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Bachelorette Becca Spoilers

(SPOILER): Episode 1 Spoilers, Becca’s Engaged, and This Week’s Podcast

-Connor steals Becca first after she gives her toast about the public breakup and heartbreak, so much love to give, looking for a teammate in life, etc. He’s excited, he compliments her a lot, and doesn’t really do anything special. One thing I did notice about the cocktail party that night – there were zero interruptions. Thank God. Those forced interruptions that cause fake tension are overdone.

-Clay takes her and says they’re going to play with Clay. Get it? Because his name is Clay. Each have to make a figure of the other person. Both are terrible. He tells her she was his favorite girl on Arie’s season and was really excited it was her. Again, dude is almost unreal with how nice he is. I have a feeling people will take to him.

-They show a lot of her talking to the other guys, but some are very quick. John says he is a software engineer and created the app for Venmo. Chris says his inspiration is his grandparents, married after 2 months, and now still married after 58 years.

-Christon takes her outside, has her hold a basketball over her head under a hoop, then uses it to dunk over her. Pretty impressive. But then again, he’s one of the top dunkers in the world. But yeah, he jumped over her as he grabbed the ball and dunked it, something we’ve seen a lot in NBA dunk contests – not so much at the mansion on a wet driveway on the “Bachelorette.”

-Jean Blanc has a poem for here. “Forever engraved is our fate today, I’ve longed for the day of meeting you, Becca K. So I’m hopeful that this journey ends with a wedding ring, but before all of that, lets do the damn thing.” Jesus. Jean Blanc has now spoken to her twice, and twice went to that card. Go away.

-Blake. Says he’s from Denver, but a mountain boy at heart. Before coming on, he was in a pretty serious relationship that ended abruptly, kinda like her. He says to her about his breakup, “If I was able to love the wrong person that much, how much will I be able to love the right person.” Becca says that’s exactly what she said to her friend. Becca’s ITM after her time with Blake, “Sitting down with Blake, I just feel like we’re on the same wavelength. Like we just get each other and we just know each other…Blake makes me feel very hopeful…he’s just making such an impression on me.”

-More short clips of her with guys: Lincoln gave her a bracelet from Nigeria, Nick used a back massager on her, David did the chicken dance with her in her suit and took the head off so she could see his face. She likes his energy. David: “Becca is a cool chick.” David, just f***ing stop it. Now.

-Garrett and Becca are in the backyard fishing into the pool. He got her a keepsake, which was a fly used for fly fishing. Becca says, “Garrett does remind me of home. I grew up fishing and hunting with my dad, and to know that Garrett does that, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you would fit in so well…’ My family would love him. I really like Garrett, and quite honestly, I really like all of these guys so far.”

-So the “drama” of the night surrounds Chris and Chase. Chris brings Christon and Blake outside and tells them that he knows one of Chase’s exes. Both from Orlando area and after Chase showed up on the ATFR, his ex texted Chris and told him Chase wasn’t there for the right reasons, all he does is hang with his boys, and he’s just trying to revamp his marketing company. Christon and Blake tell him it’s probably a good idea to tell Becca about it. Chris first confronts Chase about it, tells him he’s knows his ex, what she said after the ATFR, and Chase says that’s not even his ex. It’s a girl he dated for a month and maybe spent two weeks with.

-But Chase decides he wants to get out in front of it, so he gets Becca himself and wants to tell her the story. But the way he tells it, he definitely comes across as shady. So Chase goes and grabs Chris, brings him into the room, so he can tell Becca what Chase’s ex said about him. Basically nothing gets resolved, but Chase didn’t come off looking great because he had a hard time explaining himself. And the fact he got eliminated night one, well, confirmed that Becca didn’t buy his story.

-The other “drama” I guess would be with Jake, the guy from Minnesota she knows. She seeks him out so she can pull him aside and talk to him. She tells him they’ve hung out on numerous occasions and never once did Jake ever really show any interest in her, nor did she in him. Jake says “I have 1 conscious recollection of meeting you. At the Christmas party.” Becca says they’ve met numerous times before. Jake tries to explain himself, but Becca really isn’t having any of it. She just doesn’t see anything there with him, didn’t when they met before, he never showed any interest before, so she doesn’t want to waste his time, so she sends him home.

-Colton talks to Becca briefly. Mentions his non-profit organization and that he provides medical vests to families in need.

-First impression rose time and usually the lead picks up the rose, the guys are usually spread throughout the house and the lead goes searching for the guy she wants to give it to. For whatever reason, all the guys were in the main room, Becca picks up the rose and asks if she can speak to Garrett outside. She tells him he has been so wonderful, he makes her laugh, and feels so comfortable around him from the second he pulled up. She says in an voiceover she was smitten by him. They kiss, but it’s not a make out. He’s the only guy they show her kissing that first night.

-Even though the episode released to the media only shows everything up until the rose ceremony, your rose ceremony eliminations are: Kamil Nicalek, Chase Vergason, Joe Amabile, Darius Feaster, Grant Vandevanter, and Christian Estrada. Jake Enyeart was sent home during the episode.

So there are your spoilers. Garrett and Blake are your final two and they are the focal point of the first episode if you’re going to dissect who she’s most into. Blake fans will make a case that they showed what they showed because she picked him, and Garrett fans will say it’s obvious she picked him. And one of them will be wrong. Whatever the case, both of these guys come across as way too likable too. Both also seem kinda dorky, which is exactly what she wants as well. So outside of them, this episode was about how Jordan loves himself, loves modeling, loves fashion, and I swear must’ve had 15-20 ITM’s. No one else had more than a few. The guy narrated the whole episode, and I’m sure until episode 4 when he’s eliminated on the 2-on-1 with David, that we’re going to be getting A LOT of Jordan and his ITM’s. Be ready. He’s insufferable. Regardless of if he’s doing this as just a bit for TV and drawing attention to himself, he comes across as about as self-serving a guy as they’ve ever had before.

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