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The Bachelor 28 - Joey

The “Bachelor” Joey – Finale Thoughts, Daisy & Kelsey’s Friendship, & Jenn is the Bachelorette

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Quite the travel I had the last 5 days. As you know, went to Vegas for March Madness Wed-Sat and, well, lets just say I’ve had better weekends there at both the tables and betting the games. Man, we had plenty of underdogs winning outright in Rd 1, yet I happened to be on all the wrong ones except for one – James Madison. While Duquesne, Oakland, Nc St and others were pulling off the upsets, I was on Coll of Charleston, Samford, and McNeese St. So yeah, definitely had better weekends there. And oh yeah, I got some sort of 24 hr stomach bug when I was there as well. Fun times I tell ya. Then headed to Orange County on Sat & Sun for my fantasy baseball draft. I know. Important stuff. We’ll see how that goes but I won’t bore you with details of my team other than to say it might be the greatest fantasy team ever assembled. Get back to me in 6 months. Ahhh yes, the Bachelor. Guess we need to talk about that. Anything major happen last night? I guess so. We’ll get to all that in today’s column. But first, some administrative stuff to deal with.

Get your Reader Emails in for the last one until Bachelorette starts up again. Email me at with any questions, queries, comments, or general statements about whatever and it’ll appear in tomorrows column. Last week just got so backed up I just did them on the Daily Roundup, but I’ll definitely answer them this week.

Few things to cover before we get to last night. I went over this in yesterdays podcast (and briefly in todays), but the latest I’m hearing on the Bachelorette is that filming starts tonight. Seems quick, so maybe it’s off by a day or maybe two, but filming definitely begins this week, which is the norm. It always starts filming week the Bachelor ends airing, so, be ready for that. The turnaround time of the next day would be a first, but that’s the latest I’ve heard. Also, they are only filming at the mansion for limo entrances then instead of moving into the mansion the next day, the immediately begin travel overseas and their first two stops are in New Zealand and Australia. Not sure which city is first, but, those are the first two stops. They will eventually make it back to the states bc as I mentioned last week, I know they’ll be filming in a US city at the end of April. I will keep you updated on any and all spoilers I get during filming.

Now I’d say for the past 10 seasons or so (maybe more), we know the Bachelor/ette Facebook page releases the potential contestants for the upcoming season 2-3 days before filming begins. And they released them late last night basically right after the show was done airing in the Eastern and Central time zones. 28 men were posted to the Bachelorette Facebook page as potential contestants for Jenn’s season. As of me writing this, working with Suzana at @BachelorData, we’ve found 19 of them and have posted them to my Twitter account, and she’s posted them in her captions. One thing to note: Of the 19 guys we’ve found so far, only one of them has over 7,500 followers. Some quick notes on some of the guys:

Aaron Erb – he’s Noah’s (from Noah and Abigail) brother

Austin Ott – played baseball at Cal State San Marcos

Kevin McDevitt – says he’s from Denver, CO but currently lives in Southern California. Moved somewhat recently.

Moze Smith – his name is Caleb Smith, but I guess he goes by Moze because it’s on his IG page and his nickname in Arena Football is “Moze Dangerous.” Moze it is.

Sam Nejad – is an influencer with 175,000 followers already

Spencer Conley – was told he was engaged a few years ago and the fiancé broke it off. So assume that’ll be part of his story if he lasts for any decent amount of time.

As I get more info on the guys, I’ll fill you in. But yes, already starting to hear negative stories about some of these guys. But that’s nothing new. I hear negative stories about contestants every year. Unless it’s criminal activity or some serious problematic behavior, or the person calling them out wants to provide receipts and/or attach their name to it, you won’t be hearing these stories from me. I’ll leave that to the other sites that want to draw attention to themselves without realizing their hypocrisy.

Thoughts on last night on Page 2…

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