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“Reader Emails,” Some Thoughts from Monday Night, & @BachelorData’s Breakdown from the Men Tell All

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Hey Steve,

Love your blog and podcasts! I listen every morning when driving my kids to school. My daughter even sings the intro song even though I’m sure she’s not getting the words right lol.

I only have a couple things that came to mind this week based on todays Daily Roundup. One was how you were talking about the uproar of Charity telling two men she loved them. She told Joey she was in love with him and Dotun she was 100% in love with him. Is she playing the game as you put it to make good tv, possibly? I remember Michelle told Nayte and Brandon she was in love with them both and I dont recall people giving her such a hard time about it. I guess my question is, unless a lead decides to wait until getting engaged to say I Love You, don’t they usually say it to their final two? And hell, honestly nothing can be worse than saying it to two people at once like Clayton did. And do you think Aaron really wanted to talk to Charity again, or the producers called him up and he was down forma free trip to Fiji? I mean I guess only Aaron knows the real answer to that question. I don’t wanna answer it for him. But just know everything on this show happens because of producer involvement. Even if it was Aaron’s idea and he felt he needed to go back and talk to her, it doesn’t happen unless producers approve it.

Is Charity getting a hard time? I haven’t noticed.

Speaking of Katie, I need a memory refresher. Did she do overnights with her final 3? Its been so long I can’t even remember who her final 3 were. Just that her final 2 was Justin and Blake and she sent Justin home before he could even meet her family. I agree that the last time there were overnights that went well was Matts season with Bree, Rachel, and Michelle. If I recall correctly overnights went well on Tayshias season, but I forget who her final 3 were as well. Katie’s other in the final 3 was Greg, who left. And I don’t think she ever had an overnight with Justin, he left. Which essentially she worked into her stand up routine.

Lastly, I always wondered if you had a favorite season of The Bachelor/ Bachelorette you’d care to share. Love your work!! You’re two weeks away from proving the haters wrong yet again when Charity picks Dotun!!

Comment: I liked Brad’s first season because of its surprise factor. It was well before I did spoilers and it truly shocked me. And I always liked Ashley’s season.


Did you happen to catch Shawn Booth interviewing Chuck Wicks and talking about Jason Aldean’s video that’s getting a ton of negative attention in the media? They really seemed to be out to make it not a big deal and it wasn’t a great look for either of them. Was wondering if you saw it, if you know what I’m even referring to and if you have an opinion on it. Just wondering. Thanks for all you do! Listen every day!

Comment: You mean the one where Shawn was wearing a Jason Aldean hoodie with Aldean’s picture on the front over the word “LEGEND” interviewing Aldean’s brother-in-law (Wicks is married to Aldean’s sister)? Verrrrrrry objective takes. I expected nothing less. It’s just noise in the wind.

Watch Dave Neal’s video breakdown of it because he makes a great discussion about it. But yeah, just take into account where the two guys who were discussing it are coming from, so take that with a grain of salt.

Hi Steve!

First off, I listen to both podcasts daily and really appreciate your honest takes. My husband loves catching me while I’m listening to the end of an episode and yelling “SEE YA” along with you.

Any way, a thought we had (and I apologize if you mentioned this, I don’t think you did because I listened to all the shows this week, or at least I think I did) but has anyone thought about how we literally have proof Johnny was taking money under the table and is still in possession of his Heisman, yet Reggie Bush isn’t? Am I crazy to think we either need to take Johnnys away or give Reggie’s back? It doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

I would love to hear your thoughts

Comment: I discuss this in today’s Sports Daily, but I’m all for giving Reggie’s back. I think it’s so far in the past of 10 years ago that Johnny’s won’t get taken away, but giving Reggie’s back makes the most sense at this point because they essentially did the same thing.

Hi Steve –

You mentioned some confusion on the secret votes and the hopper. I think it is somewhat like the NBA draft lottery.

Winners (blue) select a man and woman to go to the arena.

Each member of the losing teams (red and green) secretly selects a man or a woman to go to the arena. If teams were loyal on this first vote, the number of red team nominees/balls would equal the number for green. Since red ended up with more balls, the secrecy allowed players to go after members of their own teams. Just as the NBA team with the most balls in the hopper has the highest probability of their ball coming out at winning the draft, luck/chance means this may not happen.

What I like:

The reveal of the vote results show which teams have disloyal members but not their identities. The votes also show whom is being targeted. If they keep going this way, everyone would have an incentive to compete versus the guys not caring if it is a girl elimination day and vice versa. Not sure they can go very long this way as you could have too many guys or girls eliminated in a row.

Comment: Yes, I believe something will get changed up soon for that very reason. But again, the conspiracy theorist in me wonders how do we know that hopper isn’t being rigged so certain people avoid having to go into the arena?

Hi Steve,

1. Desiree showed up to give advice on episode 1 of JoJos season, along with Kaitlin and Ali. She also went to the Bachelorette reunion in 2019. Of course, both of those apperances were quite a while ago, which is probably why you don’t remember lol. And as I was reminded, she FaceTimed with Katie during her season after Greg left, but that was a deleted scene shown only online after the episode aired. So I guess Desiree has been included more than I remember.

2. I guess since Rachel Recchia, Gabby, and JoJo already made appearances on Charity’s season that’s why they decided to bring 3 older bachelorettes. On the Almost Famous OG podcast, Trista had said she was going to ask Rob Mills why she doesn’t get invited to stuff anymore, so that’s probably why they brought her on. Plus, since there is bad blood between some of the more recent bachelorettes and this show (i.e Rachel Lindsay, Katie, and now Becca and Michelle), I guess that’s why they went all the way back to Deanna lol. It’s not a great look that the only 3 black Bachelorettes before Charity all have a major issue with the show now for sure. I get that the threesome of Trista, Des, and DeAnna are all for supporting Charity, but, they were three women that I’m guessing Charity had never met or spoken to before they came out on that stage that day, so I just found it a little odd.

3. Speaking of Becca and Michelle, why do you think they have been quiet about why they were let go from the podcast? Do you think the show made them sign an NDA like they did with Chris Harrison?

Comment: It’s very possible.

Hi Steve –

FP – I want to see the footage from night one that had the other guys even remember him by the time they got their social media access back. Funny that Brayden told him what it meant. I can’t believe a night one did something that egregious for 10 guys to act that petty online. Yet only one, Xavier, bothered to admit how stupid it was and he shouldn’t have done it.

If you like Billy Joel and We Didn’t Start The Fire, have you seen Fallout Boy’s sequel on Youtube? Missed it. They did a parody of it, or made their own song with current US issues?

Does the casting for The Challenge USA surprise you? The first season’s champs don’t return? Based on the Tyson interview after the finale, I wonder if people turned them down. I would rather see CT than Cory and don’t think Amanda or Jonna are “worthy”. I also don’t get why the non MTV people are, so far, not lumping Josh, Fessie, Paulie, etc. in with MTV. They have worked with and against the MTV people for years versus people from different seasons of their original shows. At least no Aneesa! As I mentioned in my pod the other day, if Josh, Paulie, and Fessy join with the current “vets,” they could get closer to evening the numbers out. And maybe they eventually do. I just don’t see those 3 completely separating themselves from the vets.

I saw the unbleeped version of BB’s Luke using the N word. It came across as someone who casually uses the word regularly versus “I meant to call him narwhale.” I have not seen an apology so far and wonder if he is playing it like Paloma last year – shut up and hope to be forgotten. How Hisam did not hear it is a mystery. I also don’t understand Jared’s lack of reaction and later shutting down the discussion as Cory explained what happened (56 year old white guy here so that may be part of not getting it). FL and FP!

Comment: Luke’s apology (?) yesterday and it was, to say the least, bizarre. I’ll talk about it on tomorrow’s Daily Roundup. Well, lets be real, it wasn’t an apology of any sorts. He just finally said something publicly for the first time since being kicked off the show. Needless to say, not what I or anyone else probably expected. Not sure what the hell he was thinking.

I’m so glad to see you post about Jared Freid special on your story today. I was almost surprised you didn’t talk about it on your daily today giving it a plug. I watched it today and thought it was so good, I recommend it to some of my friends. Yes, I forgot going into Tuesday’s pod that it was that day, so I just talked about it on today’s after seeing it yesterday. Very funny. Everyone should go watch it on Netfix.

I liked your take on Braden. Super agree. Loved the insight that no one was in the van. Mob mentality/production driven garbage.

I know you are super podcasting so I’m sure this could be a reason but I wish you live tweeted more. I check there for the shows we have in common for your jokes but not much there 🙁 It’s tough sometimes, especially when I’ve already seen TI and the Big D episodes before they air. But I’ll try and do it more often.

Decided to go back and binge old Challenge, love the competitions, hate the interactions in the house. Love the new season, it’s only my second one. It’s a great show. It helps to know the past of some of the vets and how their characters have changed, but it’s still great to watch nonetheless even if you don’t.

Lastly need Temptation island to wrap up for the reunion show, I care more about what these crazy people have decided to do post show. But then I never want to see them again just on your podcast lol.

Comment: Part 1 is tonight, and Part 2 AND the reunion show will be next week, so not too much longer before it’s over. And yes, seeing/hearing what happened since filming and then what’s happened since the reunion will be interesting.

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