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Peter’s Women

23. Tammy Ly: Syracuse, NY.

Instagram – tammykayly (set to private as of 9/17)
LinkedIn – Tammy Ly
YouTube Page: Tammy Kay Ly


24. Courtney Perry: 26 (27 during filming) Venice, FL. She’s a hairstylist at BT on the BLVD in Sarasota, FL. She also used to work at Winghouse in Gainesville, FL and competed in their “pageants.”

Facebook – Courtney Perry
Instagram – _courtneyperry_ (deactivated as of 9/17)


25. Savannah Mullins: Houston, TX. Realtor in the Houston area and also is one of the Shooting Stars for the Houston Astros.

Instagram – savannahmullins (deactivated as of 9/17)
LinkedIn – Savannah Mullins
Realtor Website: Savannah Mullins Real Estate


26. Mykenna Dorn: Langley, BC, Canada. Runs her own blog listed below and even predicted in a past column that she’d be on the show one day.

Instagram – mykennajean (set to private as of 9/17)
LinkedIn – Mykenna Dorn
Website – Mykenna Jean


27. Lauren Maxey: Miami, FL.

Instagram – lauren_ashley_m (deactivated as of 9/17)


28. Alexa Caves: Chicago, IL. Currently works as an esthetician. Used to be a nurse.

Instagram – lexaraebeauty
Website – LexaRae Beauty


29. Lauren Jones: Los Angeles, CA. Former Lakers girl.

Instagram – lovelyluxe (deactivated as of 9/17)


30. Shiann Lewis: Las Vegas, NV. Actress/model.

Instagram – shiannjanay (deactivated as of 9/17)
Acting Profile – Shiann Lewis


31. Hayley Heckmann: Los Angeles, CA.

Facebook – Hayley Heckmann
Instagram – hayleyheckmann


32. Natasha Parker: New York, NY. Works in production for HBO/Cinemax.

Instagram – natashajp (set to private as of 9/17)
LinkedIn – Natasha J. Parker
Natasha Works – Natasha Parker


33. Alexis Thind: Whistler, BC, Canada. Just got her pilot license as her dad recently passed away, who was also a pilot.

Instagram – pilot.alexis (set to private as of 9/17)


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