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What’s Coming with Josh & Amanda, & The Crazy Story of Luke Pell and All His Women

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I can think of two days since I’ve started doing this full-time that were crazier than yesterday for me. The day I received the Nick plane video and the day after Desiree’s finale. Besides those two, yesterday takes the cake. It was non-stop all day long. Seeing tweets, following up on tweets, getting emails, getting pictures, following up with phone calls, hearing sides to every story – it was nuts. I didn’t go to bed til 2:30am, started writing today’s column at 8:30am and just finished. I wanted to make sure I had everything for you. The Luke stuff took forever. Josh and Amanda are completely separate and I didn’t want to combine them. So here’s what I’m going to do: At the beginning of tomorrow’s podcast (with guest AshLee Frazier) I’m going to tell you everything I know about the Josh and Amanda situation. I’ve spoken with BOTH sides, they both know I’m going to be addressing it in the podcast tomorrow because, believe it or not, I have somehow become the mediator in all this. I was just a bystander on Saturday when the IG war started on that random account like all of you were when I was contacted by one of the parties involved, and it grew from there. This is very contentious, there is some serious accusations being thrown around, and I’ve seen pretty much everything I’ve needed to see. It’s not pretty. In fact, some of it is disgusting. My head hurts from all the stuff I’m being told from both sides. Lies, deceit, misleads, name calling, etc. You name it, the Josh/Amanda story has it and I’ve seen it. I don’t want to write this all out, especially after all this coming today, because frankly I’m sick of it. It’s too much. I will address all of this at the top of tomorrow’s podcast and fill you in on what my role in this is, where everything stands, and what should (and hopefully will happen) moving forward. As for Rachel’s season, I will briefly address things going on in tomorrow’s post.

Whew. Deep breath. Ok, lets get started. There is so much to this story which is why I’m pretty much dedicating all of today’s column to it. It needs it’s own “Serial” like podcast, because every day I hear more and more. It’s crazy. I am going to do the best I can to lay it out for you and give you all the insight I’ve gathered on this in the last 48 hrs, whether through social media or dealing directly with the parties involved myself. The whole thing is just so weird, and frankly, paints Luke Pell in a completely different picture than most of America sees him as. I’ve always said that I hear every season about contestants ex’s when they come forward to me, “Oh, I dated so-and-so.” Every season. Hell, we’ve already got some who’ve come to me this season about Rachel’s guys. But most of the time I don’t share, because that contestant doesn’t last long and it’s kind of irrelevant (like Brian Elarbee this season who lasts two episodes). But when it’s numerous women, all sharing almost the same exact stories, and their stories start to overlap and you realize that the guy was playing women at the same time, that’s when I feel a line is crossed and I can share. It’s why I did it last year with a certain you-know-who during JoJo’s season, and why I’m sharing what I am about to today. It’s just gotten to be too much. So here it goes:

It all started last a few Monday’s ago March 21st, when a girl named Airelle Snyder (IG: airellesnyder, Twitter: @airellesnyder, Website:, shared this story on her YouTube Channel about how she was set to be on the last “Bachelor” season (she starts telling her story at the 7:56 mark of the video):

You don’t need a PhD to know that the guy she is talking about in that video is Luke Pell. A quick summary of that video: Luke contacted Airelle last summer in asking her if she was interested in being on the “Bachelor” season thinking he was gonna be the “Bachelor,” they struck up a relationship, saw each on numerous occasions (more on that in a bit), she was flown out to LA for final casting weekend, and was all set to be on Luke’s season of the “Bachelor”…until she wasn’t. During their relationship, Luke essentially tells her to come on his season, their relationship they’re having off camera will play out on screen, and he’s picking her in the end. She went along with it. Was all set to go on his season. Luke is not chosen for the “Bachelor” as we know, the rug was pulled out from under him the night before he’s supposed to leave, Airelle sees this play out on TV when we all did when Nick was named the “Bachelor” on “After Paradise” Aug. 30th of last year, Airelle is stunned, and Luke ghosts her from that point forward, outside of a Nashville event they ended up at together weeks later, and that was the last of Luke and Airelle. There’s been nothing between them since.

Enter Lauren Hussey (Twitter: @laurenreneehuss, IG: lauren.renne.hussey). She sees Airelle’s video, realizes who she’s talking about, contacted her sometime in the last couple weeks, they are both in Nashville, they connect, share stories, and they release a video yesterday talking about getting played by Luke (Side note: Holy sh** Luke has a type, no? These two look like they could be sisters). Lauren was the contestant on Nick’s season that was eliminated the first night. Remember the girl who in her limo entrance who said her and Nick both have memorable last names, Viall and Hussey? That girl. Well, she explains what happened between her and Luke in a the video they posted yesterday, which you can watch here:

Quick recap if you don’t watch (which you should): Very shortly after getting eliminated from Nick’s season, which would’ve been around the end of September about three weeks or so after Luke kills all communication with Airelle, Lauren reaches out to Luke, tells him she went on Nick’s season but wanted it to be him, has a “gift” for him she figured she might as well give to him, they start up a relationship that continues from that moment in September all throughout the new year and into mid-February. They watched Nick’s premiere, together, alone, in Colorado for New Year’s weekend.

Now lets get to the credibility of each girl, because I KNOW the Luke crazies are already up in arms calling them opportunists, bitter, telling them to get over it, Luke was never dating them, blah blah blah. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. With that said, lets start with Airelle. After Airelle and Lauren released their video yesterday, Luke then sent this tweet out, which he then conveniently deleted but moron doesn’t realize there’s such things as screen shots. Nothing gets under my skin more than people who post tweets throwing shade, but then delete them. I call this the Josh Murray Special. Well, this is what Luke tweeted towards Airelle yesterday in response to the video the two girls posted:


Here’s my response to Luke’s tweet: Stop the f***ing lies. You did not just meet Airelle twice 8 months ago. Stop it. I’ve seen the texts you sent her. I’ve seen all the proof I need to know that you your tweet was absolutely, 100% trying to downplay your relationship with Airelle to make her seem non-existent or some crazy fan girl. Oh, she was far from non-existent in your life buddy. You know it, Airelle knows it, Lauren knows it, and now I know it. You saw each other more than twice. Don’t go down that road, Luke. You will lose that battle. For Christ sakes, if producers didn’t can you from being the “Bachelor” at the last minute, you were all set to go on the show, take Airelle to the end, and get engaged to her…among other people (more on that in a minute). That came out of YOUR MOUTH. And she was willing to go along with it because of what you had convinced her of. Yet, we’re supposed to believe this is just some random girl you “met twice 8 months ago?” Probably why you deleted the tweet because you realized what a lie your fingers typed out. He’s delusional enough to believe his own lies I guess. I haven’t begun to understand this guy and the sh** he’s been pulling. (Side note: Yes, Airelle is now currently dating Luke Rodgers, the brother of Jordan and Aaron. All this stuff with Luke Pell happened before Luke Rodgers ever entered the picture. One has nothing to do with the other. Just wanted to make that clear).

On to Lauren Hussey’s credibility. After the girls posted the video yesterday, Luke also took to Twitter to post this (I embedded the tweet but also took a screen shot just in case he deletes the tweet at some point, that’s why you’re seeing it twice):


So obviously that’s Luke’s way of saying that he sees what these girls are claiming, but they’re just nobodies trying to troll him and get attention for themselves and they had no connection to him. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. As Lauren stated in her video, she started up with Luke shortly after she was eliminated night one on Nick’s season and continued all the way through mid February, as they even spent the weekend together in Colorado for Nick’s premiere. Here’s a photo timeline for you. You know, since Luke never wanted their relationship to “get out” publicly, because that’d kill his pristine image and all (not to mention kinda kill any momentum he was having with other girls, all while he was in a relationship with Lauren). Amazing that none of these photos you are about to see ever showed up anywhere during those 5 months on Luke’s twitter or Instagram pages. Gee, wonder why?

Lets start in October, shall we? About a month after Luke and Lauren start talking. Luke doin’ Luke, bein’ all shady and stuff, posted this pic on his IG on October 28th. It’s still up there actually as of this posting. Go check.


Cool pic, man. Chillin’, hangin’ out in West Palm Beach, FL. Very nice. Did you set up the camera and put it on a timer to take that pic? Lets get back to that in a second.

Meanwhile, also in West Palm Beach, FL on Oct. 28th, in a spot veeerrrrrry similar to where Luke is standing, Lauren Hussey posted this picture.

Pretending to be a model ? ?

A post shared by Lauren Renee (@lauren.renee.hussey) on

Wait…could it…maybe…nah, it can’t be. Luke crazies: “It’s just a coincidence! They were both there separately! They were just friends!” Ummmmm, no. So each of them post separately that day (again, gee I wonder why), but now I’ve got this pic for you:


Oooooohhhhhh so close. Nice try. So yeah, here they are together a month after they start talking taking photos with/of each other in West Palm Beach, FL together. Do you take rather intimate 1-on-1 photos with someone who you consider a “troll” or “non-existent?” Me neither.

Luke crazies: “Fine Steve. So they took some photos together after they were talking for a month. Big deal.” Hey, I’m far from done, nutjobs. This was Luke and Lauren at an event they attended in Nashville, together, back on November 20th:


Again, yet another picture that was nowhere to be found on his IG or Twitter. Sure, if you scroll all the way back on replies to my Twitter, you can see people tweeting at me that Luke “and one of Nick’s girls” were at an event together. I thought nothing of it at the time. Maybe I should’ve paid more attention to it. And if you’re next question is, “Well, why wasn’t she posting any of these on her page?” The answer: She wasn’t “allowed” to. Keep quiet, he said. Don’t post anything, he said.

Luke crazies: “Ok, so that’s back-to-back months now they’ve been together taking pictures that they didn’t share publicly. Ummm….errr….still doesn’t prove anything!” Lets move on up to January. This is a goodie. Both of these pictures are still up on Luke’s IG, but I screen shot them for you juuuuuuust in case. Granted, he posted these on January 27th and February 4th respectively, but they were taken much earlier in January the weekend he was with Lauren watching Nick’s premiere:


Lauren has “snow” pictures up all throughout Jan and February from that shoot as well but, well, here’s all you really need to see. HE DID A FREAKIN’ PHOTO SHOOT WITH HER IN THE SNOW! (pic courtesy of: SeedHousePhotography)


Lets just knock it off, Luke crazies. The gig is up. For three consecutive months (and even into February), but you’ve now gotten pictures (rather intimate ones) of these two together that he never shared publicly. You can watch that video of Lauren yesterday and maybe doubt it because, well, I don’t know you have a brain injury or something. But here’s the evidence that these two were very close in October, November, and January. And it lasted even longer, but I think you get the point that there’s actual evidence backing up what Lauren states in the video.

You might think that’s it. Uhhhhh, nope. It’s still all just getting good. I mean, we have Airelle in July and August in a relationship with Luke thinking she’s going on his season, he will pick her in the end and get engaged, then you have this girl Lauren three weeks later that enters Luke’s life who he carries on with for months. But what do they have to do with each other? Two completely separate times. Yes, you’re right. But remember earlier when I told you that Luke essentially told Airelle to come on his season and he’d pick her in the end… “among other people.” Well come to find out that while he was courting Airelle, convincing her to come on and telling her he’d pick her, I can now confirm that Luke was doing/saying the SAME EXACT THING with Jubilee Sharpe. They had met, they were talking, they hooked up, and he told her to come on his season and that he would pick her in the end. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Jubilee Sharpe was all set to be on Luke’s season. And the second Nick was announced as the “Bachelor,” Luke not only ghosted Arielle, he ghosted Jubilee. I appreciate Jubilee’s tweet early this morning in reference to all this. Sorry this happened to you as well, Jubilee:


Now lets talk about that tweet yesterday above where Luke was recently in Vegas with “mystery girl” along with James Taylor, Jef Holm, and all the other guys desperately wanting to build their case for BIP. Who is she you might ask? Well dammit, another girl with a random connection to this show. You know how I told you a couple weeks ago that Rachel’s first date of the season was a group date at the Malibu Wine Safari? You’ll never guess in a million years who works there. Yep. “Mystery girl.” Her name is Holly Allen (IG: misshollyallen) and she’s one of the wine guides at the Malibu Wine Safari:


Wait…no it can’t be…is that…no…wait…maybe…could that be Luke that she blurred out in the right side of that picture? Of course it is. You know, because Luke showed all of us he was at the Malibu Wine Safari last week on March 27th kissing a giraffe:


Which means he went BACK to the wine safari two days later, and magically ended up on Holly Allen’s tour, and then is in Vegas this past weekend with his hand on her leg. UPDATE 4/10: The blurred picture Lauren shared does NOT have Luke in it. She re-posted it and it’s not him.

Is that all Steve? Well actually no, it isn’t. You dig further back on Holly Allen’s IG and lookie what she wrote THREE DAYS after Nick was announced as the “Bachelor”:


Holy f***ing shit. My head just exploded. We KNOW he absolutely 100% was talking to, seeing, carrying on a relationship, and told Airelle and Jubilee both to come on his season and he’d pick them in the end. Read that Holly IG post. I don’t have a doctorate, but to me that screams that Holly Allen was ALSO a girl he was talking to and told to go on the show. I’m speechless. Well, other than to say… UPDATE 4/10: On the E & G Podcast Luke did on 4/7, he admitted that what Holly wrote in that IG post was true. She did apply for the “Bachelor” and was turned down. Whether or not she was speaking to Luke before this announcement, we don’t know. Luke says he didn’t come in contact with her until recently. I still have my doubts.

Luke Pell might be the single dumbest contestant this show has ever had. Like, this plan was so poorly thought out and so asinine, it makes you wonder if the guy is all there. The guy was literally trying to produce his own season before he went on! Luke, what the f**k did you think was going to happen if you got the “Bachelor” gig? You got these girls on there that you all promised they’d win, and then when they didn’t, did you not think they’d realize what’d happen and start talking? Dude, you’re a moron. You’re not smarter than this show. Hey, maybe that is the reason Chris Harrison gave his “insincere” quote when he was talking about why they went with Nick over Luke. I don’t know. Maybe they were aware of what Luke was pulling behind the scenes, trying to “script” his own season. But the guy is not very smart. Funny how he’s done nothing but call the show out since he wasn’t picked, pissing and moaning on some radio station about how they left him homeless for a couple weeks, he wants nothing to do with them, yet Luke Pell will 100% be on “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer because he can’t help himself. All this stuff going on with Danielle Lombard now? Fake. She responded yesterday saying they’re not dating, and they’re not, but weird behavior from Luke to basically keep posting pics with her at events making people THINK they are. If Luke Pell and Danielle Lombard show up on BIP and pretend to have a relationship together, and even better, magically get “engaged” at the end, I can assure you it’s to keep his name out there. He’s desperate for Instagram followers. If you can’t help advance his “brand,” you are cut loose. Just ask Airelle, Lauren, and Jubilee. You’ve just read everything I presented you with today. We’re not exactly dealing with a MENSA member here. The guy is about as bright as a box of hammers.

Again, I want to reiterate that I do this because I feel it needs to be heard. Joe Blow who lasts one or two episodes whose ex writes me – no, I don’t need to report stuff like that. This? This I’d say is more important. You deserve the truth behind things and I presented it the best way I could. Go watch both Arielle and Lauren’s YouTube videos. This wasn’t a hook up gone wrong. Or maybe they missed signs and Luke was never into them. Bulls**. He’s a master manipulator in my opinion and needs to be called out. The guy purposely has misled and mistreated these women (along with Jubilee and probably soon-to-be Holly Allen), and I felt their story should get out there because it was very intertwining and obviously quite scandalous. My job is to report the stuff you don’t see in this franchise when I feel it’s necessary. Today was one of those days. Tomorrow at the beginning of my podcast you’ll hear a little more about the Amanda and Josh situation.

Thank you all for reading.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.



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