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The “Bachelor” Zach – Hometown Date Thoughts, our “Bachelorette” Question Answered Tonight, & March Madness Picks

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Welp, we’ve certainly got our Bachelorette answer coming tonight. When I tweeted out this weekend that I didn’t know whether they were gonna show Jesse’s conversation telling Charity she was gonna be the “Bachelorette” that happened on Feb. 24th after the WTA taping took place and the audience had been dismissed, our answer was given last night. As we saw in the preview for tonight’s episode, they teased the clip of Jesse walking into someone’s dressing room and saying “Someone’s life is about to change,” is clearly in reference to the spoiler I gave you last week. Ariel and Gabi weren’t at the “Women Tell All” taping, and I can assure you, no random women who’s never been on the show, or anyone former contestant from the show’s past is in that dressing room Jesse walks into. It’s Charity, her season begins filming this weekend, we’ll probably see her potential guys being posted to the “Bachelorette” Facebook page either tomorrow or Thursday, and off we go. That’s just how they roll and they’ve been doing it for god knows how many seasons in a row now.

Don’t forget to get your “Reader Emails” in today for tomorrow’s column. Email me at so it can get in and be answered tomorrow. It’s possible some will be in the column and I might read some in a Daily Roundup podcast later this week while recording from Vegas. When I’m out there, I don’t have too much time to dedicate to all things happening in Bachelor Nation since I’m wrapped up much more in March Madness. So maybe I will read some emails in Thursday’s and Friday’s podcast which will be recorded in my hotel room. But for tomorrow’s column, definitely get your emails in since some will still be there as well.

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Now, I know you all came here for my Super Duper Special Stone Cold Lead Pipe First Round Lock. I had a great run going until last year. I was 5-0 until last year when I gave out 2 picks that went 0-2, even though the other four picks I said I was betting in that column last year went 3-1. Here were the picks heading into last season:

2017: UNC-Wilmington (+8 ½) vs Virginia – Winner (lost 76-71)
2018: Loyola-Chicago (+4 1/2 ) vs Miami – Winner (won outright 64-62)
2019: UC Irvine (+4) over Kansas St. – Winner (won outright 70-64)
2020: No tournament – COVID
2021: Ohio (+7) vs Virginia – Winner (won outright 72-68)
2021: BONUS PICK: UCSB (+7) vs Creighton – Winner (lost 63-62)

This is what I wrote before last years picks:

I’ve been watching college basketball a lot over the last 2 months and feel I’ve got a pretty good grasp on teams and situations. Not to mention knowing the history of the tournament, I rarely bet favorites. Most of the first round plays I like are underdogs. Some ones I considered were Vermont (+5.5), Murray St. (+1), UT-Chattanooga (+7.5), and USC (-1.5). But it came down to two plays for me to put in this column. Since I really like both, and I plan on betting both, you’re getting two plays this year, just like last year.

South Dakota St (+2) over Providence
BONUS PICK: Virginia Tech (+1) over Texas

So yeah, those went 0-2. South Dakota St lost 66-57 to Providence, and Virginia Tech lost 81-73 to Texas. Of course, I went 3-1 in the other games I mentioned I was looking at:

Murray St (+1) – Winner (Won 92-87)
UT Chattanooga (+7.5) – Winner (lost 54-53)
Vermont (+5.5) – Winner (lost 75-71)
USC (-1.5) – Lost (lost 68-66)

So yeah, unfortunately I just focused on the wrong ones. However, if you really wanna get technical, every one of those teams I used in a 3 team, 8 point teaser, and all 6 were winners. So while I will always bet these underdogs plus the points (and some on the money line), I like doing 3 team, 8 pt teases. Any gambler will tell you teases in basketball are a losers bet. And they’re probably right. But screw it, I love doing them ha ha. Are you going to complain with 6-0 using those 6 plays last year on teasers? I think not. So for this year, I gave out the two plays I liked on yesterday’s Daily Roundup, but here they are for those who didn’t listen:

Furman (+5.5) over Virginia
BONUS PICK: Kent St (+4) over Indiana

Hey, I’m 2-0 betting against Virginia in the tournament. Can I make it 3-0? Furman is the second game on Thursday. Kent St. is the second to last game on Friday night. So a looooong ways in between them. I absolutely will be using both of them in a 3 team, 8 pt teaser bumping Furman up to +13.5 and Kent St. up to +12. So those are going to be the two plays for this year for Round 1. The other games I’m sure I’ll be betting are: Colgate (+13.5) vs Texas, Louisiana (+10.5) vs Tennessee, Iona (+9) vs UConn, and Drake (+2.5) vs Miami. All those should be involved in 8pt teasers as well since I expect those games to be close. Good luck everyone!

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