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Bachelorette Becca Spoilers

“Bachelorette” Becca’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

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Episode 5: Las Vegas, NV (12 to 9)

1-on-1: Colton Underwood. Colton got the rose.

Group Date: Aria Convention Center. Chris, Garrett, Lincoln, Blake, Leo, Wills, John, Jason, and Connor all get a lesson first from Wayne Newton at his mansion on how to serenade Becca, then have to perform their own lyrics to his infamous “Danke Schoen” song.

2-on-1: David Ravitz and Jordan Kimball. She sent David home first, then later that night, sent Jordan home.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: John Graham. David Ravitz and Jordan Kimball both eliminated on the 2-on-1 date.

Episode 6: (airing July 2nd) Richmond, VA (9 to 6)

1-on-1: Jason Tartick. Went and made donuts, then visited the Poe Museum, although they were supposed go white water rafting, but the weather prevented it. Then they visited the Veil brewing compay where two of Jason’s friends from Buffalo were brought in: David Arduin and Hawk Jameson.

Group Date: Beccalection. Colton, Garrett, Chris, Lincoln, Wills, Blake, and Connor all go up there to answer questions about Becca. There was a fake Abe Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin sitting with Becca.

One thing that happened during the group date is someone in attendance passed out, ended up hitting their head, and medical staff had to attend to her. Becca heard about this and ended up taking off her heels and running over to her to see if she was ok. You can see the sequence of events in these pics:

Once the debate started, it was basically guys pleading their case as to why they were the best fit for Becca. But it essentially turned into Chris vs Lincoln. The other five, for the most part, stayed out of the drama, but these two did not like each other and went at it. It all started with the fact that during the guys’ opening statements, a lot of them referred to the fact that one guy there tried to leave during the group date after party in Vegas, and that guy was Chris. Chris tried to leave because he felt he wasn’t getting any 1-on-1 time with Becca. Some of things said back and forth between those two:

-Chris said he would want a 2-on-1 against Lincoln bc it would be an easy road for him.

-They both body shamed each other. Lincoln told Chris Becca would only be into him if she were lesbian because of Chris’ girly body. Called him a woman, said he needed a tampon, and also called him a fat f**k. I guess Chris used to be very overweight when he was younger. Lincoln then said Chris body shamed him too because he accused Lincoln of using steroids.

-Chris also mentioned that Lincoln and Jason were talking sh*t behind Becca’s back and that’s when Lincoln seemed to get defensive and attacked Chris.

-Lincoln also thinks the world is flat so he got sh*t for that (no pun intended).

-Blake came across as well liked by the guys, Garrett wasn’t great on the mic but it was said came across as stage fright. As mentioned, most of the other 5 tried to stay out of it and Wills even tried to bring the attention back to why they were there for Becca but Chris and Lincoln wanted to have at each other.

Chris ended up being eliminated at the after party.

1-on-1: Leo Dottavio. They end up a Morgan Evans concert that night. Tons of pics and videos from that night.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Lincoln Adim and Connor Obrochta.

Episode 7: (airing July 9th) Bahamas (6 to 4)

1-on-1: Colton Underwood. Shots of them making out on a boat in the season preview.

1-on-1: Garrett Yrigoyen. Took a seaplane out to a private island.

This was at night after dinner that a passerby was able to snap these after they went in the water:

1-on-1: Blake Horstmann. Had a concert on the beach with the Baja Men. A couple pics and videos of them popped up that day on social media.


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Group Date: Wills, Jason, and Leo. Since Jason’s hometown date was already booked to be the first one a couple days later, without knowing, Wills and Leo’s fate was already sealed before this date even happened. Jason got the group date rose.



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