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The “Bachelor” Zach – Finale Thoughts, Charity’s Filming, Zach on the Hot Seat Last Night, & Your Daily Roundup

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-Once they returned to the studio after showing Gabi getting dumped, she was already pretty shaken up and in tears. I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn here, and I think a lot of you will agree with me when I say that I hope Gabi has started, or will start, to ask for help. She’s definitely still very affected by this. And who wouldn’t be. It was bad enough that for the last 4 months she’s had to put on a happy face on her IG and promote the show knowing what was coming. But then not finding out until last week that she was essentially being scorned because her private sex, that Zach promised would be between him and her, was outed for all of America to see. You know she wanted to point out last night the amount of nasty messages she was getting online last week, hence the reason she had to turn off her comments. The whole thing sucked for her last night and, once again, there wasn’t a hell of a lot Zach could say in that moment. He had to sit there and take it and realize how poorly he handled the overnight date episode.

-Now with that said, while Zach is majorly at fault for breaking a promise he made to her, there was also something completely icky about the fact that Gabi had to sit up there and talk about how bad it was, when production played a major role in ALL of this. They CHOSE to air everything they did when, lets face it, they didn’t HAVE to. Did it get the desired effect? Yes. Did it have everyone talking after the overnight date episode? Absolutely. But, it just goes to show, they are so much more about making dramatic television then caring for someone’s well being. Gabi is not well and is still extremely affected by what happened and how some of America is coming for her now. And like I said, I hope she’s seeing a therapist to talk to about being thrust into the spotlight this way so negatively the last week and how her mental health is holding up. Just based on last night, not well. Nothing Zach said last night was going to make things better either. While I’m sure she appreciates him saying he handled it completely wrong, that’s not all the sudden gonna turn the tides towards her.

-You are one sick individual if you blame Gabi for anything that happened during overnights with her and Zach. They are two consenting adults who chose to have sex. She’s not playing up the victim card like I saw some people insinuating on social media last night. She’s allowed to be upset at how Zach handled outing their sexual relationship without being told she’s playing up the victim card. Please. People I guess just want to find something to complain about. But how can you watch last night’s episode and your take away from it is to shit on Gabi and how she was feeling? You’re a pretty miserable person if that’s what you took away from it. I suggest going outside and touching grass.

-We all know that Gabi will no doubt be original cast for Paradise if she wants it. No surprise there. And not like I expect Gabi to listen to me, but I’m just saying, more often that not, if you date within this franchise, you will be disappointed. Gabi is already sensitive enough as it is based on what she’s been through even before she came on the show, and then what she’s dealing with now. But the last thing she needs is some Bachelorette reject who’s out for clout trying to get with her only because he wants to be some “power” couple, rather than actually being interested in her. I’m not telling her not to go on Paradise. I’m sure she wants to and she can have a fun summer and hang with her friends. But if I’m her, I’d go in with zero expectations whatsoever and just look at it more as a summer vacation, and not, I’m going down there to find a husband because I’m always chosen second. Bad mindset to have. That’s why I think she needs to figure herself out before she jumps into the wild world of dating within the franchise. Because, most likely, she’s going to be disappointed. She doesn’t see her value yet, and she shouldn’t jump into anything until she does. But that’s what Paradise is gonna do and I think it still might be too early for her. But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion. She’s gonna do what she wants, no doubt.

-As for Zach and Kaity, I mean, the fact they live in the same city and no one has to make some cross country move for the other is HUGE. Does it guarantee anything? Of course not. But they’re already off to a much better start than most previous couples from this show outside of Andi and Josh, who were both in Atlanta when she chose him. I always say the relationship doesn’t start until the cameras stop rolling, and now, these two can start their relationship in the public eye. They did the morning shows already this morning, then according to Zach, they are heading back to Austin and will be moving in together during the summer. That’s a definite better start than most of these couples. We’ll see what happens going forward, but I wish them luck. We know the track record of this show and it’s not good. The odds are certainly against them. Lets see if they can get past that and lead a normal life together.

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