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12. Jade Gilliland: 26 (27 in Nov) Mesa, AZ. Flight attendant for Allegiant Airlines. Was married up until last year. Married name is McCrary, but she’s gone back to Gilliland since the divorce. Not good when your ex-in laws find out you’re going on the show and decide to share your dirt online:

Facebook – Jade Gilliland (deactivated on 9/16)
Instagram – jade.gilliland (set to private on 9/16)

Soooooo yeah, not looking good for Jade. I wouldn’t be surprised that now this is out, if ABC just cuts their losses and she doesn’t end up making the cut.


13. Megan Hops: 26, San Bruno, CA. Flight attendant for United Airlines. Mother is a flight attendant as well.

Facebook – Megan Hops
Instagram – flywithmegan_ (set to private on 9/16)


14. Katrina Badowski: 28, Chicago, IL. Sales Rep for Benco Dental. Former Chicago Bulls and KC Chiefs cheerleader. Is friends with JJ Lane’s fiancé. I don’t wanna say I’m rooting for Chris Bukowski and Katie to break up, but with Katrina’s last name, and her being in Chicago, I mean, I’m just saying I think Chris and Katrina should get together and go bowling.

Facebook – Katrina Badowski
Twitter – @kbadowski (set to private on 9/16)
Instagram – kbadowski (set to private on 9/16)
LinkedIn – Katrina Badowski


15. Kelsey Weier: Des Moines, IA. Former Miss Iowa 2017. Currently a professional clothier at Tom James Company.

Facebook – Kelsey Weier
Instagram – kelsey_weier
Pageant info – Kelsey Weier
LinkedIn – Kelsey Weier


16. Maurissa Gunn: 24, Atlanta, GA. Former Miss Montana Teen USA 2013.

Instagram – maurissagunn (deactivated as of 9/17)


17. Jenna Serrano: New Lenox, IL.

Facebook – Jenna Serrano
Instagram – jennafromtheblockk_ (set to private as of 9/17)


18. Deandra Kanu: Plano, TX.

Instagram – deandrakanu (deactivated as of 9/17)
YouTube Channel –
LinkedIn – Deandra Kanu


19. Kylie Ramos: Houston, TX.

Facebook – Kylie Ramos
Instagram – kylieramos (set to private as of 9/17)
Modeling Page: Kylie Ramos
LinkedIn – Kylie Ramos


20. Sydney Hightower: 24, Birmingham, AL. Actually went to the same high school as Hannah Brown at the same time as her (Tuscaloosa County High School).

Instagram – sydneynicolehigh (set to private as of 9/17)


21. Jasmine Nguyen: 29, Houston, TX.

Facebook – Jasmine Nguyen
Instagram – __jasminenguyen


22. Eunice Cho: 24, Chicago, IL. Flight attendant for United. Graduated San Jose St. University with a B.S. in Hospitality Administration/Management in 2017.

Instagram – euniceashley (deactivated as of 9/17)
LinkedIn – Eunice Cho

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