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  • The Bachelor 28 - Joey

    The “Bachelor” Joey – Episode 3 Recap, Location Secured For Fan Appreciation Party, & @BachelorData with Your Latest IG Updates


    So you heard me mention a month ago I was hearing BIP was being postponed/cancelled for this calendar year. Then yesterday I mentioned how Chris Harrison in his podcast also said he’d heard BIP was being pushed back to next year. Then yet ANOTHER podcaster, Juliet Litman from Bachelor Party (who hates me now by the way and I have no idea why) said on her podcast that she’s hearing as well BIP isn’t coming back this year. Are all these people just taking my info and running with it? Well, if they are, they aren’t crediting me. So I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re hearing it from other places like I did. With Juliet, we know she has a … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #376 – Interview with Maurissa Gunn from “Bachelor in Paradise”


    Another first timer this week as I have on Maurissa Gunn from Pilot Pete’s season of the “Bachelor” along with “Bachelor in Paradise” season 7, where she ended up engaged to Riley Christian at the end. Plenty to talk about with Maurissa as she’s a former pageant girl, having won Miss Teen Montana 2013. That experience she says really helped prepare her for life in the public eye as she made her way into the Bachelor world, hearing all the trolls online with what they had to say about basically everything she did. She dives into her engagement to Riley a bit and while you can tell she was careful about completely throwing him under the bus, what she did say is still pretty revealing … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 28 - Joey

    “Reader Emails,” What Are the Odds?, Joey Rumors, & @BachelorData Ep 2 Screen Time

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Fun times the last 24 hours. Everyone’s got an opinion on my niece Olivia being BFF’s with Daisy’s sister Adeline, sickness starting to subside, another plate of rumors surrounding Joey’s ending. It’s like it’s non-stop. But I’ll say this here on Jan. 31st. I don’t know who the next Bachelorette is gonna be, but mark my word, after I give the spoiler to whoever she picks on her season, someone will put together a 4 month report stalking every guys IG account, pictures of their feet, full surveillance video of every time they’ve sneezed from the time they arrived home til the time of the ATFR trying to prove whatever spoiler I gave out is wrong. Knock yourselves out. What was released yesterday on Reddit … Continue reading

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