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Bachelorette Becca Spoilers

(SPOILER): Episode 1 Spoilers, Becca’s Engaged, and This Week’s Podcast

-You know about most of the gimmicky limo entrances already from what I’ve spoiled over the past few weeks. Not gonna go over all 28, but let me just point out the ones that made an impression. At least to me. A few times when guys were walking away, you see Becca turn and say something. I will include those in quotes.

Colton. First one out, got things poppin’ with a confetti gun. Becca’s take: “He’s handsome.”

Clay. Caught a lot of passes in his career, but trying to make her the biggest catch of his life. “Catch you inside.” I have a feeling this will be a theme with him. Good thing Becca doesn’t throw like Blake Bortles. You’ll never catch anything.

Jean Blanc. His name is French, so he has Becca to repeat something he says in French. When she asks what she just said, take a wild f***ing guess as to what it was? “Lets do the damn thing.” Shoot me. Becca’s take: “He smelled so good.”

Connor. Gets down on one knee and, wait for it, says “Lets do the damn thing.” Seriously, just stop. Stop it now. I’m breaking out in a rash.

Leo. Has his hair up in a bun, says he has a lot of nerves, so we should just “let our hair down.” Becca’s take: “He has way better hair than I do.”

Jordan. Becca’s take: “He had some fun shoes.” And now we start in with how utterly metro this guy is and how he loves talking about how great his fashion is. “I wanted her to hear the tapping of the shoes I wore because it’s like the heartbeat of a gentleman. Hopefully the fashion does make me unique. I spent 6 hours hand selecting everything…just by me wearing grey, I will stand out.” On and on and on this guy goes. What a douche. For the rest of the limo entrances, we get a lot of ITM’s of Jordan giving his commentary. This guy basically narrates the whole first episode.

Mike. Brings a cardboard cut out of Arie. He brought it out so Arie “got a chance to see you as happy as you are tonight.”

Garrett. Shows up in a mini van. Wants to be a great dad, awesome husband. Takes her into the car where he has the car seat set up, a diaper bag, soccer balls, etc. Becca’s take: “Oh my God, that was so good.”

-The next 5 limo entrances they show were the five who she met on the ATFR: Blake, Lincoln, Chase, Darius, and Ryan. They really only show the full entrances of Blake and Lincoln.

Blake. Another animal. Replayed the clip from the ATFR where he came in on a horse. This time he rode in on an ox. Says he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind. “My feelings for you are as strong as an ox.”

Lincoln. He mentioned when he came on the ATFR that it was his birthday, so he brought a piece of cake for them to eat.

Wills. Admits he’s a closet nerd. Becca admits she’s a nerd too. This gets mentioned later during their cocktail party time.

Kamil. He gets out of the limo and tells Becca to come to him. Talks about how relationships gotta meet halfway. She starts walking towards him, he starts walking towards her, mentions something about maybe 60/40. Becca wasn’t too impressed.

Jake. Wears no socks with his suit. Becca says “You look familiar.” ITM after he leaves Becca says Jake is an acquaintance, they’ve met on multiple occasions in Minnesota, ran in the same group of friends, “so now…I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Trent. Arrives in a hearse. Gets out and says, “Becca when I heard you were the Bachelorette, I literally died.” Ummmm, ok.

David. Arrives in a chicken suit and makes awful chicken puns. “I’m not here to ruffle feathers.” “Egg-cellent.” How about this one, “What the pluck are you doing?”

Chris. Last out of the limos. He said when he saw her hometown date, he knew that to win over Becca, he had to win over Uncle Gary’s heart. Brings out a gospel choir to sing to her. I think it’s some made up song.



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