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The Bachelorette 17 - Katie

The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 6 Recap, Justin Apologizes, & (EXCLUSIVE) Info on Michelle’s Season

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A very weird and frustrating morning. Woke up, checked my phone, Twitter app wasn’t opening, so I shut off my phone to restart like I’ve done numerous times. However on the restart, all it does is get to the picture of the Apple and stay there. Been like that for 3 hours now. The apple will continuously disappear and re-appear without me doing anything, but that’s as far as I can get. So, right after posting this, gotta head to the Apple Store. I can’t remember the last time I backed up my phone. Maybe 6-9 months ago? I hope I don’t lose a bunch of shit or my phone is fried. That’ll really suck. Never had this happen to me before. And yes, I’ve tried the factory reset numerous times. Nothing. Just gets to the part with the apple on the screen and that’s all I see. Booooooooooooo. I guess that’s what I get for not backing up my phone more often than I do, if I so happen to lose everything since the last backup. Dammit. Well, thoughts and prayers with me today in hopes that someone at the genius bar can figure out why my phone won’t turn on today. I’m really dreading the worst here. It’s amazing how reliant we are on our phones. I’ve felt naked all morning looking at a screen with just an apple on it. Send prayers.

Get your “Reader Emails” in today for tomorrow’s column. I believe I only have around 8-10 so far and I know you’ll probably have some more questions after today’s column in regards to filming, schedules, locations, etc.

We are a little under seven weeks away from the 6th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party, Friday, August 27th, at the Rio Hotel & Suites in Las Vegas. There are still spots available for those interested. No charge to get into the party. All I ask is that you show me proof of vaccination in email and you’ll get on the list. It’s open to anyone who wants to come. If you’ve never been, it’s just a night for fans/readers/listeners to get together as a thank you from me for your support throughout the years. There is an open bar all night and appetizers will be provided. It’s in a great place at the top of the Rio where we have the whole floor to ourselves basically. While there is no charge to get in, anyone attending, even if you’re not attending, please help donate to the Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support in Dallas that I’m working in conjunction with for this years party. Any donation would help and all will go to the women’s shelter. Thanks.

Justin went on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast yesterday and apologized for tweets he had from back when he was a teenager that you can read in this story:

Again, this doesn’t mean the guy is cancelled. He wrote offensive and racist tweets as a teenager. Stupid. Never should’ve done it. But all he can do now is own it, apologize, and not do it going forward. Which it looks like what he’s done. I still don’t understand how these contestants, especially after what’s happened in recent seasons, don’t scrub their social media before going on the show. Not to mention how the show has done such a piss poor job of searching that themselves. It’s not that hard. You don’t have to spend hours scrolling back through years of tweets. All you have to do is an advanced search of their account and type in any words you want to see if they’ve ever used it. Yet season in and season out, inevitably, a contestant (or multiple ones) will have some problematic tweets from the past. Never ceases to amaze me.

Not a ton new to report on “Bachelor in Paradise” right now. Last week we had the photo of Grocery Joe and Serena Pitt hanging out at a rooftop pool on 4th of July weekend. This past weekend, Mari was in Chicago as she posted on her IG story from The Bean. Well, Mari doesn’t live in Chicago. But Kenny does. I think it’s safe to assume she was with him this weekend. So that’s 2 of the 3 final couples that have spoiled who they’re with. We’re waiting on you Riley & Maurissa! And even though Brendan and Pieper didn’t make it to the end, they left as a couple and have been seen out in Boston numerous times by people. Every pic I get is too blurry, but yeah, they’re not hiding anything either. Does the show care? Not really. They just do not care as much about BIP couples being seen in public as they do their final couple in Bachelor/ette. And that final couple would never be caught in public. They could only spoil it social media wise like Kaitlyn & Shawn, Arie & Becca, and a few others did.

So lets get to what’s happening right now with scheduling, locations, and what I’ve heard about Michelle’s season as of right now:

-The “Men Tell All” for Katie’s season films on Thursday and I’m told there will be an audience. Guys arrived Sunday and yesterday to quarantine. Kaitlyn and Katie are currently quarantining at the Hotel Amarano in Burbank based on their social media posts yesterday. They clearly don’t care about showing people where they are. Tayshia hasn’t posted, but, I would think she’d be there at some point.

-As I tweeted over the weekend, Kaitlyn and Tayshia will be brought back as co-hosts for Michelle’s season of the “Bachelorette.” My guess is this will be the show’s last season of co-hosts, and by the time “Bachelor” films, they will have settled on a permanent host moving forward. Nothing set in stone just yet, but I hear that’s the plan.

-Michelle’s season starts filming the end of this month in Palm Springs. I don’t believe it’s La Quinta again since they don’t have any dates blocked off for filming. But, I don’t think they’re going to be in Palm Springs long.

-After Palm Springs, Michelle will film some of her season in Minnesota. They are staying at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis. If you go on their site, they are currently booked out from August 5th-29th and I’ve been told it’s for “Bachelorette.” So maybe this season we will see more public dates since they are staying in a major city. Kinda like anytime this show goes to a US city, we usually always see dates happen. However, I don’t think that’s the last place they’ll be. I do think overnights and final rose ceremony will be in a different location based on the fact I’m hearing filming ends almost two weeks into September.

-I’ve also been told they plan on bringing back regular hometown dates this season, so they will be traveling to the guys hometowns. Which always helps since they usually do those out in public.

-I have a few guys right now for Michelle’s season, but filming doesn’t begin for another 2 weeks from what I’m told. End of July, which is about 7-10 days later than when Clare started filming her season. Hence the reason Michelle’s filming is ending a little later into September, where Tayshia’s ended I believe August 31st or Sept. 1st last year. So if they’re only booked in MN until the 29th, but filming doesn’t end for another 10 or so days after that, my guess is they’re headed somewhere after Minnesota. I’ll let you know when I find out.

-With filming beginning in a couple weeks, we can expect the list of potential guys on Michelle’s season to be released probably mid-next week. We’ve seen them release that list 3-5 days before filming begins in recent seasons, and we’re looking at end of next week for her filming to begin. I don’t have an exact start date, just heard “in a couple weeks.” Guys haven’t left yet for Palm Springs and neither has Michelle.

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