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The Bachelorette 17 – Katie

  • Bachelorette Katie Spoilers

    “Reader Emails” & (EXCLUSIVE) What Happens with Greg?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Crisis averted. For those that read my intro yesterday, you know that right after I woke up, I shut off my phone so I could restart it, and it basically got locked on the Apple logo. Couldn’t figure it out, so headed to the Apple store which is about 20 min from me. Since I didn’t make an appointment, I was a walk up. Got there at 10am and they told me walk up wait was between 2 and 2 ½ hrs. So I put my name in, grabbed a quick bite, drove home, stayed here about 30 minutes, then drove back. Guy helped me, hooked me up to his laptop, uploaded the software onto my phone, and nothing was lost. I had the latest … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 17 - Katie

    The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 6 Recap, Justin Apologizes, & (EXCLUSIVE) Info on Michelle’s Season

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    A very weird and frustrating morning. Woke up, checked my phone, Twitter app wasn’t opening, so I shut off my phone to restart like I’ve done numerous times. However on the restart, all it does is get to the picture of the Apple and stay there. Been like that for 3 hours now. The apple will continuously disappear and re-appear without me doing anything, but that’s as far as I can get. So, right after posting this, gotta head to the Apple Store. I can’t remember the last time I backed up my phone. Maybe 6-9 months ago? I hope I don’t lose a bunch of shit or my phone is fried. That’ll really suck. Never had this happen to me before. And yes, I’ve … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 7

    The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 5 Recap, BIP Couples, & Katie Is Upset On TikTok

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    You know what I love? Entertainment sites on a slow holiday weekend just posting stories that are clearly click bait. Chris Harrison rumored to be a contestant on DWTS? Julianne Hough might be the next “Bachelorette?” Where do they come up with this stuff. I know the production team behind DWTS is not the same production team that does the Bachelor franchise, but c’mon, it’s the same network. I highly doubt Chris will be cha cha cha’ing his way into our homes come the fall season. It doesn’t make sense on any level, since a lot of DWTS is based on video packages and talking about why you’re there. All anyone wants to know from Chris is what happened, and he can’t talk about that … Continue reading

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