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“Reader Emails,” Golden Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise Updates, & Vice’s “Dark Side of the 2000’s”

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Well that was certainly a trip down memory lane last night. In case you missed it, Vice ran a retrospective on the Bachelor franchise during their “Dark Side of the 2000’s” series, which featured a ton of footage from the early seasons of the show, did a whole origin story of Mike Fleiss featuring old interviews, etc and even mentioned me unfortunately. I say unfortunately because they pulled up a quote from my old site that I’m just embarrassed about now. Granted, it was literally 20 years ago I wrote that and you know how much I’ve distanced myself in recent years from those writings. But still, it’s not fun to see. Whatever the case, the show covered a lot of stuff longtime fans of the Bachelor probably already knew, but to hear it directly from people involved kinda drives the point home even more. The crazy thing is 3 of the 6 people they interviewed the most of this show are former podcast guests of mine: Michael Carroll, Trish Schneider Cullins, and Lorenzo Borghese. Put it this way, this show does nothing to paint the Bachelor franchise in a positive light whatsoever. I mean, I guess that’s the whole point of the “Dark Side Of…” series Vice does, but yeah, it really makes the show look horrible and brings up a ton of the points I’ve been telling you about the show for years. Check it out if you can. It’s on the Vice channel as I’m sure it’ll repeat 1000 times. Not sure what streaming service it is on.

Anyway, you can listen to more of my thoughts on those two topics on today’s podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in by clicking the player below:

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So an update from the world of the Golden Bachelor. They’re already at hometown dates. Filming started Aug. 3rd, so it kinda makes sense 3 weeks later they’re at hometowns when you think of it. This was never going to be a 7 week filming process like the Bachelor/Bachelorette. And even though we don’t know if hometowns/overnights will be the same in terms of the amount of women who get them, I heard from the beginning it was gonna be about a month total of filming, this lines up. However, because the show has yet to release any of the women who are on this season, I can’t fill you in on who got these hometown dates. On Monday they were in Minnesota, so seemingly when the cast list comes out, if there’s only one woman from Minnesota, you can pencil her into the final four. They were somewhere else this past Saturday that I have a picture of, so, same goes for that woman. Should be in a different city today for another hometown, so I’ll update if I see/hear anything. And oh yeah, I’m hearing former MLB journeyman pitcher Dickie Noles ex-wife Susan is on this season. No idea how long she lasted or if she’s still there. So there’s that.

Quick update on Paradise: I’ll have more in the coming weeks, but since the first preview dropped on Monday, thought I’d address a few things:

-Obviously they showed 4 former leads in that preview in Charity, Hannah Brown, Katie, and Rachel. Well, 3 of those 4 are just down there to give advice/hand out a date card. Only Rachel is there to actually be a contestant on the show.

-The couple they show Jesse marrying on the beach is Kenny and Mari. Told you back in June I heard they were down there, but assumed it was just for another date card hand out. Well, now we know the real reason. I’m sure that was just a favor to production to do a “ceremony” down there, since their real wedding is set for this upcoming October or November.

-I told you weeks ago that Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock definitely left the show engaged and even showed you video of them together post filming in Virginia. Also showed you video footage of Aaron B. and Eliza in the Vidanta hotel post filming, so assumed they were a couple. I can confirm they also got engaged at the end of filming as well. Aven and Kylee are definitely seeing each other post-show as evidenced by their IG stories a couple weeks ago in Charlottle, but they are not engaged.

More to come in the upcoming weeks, but wanted to give you that for now.

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