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Hey Steve!

Random questions about out Monday/Wednesday night shows:

1. Curious what you think of the “DLP” [aka “Dark Lord Palmer sign ala Game of Roses] sign they showed at the beginning of Men Tell All? I know the signs are put together by production for the [hired/invited] crowd to use, so how the heck did a Game of Roses sign get in there?!? You know what, it’s a good question that I don’t know the answer to. And I’m an idiot for not asking them myself since Chad and Lizzie are one of my interviews this week for my weekly podcast tomorrow. The other will be someone from Temptation Island.

2. Love that you live tweet both Monday and Wednesday night–bc honestly I find the commentary far more entertaining than the shows most of the time. I am curious though: I know you get screeners for Temptation Island and BigD, so are you rewatching the live broadcast or do you preprogram the tweets? Doesn’t really matter, just a funny thing I find myself wondering about! Sometimes when I watch the screener I type out tweets then save them then post them while re-watching the show, and sometimes I just tweet them while watching. I’d say for about half the episodes I did them early, and the other half I just did during the show.

Have a great night, and I can’t wait for the pod tomorrow!

Comment: This was sent last week, but don’t forget tomorrow’s pod is gonna be a good one as well as it’ll have 3 guests on it. Someone from Temptation Island for 30 minutes, then Chad and Lizzie from Game of Roses for 30 minutes or so.

Hi Steve,

Currently watching the finale, so while it hasn’t been “confirmed” (aside from People), congrats on another well spoiled season.

I’m just wondering why Pilot Pete’s parents are there? Not that you would know, but almost like they wanted people to think that he could be Bachelor again? Just very very random. Have we gotten an answer to this? Did they say anything on their social media yesterday? I haven’t seen or heard anything. My guess would be to maybe let the audience think that Peter was gonna be named next Bachelor?

Thanks again for another great season of spoilers, recaps, and general content! I’m really,

Looking forward to the TI/Big D interviews over the next few weeks.

Comment: You’re gonna love tomorrow’s, although, I will give you a little disclaimer in the open, so don’t fast forward through that.

Hi Steve,

Have been following you since I started watching Bachelor in 2018, huge fan.

Need your input on this one. I’m never super impressed when contestants plan these elaborate “dates” or thoughtful presents when they’re on the show.

Is it actually the idea of the contestant to plan a date or gift, or is it usually a move by a producer for good TV? All producers. I mean, producers will suggest things, or even ask the contestant what they want to do. But any props used are all put together by production.

Thought it was cute how Joey gave Charity their poem from New Orleans, but it’s not like he went to Target to buy a frame and wrapping paper. Or maybe he did tell a producer the idea and I’m being too cynical.

Wondering your take on this and how these presents and “dates” actually come to fruition on the shows – if you have any insight or tea.

Excited for Paradise! Thanks Steve.

Comment: Yeah, it’s all production who puts that stuff together. You’re not off going to the store buying anything as a contestant.

Regarding the card they gave Lea…At first I was thinking it gave her power to steal a one-on-one date. But I think they had a version of that before? Now I’m leaning towards steal a rose — the week she is not given a rose she can steal one from the woman of her choice and that one goes home instead.

Comment: I don’t think that’s it because it doesn’t really make much sense. A week she’s not given a rose, that would mean Joey isn’t into her and wants to send her home. By saying, “I’m stealing someone else’s rose and staying,” is forcing herself to stay for a guy that just made it known he’s not into a her a smart thing to do?

As I mentioned yesterday on my pod, I think it should be used for something negative, like maybe sending someone home night 1. We talk about this tomorrow on the pod with Chad and Lizzie.

Hi Steve –

I greatly appreciate those who go on reality shows for my entertainment, especially those who come on your podcast. However, the Devon and Alexis interview gave me a flashback to a business meeting long ago where a senior guy pulled me aside and said “Your boss speaks so long after I ask a question that I have no idea if he gave me the answer and don’t even remember my question.” I loved talking to Alexis and Devon and I will never fault people for answering however they please. The thing that bothered me was I wasn’t told until the podcast started recording that I had a time constraint. If I would’ve known that, while I wouldn’t have tried to interrupt any long answer, I would’ve had to squeeze in something and tried to move topics. I’m glad I got the time I did, but there was definitely stuff I never got to.

As you sometimes sing on the podcast, do you sing along when the Temptation Island theme starts? No, but I find myself singing it more in the car when the show is NOT on, which is even weirder.

You mentioned an upcoming podcast with someone from a show you have never interviewed anyone from. My early speculation is Dancing With The Stars or American Idol. Very good guesses.

Hisam – I am picturing his co-workers laughing at his interrupting, mansplaining, and answering his own questions as the public sees what they probably deal with. Lets hope this plan doesn’t fall apart, or somehow he talks himself back into the game because, yes, I find him incredibly annoying and condescending.

Did it surprise you that Bananas switched with Corey versus one of the non MTV guys on blue. I thought he might go for having a team with a majority of people who have been on MTV.

Comment: I get confused every season on some of the contestants strategy. I know he went blue because they were the strongest team and as long as he’s on a winning team, he can’t get voted in. BUT, if you’re the GOAT, and you constantly remind people of your track record on the show, shouldn’t you WANT go into the arena versus people? Maybe not every week, but, at least a few times?

House of Villains – I’m sure you’ve heard about this upcoming tv show. Thoughts???

Comment: I just know the cast and that’s it. No idea what it’s about. I’ll probably give it an episode or two then decide if I wanna continue with it.


Why in the world were Peter Weber’s parent at the Bachelor finale? It seemed weird and the kept showing them. I kept waiting for some strange announcement about Peter since they were there. They were shown more than Charity’s parents and former cast members. They panned Zach once. I just found it odd that they were there. Did I miss something?

Comment: Your guess is as good as ours.

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