looks. This is the curse of being pretty — your personality often times doesn’t match.

  2. ctrealitygirl

    March 7, 2023 at 10:36 AM

    No question about it, Kat is pretty, but so are several of the other women. Zach makes such a fuss over how beautiful Kat is, but in my opinion, Kaity, Ariel, Brooklyn (among others) are equally attractive. nd Steve is right about Zach not having a poker face. Last night he made such a scowl when the “magician” was out Kat’s feet to the fire about having thoughts about leaving the show. Seems the producers set her up for failing by asking her a more damaging question than the others. I could never see him with her from the get-go.

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