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    The “Bachelor” Peter Finale Recap – The Timeline of What Went Down, Theories Throughout the Season, The BS We Saw Last Night, What I’m Hearing Now, Peter’s Brother Going Off on Madison, & Clare’s Guys

    Photo Credit: ABC

    There is so much stuff to get to today, so many things that happened last night, things that I’m hearing now about what went down, I feel like I’m gonna forget stuff. I wrote as much down as I could, but whatever I don’t get to today, I will address in tomorrow’s podcast. I honestly couldn’t believe what we witnessed last night. Been covering this show for 17 years and 37 of their 39 seasons, and honestly, that was the most crazy, insane ending ever. Not the spoiler aspect of it, because you knew that, but how everything played out live, Peter’s parents being absolute buzzkills, and just the total craziness that ensued last night during the live aspect of it. I mean, it would take me 10 pages to literally go over everything we saw last night, but I just don’t feel like doing that. In case you missed it, ABC released 32 of Clare’s guys this morning on the “Bachelorette” Facebook page. I had 19 of … Continue reading

  • Clares Guys

    (EXCLUSIVE) Clare’s Guys

    Photo Credit: GMA

    Woke up this morning, and whaddya’ know, ABC has released 32 who might be on Clare’s season. This is the 4th season in a row they’ve released the men early. Filming begins Friday, and in years past, in the 2 days the contestants were released before filming started, 2-3 end up getting cut and not making the list. So just assume that’ll happen again. Every guy I had on my list of 20 except for one ended up being part of this 32, so that made my job a little bit easier today. However, here’s what I’ll do. I’m giving the 19 whose bios I already had made up right now, gonna work on today’s column, and that’ll be up in a few hours. I’m sure by then, I’ll have more last names of the 13 guys I don’t have, and I’ll post those as well. The link in the first sentence takes you directly to all 32 guys and their head shots. 32 … Continue reading

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