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The Bachelorette 17 - Katie

The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 6 Recap, Justin Apologizes, & (EXCLUSIVE) Info on Michelle’s Season

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-10 guys on the group date for what the show is referring to as a roast. Could’ve fooled me. These guys were supposed to throw shade at the other guys. You know, like a roast. And, well, they didn’t. At. All. What was the point of this? Outside of the guys saying Hunter is calculating, this was yet another overhyped/underperforming date. It made zero sense. I understand the guys don’t want to offend anybody, but I’m sorry, this is a roast. If you can get in a couple one liners to possibly knock a guy down a few pegs, or he can’t take it, then probably a guy Katie doesn’t want to be with. They’re all in good fun. We’ve seen dates like this before. Hell, again last season there was a group date roast with Clare’s guys. Remember when they were all making comments about Dale?

-Hell, the draq queens, Monet X Change and Shea Coulee were funnier than any of the guys. I don’t have a clue who either of them are, but, I gotta believe they were clearly disappointed in what they saw. How couldn’t they be? It was embarrassing. Greg’s reading poems, James is up there complimenting Katie on being the queen that she is, etc. Great. That’s not the point of the date, guys. So the draq queens opened it up to the rest of the group and asked, “Who do you think is the least compatible with Katie?” Brendan said Hunter. A couple other guys chimed in as well with that answer. Said he’s the biggest try hard, he’s a superfan, he comments in blogs and forums, etc. So this became his storyline for the rest of the night as some of the guys used their time with Katie to tell her that Hunter wasn’t there for her. Same ol’ song and dance. Same shit, different season.

-At the cocktail party, Andrew is the first one to get time with Katie and he tells her he’s held out. By this time, they are two days since her announcement of the WOWO Challenge, so congrats Andrew. Medal for you. Am I missing something? Are these guys like 13 year old boys that just discovered what their junk could do? Why are they acting like it’s so hard to go a day or two without doing it? You’re grown ass men. Calm down. It’ll be ok. It’s not going anywhere. You have the rest of your life to do that whenever you want. It’s like they’re saying they’ve been able to do a full week without food or water. You can’t beat your meat for a week. Yes, I tried to rhyme. I was almost there. But you get the point. This isn’t some noble stance they took that should be applauded by all of America. They barely did anything.

-Greg was up next and she told him she loved his poem. He says it was tough for him because he doesn’t talk about his connection with her to any of the guys in the house. “It’s so f***in hard for me.” Oh I bet it is. This process is probably not easy for you either. He tells her he’s falling for her, it’s scary, and that sometimes he can’t read her. Wait, he can’t read her? I think Katie’s made it pretty obvious up to this point how much she’s into Greg. If Blake doesn’t show up, it’s like Greg and then everyone else – miles behind him. So I don’t know if he’s just fishing for compliments here or what, but to insinuate he doesn’t know how she feels about him seems a bit off. For 3 episodes it was the Greg show. You can’t feature him EVERY episode, but it’s clear to the audience watching how much she’s into him. The show screws with people’s heads and Greg seems to be one of those that because they got the first date of the season, have a hard time watching her go on all the dates with others. We see that constantly on this show, that’s nothing new. But if he doesn’t know or can’t see she’s into him, then he’s a moron. She tells him, “I’m falling for you. It’s exciting and scary. That’s the truth.” Is that enough for you Greg or you still need more? She’s said that to exactly zero other guys up to this point.

-Blake’s turn and he tells her he’s struggling with it. You know, IT. That whole I’m-not-allowed-to-battle-the-purple-headed-yogurt-cannon thing. Yeah, go figure. Blake is struggling. The guy that we learned last year during Clare/Tayshia’s season couldn’t go five seconds without talking about sex or saying the word “f**k.” Not surprising he’s having trouble holding off shaking hands with Dr. Winky. I mean, maybe he just should’ve lied. Maybe Blake should’ve lost the bet and just gone windsurfing on Mt. Baldy and never told her. Would’ve made him seem noble and she never would’ve known. She’s not checking shower floors for evidence. He tells her he’ll hold out “for us.” What he didn’t follow that up with was “until the fantasy suites. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.”

-Then James, Tre, and Aaron all follow up next but spend the time shown to us talking about Hunter. James says he would hate seeing her end up with the wrong person, he doesn’t want to compare him to Thomas, but he thinks Hunter is calculated. Tre tells her he lied to advance his relationship. He told the draq queens one thing but then said something completely different on stage. Aaron thinks the things he says don’t match up. So Hunter talks, said he didn’t expect this and that it’s not at all how the guys are making it out to be. I wonder why she didn’t specifically ask him about his final 4 comment? Maybe she did, but it wasn’t shown, but that was a major thing the guys had an issue with. So just ask him, “Did you ever tell anyone who you though the final 4 would be?” Simple. But we never got it. Oh well. Katie leaves Hunter and goes to bathroom to throw up. Seriously. Was it really that bad? She got sick over that? Yeah, I’m confused. No one got a rose on the group date and everyone’s now sad because Katie’s upset, no rose given out, and none of them can strangle their cyclops for another couple days. Brutal.



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