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The “Bachelor” Zach – Hometown Date Thoughts, our “Bachelorette” Question Answered Tonight, & March Madness Picks

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-Charity’s hometown date was quite the audition for her “Bachelorette” gig, no? Her family absolutely knocked it out of the park. Not that they were putting on any sort of act either or playing it up for cameras. I’m just talking about a straight likable family that was super supportive of their daughter. Her mother, her father, her brother Nehemiah – all of them. Of course people are gonna want the best for Charity after watching her family on TV last night. It really made her even that much more likable heading into next season. I have no idea about Nehemiah’s relationship status, but it was not shocking to see on social media last night people clamoring for him to be on the “Bachelorette.” No, not next season because, you know, that’d be a bit creepy. But if he’s single? Absolutely people want to see him recruited for a future season.

-While I understand peoples privacy, the more we’ve heard about Charity’s past relationship on this show, and hearing about it from EVERY family member last night, it really makes you wonder how bad it was. By the sounds of how Charity first spoke about it, then her mother, then Nehemiah, I don’t really think this was just a case of oh some ex broke her heart. They kept talking about how the last time she brought someone home, it didn’t go well at all. And then her brother talking about he didn’t know if she’d recover from it. Yeah, that’s definitely more than, “ugh, tough break up. You’ll be fine” shit. Looks like there’s some serious shit that went down with the ex since they keep harping on it, yet, also keeping it at surface level from us. Charity hasn’t really dove deep into it, we don’t know who this guy is, she’s scrubbed her IG of any past pictures with him I believe. So we as an audience are all left to just ponder who this guy is and what actually happened. It’s probably for the better she doesn’t have this posted anywhere on her IG because you know Toxic Bachelor Nation would hunt him down behind their nameless, faceless accounts and make this guy’s life a living hell. No doubt.

-Hey, did any of you know that Kaity has abandonment issues? Well, she does because they’ve shoved that down our throats the last few episodes. Every season they kinda have to show some sort of struggle with the final woman chosen and they aren’t changing things up this season that’s for sure. That will be Kaity’s “thing” the rest of the season and no doubt the one thing that will put doubt into people’s minds about her possibly winning because she’ll get into her own head about Zach and if he’ll leave her. I’m sure it’ll be a bumpy ride, we already know he breaks his own promise about “no sex in the fantasy suites” next week, which I assume is for Kaity, but nothing this show does in the editing is going to change the finale spoiler. You’ve known for over a month now he chose Kaity, then you even got picture proof of it a couple weeks ago with that finale picture that got out in Thailand. Just like you know Charity’s going to be the “Bachelorette,” end game this season is Kaity and no matter what curveballs they throw in there, it can’t change what happened on final rose ceremony day in Thailand.

-The final audition for getting on Paradise happens tonight for the women during the “Women Tell All.” We know what this is. It’s where you see random women from episodes 1-3 who barely said peep all season, start chiming in during the Tell All trying to be memorable because producers gassed them up feeding them things to say. Don’t believe me. Ask Krystal Nielsen who was on the “She’s All Bach” podcast this week and basically says verbatim that’s exactly what production tells you to do if you want any chance of getting on Paradise. The one I’ve heard who is the loudest tonight, in terms of women you probably forgot about, is Olivia Lewis from night 1. Exactly. Who? Well, you’ll see her speaking out quite a bit tonight even though she wasn’t there for 95% of the filming. I mean, at least make it realistic. How can someone who wasn’t there past night one possibly chime in and have accurate opinions on things that happened during filming when they weren’t there? How much of Olivia making her opinions known will get aired, we’ll see. But I heard she was definitely vocal.

-In addition, you saw on the preview that Anastasia is accused of having a boyfriend while she was on the show. Victoria J is the first one who accuses her of it, then others chime in. Look, I heard the same thing back during filming and have emails and the guys name to back it up. She was with him seconds after she got home from filming as well. What does it all mean? Nothing really in the long run because these contestants can easily hide behind labels with members of the opposite sex. There’s no way to truly prove if they were bf/gf, but clearly she was very close to another guy pre-filming and post-filming, and any statement by her to the contrary is a flat out lie. The thing is, she isn’t the first and won’t be the last, so I just don’t care on reporting about it anymore unless it’s someone significant to the season. Anastasia lasted three episodes. I’m sorry. Whatever angle she was going for didn’t work in the long run, so who cares really? You know what, once we get a potential cast list for the guys on Charity’s season, I’m sure one of them was having sex with some girl in the days leading up to leaving for filming as well. I haven’t heard of any yet, but I know it’s coming. Along with other negative stories about these guys once they’re released. It’s like clockwork. Get ready.

So enjoy tonight’s Paradise audition from random women you don’t remember from the season, I’m glad the spoiler I was told about Jesse telling Charity about her Bachelorette gig post-filming of the WTA is getting shown to prove the spoiler to be true, and expect the potential men for her season to be released early tmrw or Thursday morning, with filming beginning either this Saturday night or Sunday night. Stay tuned. While one season is ending, another is just about to begin. You know, like it has for 15 years in a row now. This is nothing new, other than Charity’s season will be the first “Bachelorette” season to begin filming before the “Bachelor” season is done airing. What does it all mean? Well, it just means that if they bring Charity out for an appearance on Zach’s ATFR, she’ll already be a little over a week into filming, so the conversation with Jesse will definitely be a little bit different. I think that’s refreshing and lets see if they do anything interesting with it.

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