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“Reader Emails,” Some Thoughts from Monday Night, & @BachelorData’s Breakdown from the Men Tell All

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Two things that I think are very important to discuss are better heard than written so I would like to kindly direct you to today’s Daily Roundup, and that is Kaitlyn talking about the breakup with Jason, as she gives us a reason to why it happened. And also what Arie said in his IG stories earlier this week regarding the Maui fires and what he wants to do to help. Although I’m guessing it’s not a reason that will be suitable for most people that want/need everything to be about tea and salacious rumors. Her answer is straight forward and, frankly, boring – but it’s their reality. Just because it’s not what you’d like her answer to be and you want something more juicy doesn’t mean it’s not true. I suggest to everyone that any opinion you have on their breakup you just keep to yourselves or within your inner circle in a text chain or whatever. You don’t need to express it publicly on either Kaitlyn or Jason’s page, or even behind a screen name on any site, because that’s something they could ultimately end up seeing/reading. Keep it to yourself. It’s their life and their breakup. As for Arie, I don’t agree with what he posted on his IG stories on Monday and I hope we get a little more transparency about what he’s doing. Because where he left it at Monday is quite head scratching. Hopefully he’ll clarify more going forward. And I really hope he’s not going to Maui with Lauren on Friday to scout/purchase land which seems to be a big issue happening right now.

Anyway, you can listen to more of my thoughts on those two topics on today’s podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in by clicking the player below:

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A couple things that would’ve been in yesterday’s column if I didn’t fall asleep yesterday morning after posting the podcasts…

Did you see the sign in the audience Monday night held by one of the people? “Charity I have your Clarity?” Who made that? What does it mean? And for someone sitting at home who doesn’t realize the audience doesn’t bring their own signs and they are given to them by production, that makes it even more ridiculous. So an oblivious fan sitting at home sees someone in the audience who thinks they have Charity’s clarity based on what? What did that person do? What do they know? Are they going to share it with her? And how do we know it’s right? My point being, these signs that production makes for the audience at all the Tell Alls are laughable. They look made by a 6th grader and then their phrases are something even a 4th grader would come up with. I get they want to make them lighthearted and fun. But at least make them make sense.

I understand why this show brings back alumni to their Tell All shows or brings them down to Mexico to be part of dates, or to even bring date cards on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. But Monday night was a little different. You had Trista, DeAnna, and Desiree showing up to support Charity. There’s nothing wrong with that per se. But it’s kind of random to have the 1st, 4th, and 9th Bachelorettes come out for the 20th Bachelorette. My guess is Charity had never met or spoken to any of those women before that day. I understand that it doesn’t help matters when the previous three black Bachelorettes that you had basically want nothing to do with the show anymore. You essentially ran Michelle out of the franchise when you took her off Bachelor Happy Hour, probably stemming from how she called you out for not having Erich speak about black face on his ATFR. Rachel Lindsay would rather gouge her eyes out with a pencil then want anything to do with your show. And Tayshia hasn’t seemed to do anything related to this show since you removed her and Kaitlyn has hosts after Michelle’s season. Nothing wrong with bringing Trista, DeAnna, and Desiree out. But lets be real here, it’s not like they have any sort of connection to Charity other than holding the same position as she did – over 10 years ago. Weird choice.

Suzana at @BachelorData has your latest statistics on the “Men Tell All” in case you missed them…

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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