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The “Bachelor” Zach – Episode 7 Thoughts, the Next “Bachelorette,” & Your Daily Roundup

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-The group date was fairly comical. We got a magician/mentalist sharing a bunch of creepy stuff with the women. You know, having a heart appear on Gabi’s hand and not any of the others after they closed their hands. Then him sitting each woman down, him writing something down on a chalkboard, then them answering something about their relationship they’re looking for or were scared about, only to have him turn his chalkboard over to reveal he’d already written what they’d said. Look, I have no idea how it’s done, and especially when it’s not live, for all we know this was done out of order. I just know I’ve seen something like this live and, well yeah, it has happened before. Do I know how it’s done? No. If I google searched the answer, is it probably spoiled somewhere online? I’m sure. I was just curious why the mentalist guessed for Gabi, Charity, and Ariel, but never guessed for Kat. Was he not able to get inside her brain and read her thoughts? Seems weird he just skipped that part of the routine when it came to her. Either case, the mentalist really got into Gabi’s head because he told her she confused people and that start banging around in her noggin’ the rest of the night.

-As I mentioned earlier when it was revealed that Kat was on the group date she immediately started spiraling, once on the date, things didn’t get any better. All the women had their insecurities about what the magician/mentalist/local Hungarian actor from the acting troupe said what he did about them during the exercise, but Kat seemed to take it worse than anyone. Charity was having a rough go at it as well as she was brought to tears before any of them met up with Zach at the after party but was able to pull herself together, Gabi was in her own head because since mentalist dude said she confused people does that mean she confused Zach, etc. Not to say you’re not allowed to cry on this show, but has Ariel showed any emotion once all season? Her attitude about this whole show has been somewhat refreshing and she just doesn’t seem fazed by anything. Not something you normally see on this show. I could’ve missed an instance, but I don’t remember Ariel crying once yet on this show. Yet everyone else seemingly has cried over falling leaves and beautiful locations they’ve traveled to. Good for Ariel, but I just know others will look at it a certain way and think she was never serious about the process since she doesn’t cry at the air surrounding Zach when he walks into a room.

-So when Zach gave the group date rose to Gabi to basically calm down any insecurities Mr. Mentalist gave her, again, Kat is a flood of tears trying to be happy for Gabi in the moment. I can’t say she pulled it off whatsoever to be honest. Try as she may, it was again about how she felt in the moment. None of the other women cried when Gabi got the rose. I feel like this was more of a competitive thing when it came to Kat and not necessarily a jealous thing. She’s used to winning in the Game of Men Department, and now since her date in the Bahamas, she’s barely gotten much time with him let alone any roses. Maybe she saw the writing on the wall and that’s what caused all this, but it’s hard to know for sure. What I do know is that Kat is really dreading the fact that all episode she completely forgot to put on her waterproof mascara. Sucks for her.

-Was Greer being allowed back on the show only so Zach could break up with her to her face necessary? To me, it wasn’t. She hadn’t gotten a 1-on-1 date through 6 episodes, and honestly even if she didn’t get sick in Estonia, I don’t believe she would’ve gotten it there either. We know Charity was getting one since hers was cancelled in London. And knowing that Ariel made final 3 and hadn’t had one yet, I’m assuming that would’ve stayed the same as well. So while Greer did receive the first impression rose, she’s kinda been a non-factor all season long. Well, except for their bizarro FaceTime conversation in London. Other than that, if you look at Zach with Kaity and Zach with Gabi, Greer isn’t even in the same stratosphere as either of them. If they really felt necessary that he let her go to her face, then so be it. I just didn’t find it necessary. Her journey could’ve ended because of COVID and, while that sucks, that’s just life. She’s 100% gonna be down in Paradise anyway, so it just seemed unnecessary to do that last night. Bring her on the show for 5 minutes only to send her right home when we knew damn well she wasn’t getting a hometown date and so did Zach. Made absolutely zero sense. Justice for Logan!

-Brooklyn’s 1-on-1 date, in case you didn’t know, was given to her for the sole purpose of sending her home on it. Unfortunately, that’s just the way things work on this show. Zach knew she was going home before that date even started no matter how much of a great time they had. So whether she told him the man who raised her was her grandfather and how important he was to her, or even if she said her dad was in her life since Day 1 and Zach would be meeting him, it wouldn’t have mattered. His relationships with the others was stronger and that’s why he was sending her home. So this whole, “Who am I to meet these people” is not necessarily an excuse, but it kinda made it even easier for him to send her home considering how serious she was about who she invites to meet her family. She wasn’t someone he was picking in the end, so, no need to put her family through that. Then again, three families every season have to get put through hometowns when their child isn’t getting picked, so, this is nothing new.

-So heading into the rose ceremony Kaity and Gabi were safe with roses, meaning two more would get the roses between Charity, Kat, and Ariel. And well, we all know what was to come. Zach, the floor is yours. “This week has been…something couldn’t have expected…has opened my eyes to the amount of heartbreak that does happen…so sorry, but this will be a tough one…producer, can we can get some mascara cleaner from aisle 3 over here. Kat’s gonna need some stat!”

Ariel and Charity get the roses and I’m so glad that Jesse didn’t step in after the first rose to tell us there was one rose left. I might’ve taken a machete and started sawing my arm off if he did.

So yes, Kat leaves us as the 5th place finisher, rides away in a heaping mess of tears that have run roughshod all over her mascara, and she’s left wondering where it all went wrong. So is Zach so is so distraught as her car drives away, Jesse comes from nowhere to give our boy a hug. Zach says if you would’ve asked him after the Bahamas if Kat would’ve gotten a hometown, he would’ve absolutely said yes. But his relationship with others developed faster and this is where life has brought him now. Kat is dunzo and our final 4 is set. Double episode next week with Hometowns on Monday night, then “Women Tell All” the next night on Tuesday. Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!! We’re almost at the finish line.

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