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The Bachelorette 17 - Katie

The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 6 Recap, Justin Apologizes, & (EXCLUSIVE) Info on Michelle’s Season

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-Connor’s 1-on-1 is next and, well, it’s more of a 2-on-2 as they were joined by Kaitlyn and Jason. Put it this way, if Katie was 100% in on Connor and they didn’t already know she was sending him home this date, there is zero chance they would’ve made this a double date. By making it a double date, there’s less pressure, it’s less intense, and has more a playful/friendship vibe to it. Yes, they got to go off to the side and have a chat, and that’s where Connor allegedly sealed his fate. They kiss and, well, nothing. Katie didn’t feel it anywhere in her body and that was a sign to her I guess that it wasn’t Connor. But lets be honest, she knew before that. It’s why Connor was on this date. That’s how the show works. Production knows who Katie is into and who she isn’t. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard for her. But she did not make that decision after they kissed. That date was given to Connor for the sole purpose of sending him home. Period.

-The way the edit played out made it brutal. Connor is dressed up, getting ready for his date in his nice suit that he still refuses to button the shirt on, all while Katie is sitting in her room in jeans and hoodie dreading the inevitable. She goes to his room crying, they sit down, and she tells him, “Look, on the bright side, you’ll now be able to go punch your clown as often as you’d like. On the other side, our kiss earlier today did nothing for my lady parts, so with that, buh bye.” Ok, maybe she didn’t put it like that, but you catch my drift. Connor has to do the walk of shame back to the guys, and Hunter’s now got one less guy in his top 4. I bet he’s pissed. Was he in a pool? Was there money bet on this? He only gave 3 of his top 4 and Connor was in it. And in less than 24 hours, there will be only 1. The guys are all sad Connor’s leaving and Hunter has to go back to his drawing board figuring out who will replace him. Side note: Hunter visited Connor this weekend in Nashville as it was all over their social media. So clearly Hunter isn’t holding any grudges against him for making him look silly on his final 4th Connor prediction when the dude finished 12th.

-Katie goes back to her room to cry, all while Blake copyright infringes on “Say Anything,” stands outside her window with a mini speaker a la John Cusack, then goes upstairs to make out with her. Although the difference here being Blake was playing some country song and not “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Because that would’ve been TOO blatant of a rip off. However, we get it. You don’t think any other guys would’ve wanted to go visit Katie that night? Only Blake did? Please. Blake got to do that because production allowed him to. Just like they allowed him to go crash a group date he wasn’t on during Clare’s season. So clearly, production likes Blake and basically uses him as a pawn in their narrative. It’s why the show loses all credibility when they try and claim that things just happen organically during filming. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Nothing happens organically. Scenes are set up to get the maximum amount of dramatic effect out of them. This was just another example of it.

-Cocktail party time and frankly, Katie is having none of it. “Time isn’t gonna make a difference.” She’s already made up her mind, she doesn’t need to talk to anyone, and lets just do the damn thing why don’t we? Justin is the only one safe with a rose. Katie: “Thank you for being patient…follow my heart…hope you guys understand…this might’ve been the shortest rose ceremony speech in history. I’m just over it and wanna just end this as soon as possible.”

She says Hunter’s name first, but only to pull him aside to talk to him. He apologizes, nothing gets resolved, we go back out there and she continues to hand out roses.

Blake: I feel like instead of asking him, “Will you accept this rose,” she should’ve just said, “You may now go box the one eyed champ again.” Surprised Blake didn’t do it right then and there.
Andrew: Their dates really revolve around those lights don’t they. We get it for a third time next week.
Greg: 3…2…1
Michael A: There seems to be a slow build for him as next “Bachelor.” The rumblings have started.
Mike P.: There seems to be no build for him as next “Bachelor.”

Kaitlyn: “Gentleman, this is the final rose tonight. Katie, when you’re ready.” Oh wow. Just totally going off book here. Instead of the “Gentleman, Katie, this is the final rose tonight, when you’re ready,” she got suuuuuuper tricky and only did gentleman at the beginning, then didn’t use Katie’s name til the next sentence. My mind is blown. They are really getting crazy on this show.

Brendan: In case you didn’t know, there’s a Brendan on this season.

Sooooo next week, we get down to hometowns. It’s starting to heat up. We know no one will really give a shit that Mike P. gets eliminated. Or Brendan for that matter. But there’s going to be a huge deal made of Michael A’s departure. We’ll see him talking to his kid (shown in the promos last week), and because of his story, I’m sure the “Michael A for Bachelor” will ramp up even more after his exit. Get your tissues ready. They’re gonna lay it on thick.

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