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Podcast #20 – Update on the Josh/Amanda Situation & More on Luke Pell and Yesterday’s Column

Podcast #20 originally was to have AshLee Frazier as a guest. After yesterday’s events, I asked AshLee if she wouldn’t mind being pushed back a week and she had no problem with it. AshLee is newly married and has pretty much distanced herself from everything, she didn’t even know who Luke was or what was going on yesterday. Good AshLee, probably better that you didn’t. I know a lot of you are expecting some pipe bomb today and all this dirt and juice on Josh and Amanda, but if you read the first paragraph of yesterday’s column, I never said that. So I’m sorry if you’re gonna be disappointed, but that wasn’t the intention of sharing what I do today on the podcast. It’s an update on where everything stands, how my role came to be, the sh** I’ve had to deal with, and what the plan is moving forward. Yes, I was pretty fired up when I recorded this podcast last night. You’ll most certainly be able to tell in my voice. The previous 72 hours kinda got to me. I’m very direct in what needs to happen in that situation and you’ll hear that today. I know we all have such an insatiable thirst for dirt and gossip, as the reaction to yesterday’s column proves. However, not this. You don’t want any part of this. This doesn’t need to be out there. I’ve told both parties. It’s ugly. It doesn’t make anyone look good. Hopefully this ends and ends soon.

As for the Luke stuff, lets just say I certainly don’t hold back on that either. I’ve been somewhat tame on the cursing in all previous podcasts. Lets just say the “E” for “Explicit” that I have on every podcast gets more use today. He’s a fraud, a liar, a manipulator, and he better hope he doesn’t try and discredit any of those women. I’ve got more. I don’t want to use it, but I will if I have to. The fact that Luke is already deleting his tweets from yesterday, maybe that’s a sign he’s backing away. For his sake, lets hope so. It’s a battle he will not and cannot win. In the court of public opinion, he is cooked right now. Don’t fight it. You will lose. But if you do, I highly suggest you tread carefully, Mr. Pell. There’s more where that came from.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about how my role in the Josh/Amanda feud came to be, what I’ve been told will be happening moving forward (7:30), why I will not be releasing any of the information/texts/dirt/gossip that I have (14:45), and how I was not going to present one side of the story in the podcast (17:50). The last 20 minutes or so (22:46) is a mini recap of yesterday’s column, my thoughts on Luke Pell, and my plea to him to back away from this before it gets worse for him.

Our very own Nell Kalter is back with herVanderpump Rules recap from reunion episode #1 of 457. Just know Nell was on time with her recap Tuesday morning, but I didn’t have a column up Tuesday. Was all set to be up yesterday until that sh**storm hit. So here it is today in all its glory. Enjoy.

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And finally an awesome moment yesterday at the Masters. If you listened to either of my podcasts with Michelle Money, you remember the talk about how she was going to caddy for her boyfriend Mike Weir during the annual Par 3 tournament held on Wednesday’s. Well, Mike got a hole-in-one and pretty much gave Michelle the credit for it as his good luck charm. Awesome to see her get to experience that.

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