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“Reader Emails,” the Garrett Controversy Goes Mainstream, & “The Proposal”

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Quite a day yesterday, that’s for sure. There’s no other way around it: this sucks for Becca. One day after your season premieres, the Garrett situation is all anyone’s talking about. And rightfully so. It’s a big deal. And if you don’t think it is, then you might actually be part of the problem. “Roseanne,” the highest rated show on ABC right now, got cancelled yesterday because of a tweet. So yes, social media plays a HUGE role in our society today. Believe that. Nothing is private anymore, and that’s the problem. Tomorrow’s podcast with Ashley Spivey is excellent. We get into everything that happened over the weekend, why she did what she did, and why this Garrett Instagram controversy shouldn’t be treated lightly. Already gotten a few emails spewing some pretty vile stuff towards Ashley, but whatever. The podcast is recorded, you’ll hear it tomorrow, and if you’re already pre-judging something you haven’t heard yet, I don’t know what to tell you. And not only that, if you already hate Ashley, you’re gonna LOVE the news I have for you tomorrow. Stay tuned. Everyone should listen tomorrow because it’s important to dissect exactly what we’re dealing with here. Save your, “What’s the big deal? So he liked a couple IG posts? He can like whatever he wants.” If that’s honestly your take on this whole situation, then you’re clearly missing the whole point of everything. I don’t want to hear from anyone who has that take, so please, just save your breath.

Yesterday’s post I was very clear about where I stood with everything in regards to Garrett’s IG account. I repeated at least three times, that I never said he was or wasn’t guilty. I just want to hear his side. After speaking with Ashley yesterday, and after being contacted personally by some of the people who were directly involved in taking the screen shots and tracking this down to Garrett’s old account (garrett_yrigs12 that was shut down after this all blew up), everything points to him liking those posts. Did people have a lot of time on their hands to go through back 7 months worth of posts to find this stuff? Yes. But they did it. Better to do due diligence then throw baseless claims out there. The reason I was skeptical was because it DID seem illogical that someone would spend that much time search old posts to see if Garrett liked them. But they did, and they found the evidence. So it certainly looks like he did like those posts. So that part of the questions I had seemingly have been answered. But it doesn’t change my stance on how I’m going to cover it. I want to hear the WHY now, because there could be a variety of reasons as to why he did it. Once I hear from him, it will be much easier to talk about. The longer ABC stays silent on this, the worse it’s going to get for them. They HAVE to release a statement or let Garrett release some IG video or something to where we hear him speaking. It’s too important not to. Until then, we wait, and I will continue to reserve judgment until I get a little more insight into how this guy thinks.

I’m sure you saw in Monday night numerous times during the commercial break, but the “Proposal” starts on ABC Monday night June 18th. It’ll air right after the “Bachelorette” for I think six weeks. Lets just hope it’s only one and gets sh** canned immediately. What a dumpster fire this will be. But the best part? I already know a few of the endings. But since I don’t know what order the episodes will be shown in (since each is a stand alone), don’t want to post just yet. Before each episode begins, I will tweet out who the lead in each show chooses and how the relationship ends. The ones I know of so far have all ended in an engagement, but I heard the “proposal” at the end is a proposal to either – get engaged, date, hook up, etc. Yes, that’s how awful this is. The final two people it’s whittled down to don’t see the lead until it’s down to those two. Basically it’s “Engagement at First Sight” on a different network. No dates, no courtship, you don’t even see the person for the first time til the very end, yet, people are getting engaged and audience members are crying. How utterly ridiculous. What a sh** show. Can’t wait to spoil it.

Ratings are in from Monday night, and the show’s premiere basically did the same as Rachel’s premiere, other than being down .1 (1.4) in the rating and 100k less viewers (5.5 million). However, Rachel’s season didn’t start on a holiday, whereas Becca’s did. Because if you go back to Rachel’s second episode, which aired on Memorial Day 2017, it was down from it’s premiere. And the season before that with JoJo, her premiere did 6.7 million and a 2.0 rating. But her second episode, which aired Memorial Day of 2016, dropped to 5.8 million and a 1.6 rating. The following week it was back up to 6.8 million and a 2.0 rating. So yeah, you’re just automatically going to get lower ratings on an episode that runs on a holiday. It’s inevitable and the numbers prove that out.

Get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow. Big day with Ashley’s podcast and the final “He Said, She Said” with Sharleen. Believe it or not, she got me to talk about my dating life for 30 minutes. I guess for the final show we wanted to go out with a bang. I’ve always been reluctant to talk about it because I’m a more private person when it comes to that stuff. It’s not like I reveal any names or my dates per se, but just talking about the struggles I’ve dealt with in the dating world and where I’m at with it. Listen for that coming tomorrow.

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  1. subro

    May 30, 2018 at 9:36 AM

    So Ashley must have missed the part where Becca said she grew up hunting and fishing with her dad…and wow, low and behold fly fisherman Garrett is pro gun, and probably pro NRA. The last time I checked guns were a big part of outdoor hunting life. His stand against the Leftist Parkland students who want to confiscate guns is understandable. Garrett probably stands with Kyle Kashuv, another Parkland Student ranked #1 in the Parkland High school class of 2019 who is being considered for next year’s Valedictorian. Kyle is Pro NRA. But Ashley probably considers that a major felony!
    And “Oh my gawd!” Garrett is not a Kaepernick fan. Well guess what!!! Neither are a good chunk of the nation. Last I looked the NFL has taken quite a hit over Kaepernicks choice to kneel.
    And BTW, Christians, because of their religious beliefs, don’t agree with same sex marriage or transexuality. Christians are called to love everyone but that doesn’t mean they have to believe in their lifestyle.
    We are a nation free to have our opinions even if they don’t align with you and the “social justice warriors” of the world bent on mind control.
    Get over yourself Ashley. Half the nation would have “liked” many of the same posts Garrett did and it doesn’t mean you get to label them racist, homophobic, transphobic, or any other of your list of HATE words.
    You my friend are a bully to anyone who doesn’t see the world through your glasses. Grow up!

  2. rsfan22

    May 30, 2018 at 9:49 AM

    The person this hurts the most is Becca. I thought Ashley was all about women empowering women. And women supporting women. As a woman I respected Ashley for that. I didn’t think Ashley was the type to do whatever she could to hurt another woman, especially in her bachelor nation circle. Becca’s pain will fall on Ashley as she was the first person with a platform to share the information that was sent to her. Ashley had three choices.
    1. To do exactly what she did and try To hurt Becca and ruin the season.
    2. Ignore it all together and say this isn’t my business. I don’t get in people drama, I steer clear of drama.
    3. Send to Becca privately and say look Becca I respect you and trust your decisions but I think you should see this info that was sent to me and for you to handle as you choose to as this is your season, not mine.

    Yes, liking those photos is not ok. I completely agree. But I also don’t judge until I know the whole story. Who am I to judge without knowing all the facts? Who is she to judge without knowing all the facts? If he did do this he deserves the chance to admit his mistakes. But I’m with Steve, I will reserve my judgement until I know all the facts. The timing is extremely fishy. This comes out the day after he was announced as the winner and four days before the season starts.

    Like I said, at the end of the day the person this hurts the most is BECCA! Why would Ashley want to hurt another woman. Ashleys actions prove she is a hypocrite and is NOT about supporting woman in her bachelor nation circle.

  3. realiteacheck

    May 30, 2018 at 9:52 AM

    No Steve – You’re the issue by making this an issue. Grow up already, lefties.

  4. rsfan22

    May 30, 2018 at 9:57 AM

    The person this hurts the most is Becca. I thought Ashley was all about women empowering women. And women supporting women. As a woman I respected Ashley for that. I didn’t think Ashley was the type to do whatever she could to hurt another woman, especially in her bachelor nation circle. Becca’s pain will fall on Ashley as she was the first person with a platform to share the information that was sent to her.

    Ashley had three choices.
    1. To do exactly what she did and try To hurt Becca and ruin the season.
    2. Ignore it all together and say this isn’t my business. I don’t get in people drama, I steer clear of drama.
    3. Send to Becca privately and say look Becca I respect you and trust your decisions but I think you should see this info that was sent to me and for you to handle as you choose to as this is your season, not mine.

    Yes, liking those photos is not ok. I completely agree. But I also don’t judge until I know the whole story. Who am I to judge without knowing all the facts? Who is she to judge without knowing all the facts? If he did do this he deserves the chance to admit his mistakes. But I’m with Steve, I will reserve my judgement until I know all the facts. The timing is extremely fishy. This comes out the day after he was announced as the winner and four days before the season starts.

    I’m not ok with how Ashley choose too handle the issue. She will never admit that maybe she should’ve privately contacted Becca first. She probably doesn’t think Becca is hurt by this either. I’m sure Becca does not like Ashley now! Becca’s IG post was meant for Ashley. 100%!

    Like I said, at the end of the day the person this hurts the most is BECCA! Why would Ashley want to hurt another woman. Ashleys actions prove she is a hypocrite and NOT about supporting woman in her bachelor nation circle.

  5. rob22

    May 30, 2018 at 11:17 AM

    Look do people share and like some stuff I pretty much think are extreme? Of course. Some of them are/were friends. Some of them I unfollowed/unfriended so I didn’t have to see any more of it. That’s the level of crime I think liking inappropriate stuff is…. they out themselves to their “friends” and we get to reconsider whether they should really be friends. Is it OK to out their posts on social media. Sure, it was put out there, so they asked for it. RS seems to think that it’s not a valid take to say that “So what. He liked some posts.” It’s not exactly “so what”, because there are ramifications. But …. and hey I have only gotten the gist of what he liked. If it’s super racist or something, I get it. There’s a price to pay. But to compare it to Roseanne? Roseanne said an African American looked like an ape. That IS super racist. And, she’s been in the public eye for a couple of decades and should know better. But, am I missing something? Is this just a Bachelorette bubble of drama, or did this guy really like some abhorent and horible stuff? Or did he just express an unpopular opinion?

  6. ctrealitygirl

    May 30, 2018 at 1:38 PM

    Also, “liking” something posted by someone else is A LOT different than making the comment yourself. On Facebook I’m always perplexed when someone “likes” a post about something bad or sad…like someone dying. It appears that “liking” something does NOT always mean you agree with something or support something. It’s really pretty innocuous. Steve is off base comparing “likes” to Roseanne’s racist tweet. She intentionally demeaned a prominent person with her ugly slur. Methinks everyone is getting carried away, especially seeing as no one has heard Garrett’s side of the story. And shame on Ashley Spivy for blabbing about it and making such a fuss. Like RSfan22 pointed out, by doing what she did, Ashley sabotaged Becca’s happiness. NOT nice! I will NOT listen to Steve’s podcast…have no interest in haring her side of the story. I wish Steve would just stay out of it.

  7. meg2016

    May 30, 2018 at 2:15 PM

    You know how many times I have been totally offended about what people say about Christians? Hundreds of times. Do I freak out and call everyone names? No. Is there anyone defending Christians who hold Biblical values? Uh, no. Do you think Ashley would ever defend a Christian’s point if view, because she is so “tolerant?” Ashley Spivey is so spending way too much time telling everyone they should be offended. Doesn’t she have a job or work at all? How does one spend so much time on their phone looking for likes? She is incredibly intolerant herself! I don’t think it’s funny to talk crap about race, hell no. But to get this upset over some stupid insta posts made my someone else that were liked by TONS of people, this is so overboard. I’m usually with Steve, but not on this one. Anyone who makes fun of anyone based on their race/looks is an ass, but I’m not going to tell other people they should be personally offended.

  8. tinyred500

    May 30, 2018 at 2:17 PM

    I agree with many of the above comments, so many great points. I don’t want to duplicate them below.

    I for one don’t like the tone of Steve’s post, arrogant comes to mind and somewhat infantile. Steve and Ashley- Social Justice Warriors, we now have judge and jury trial by social media because they deem it so. Sorry, but they shouldn’t be making it their business to try and turn someone into a pariah, because of random social media activity they don’t like etc. It’s entirely up to Becca and Garrett to decide and sort it out for themselves. As for others, well we’re going to have an opinion but again, the only person it truly matters to is Becca. I don’t think Garrett should have to make a statement either, not sure why Steve thinks he should. Garrett isn’t a public figure, he doesn’t hold a public office job. He participated in a cheesy dating reality show and he was picked as ‘the one’. Why didn’t Ashley contact Garrett direct and privately and ask him about the liked posts? No, instead she had to share all and sundry on her public Twitter page (this what’s so wrong in the first instance!) and now a Podcast with Steve. I could go on….but I have better things to do. By the way, this ‘hate’ term, so infantile and I don’t hate anyone, most certainly not someone I just happen to disagree with. The word hate has lost all true meaning, thanks to social media.

  9. rob22

    May 30, 2018 at 2:42 PM

    I do want to comment on meg2016’s comments. I’m an Evangelical Christian and I totally do not get where so many Christians feel like they’re under attack. Are there people that don’t like Christians, people who are really nasty. Sure. But most people are not out there attacking Christians. We’re really in the majority in this country, and there are a minority of people that don’t like us. I can live with that. In the Bible, it was quite the opposite. Christians were in the minority and were being jailed and killed for their beliefs. And the message from Paul and other church leaders was “persevere, Christ is with you”. They weren’t whining because someone made some crack about Christians on Social Media… they were being murdered. And yet, they chose not to whine about it. So whining about minor slights just seems so thin skinned. I think we should be better than that. And frankly, most of the criticisms are brought on by Christian misbehavior. I don’t want to own the behavior of others, but I do see how it impacts others views about Christians. Anyway… I think we need to stop whining. We’re not being persecuted in any sense of the word.

  10. nitejen

    May 30, 2018 at 3:16 PM

    Agree as well with all comments above. Couldn’t have said it better myself. As Tinyred stated also, why should Garrett make a statement because he’s on some silly dating show. He’s not a public figure. He “liked” some posts, he didn’t tweet racist comments, hate, as Rosanne did. There is no comparison. For Steve to say if we all don’t see a problem with what he did, then WE are the ones with a problem?? Really, That is ridiculous. All because some nosey body named Ashley decided to take judgement in her own hands and post for all to see and spread the word so she can ruin everything for Becca. Why listen to the podcast first, so the hypocrite can give a bunch of her OWN opinions? Did she speak to Garrett? Becca? Does she have 100% proof? I seriously doubt it, so her opinion to talk others into her own beliefs are useless. Disappointed in you Steve. She handled this very poorly with HER way of lets judge first, post for all the world to see while forming all her own opinions and criticism of a man she never met, and THEN lastly find out if its all true. Of course when now the poor guy may be forced to make a statement by ABC because of this being completely thrown out of proportion. The person I worry about having a problem is the one who went through all the research on a strangers twitter just to find his likes to get some dirt on him. Now that is definitely someone with a problem. Sounds like something an angry ex would do.

  11. karigee

    May 30, 2018 at 5:34 PM

    Doesn’t seem like she was whining at all, just making a comparison to how she reacts to stuff she finds offensive to how the far left reacts.

  12. meg2016

    May 30, 2018 at 6:49 PM

    Not sure where I whined or mentioned persecution, but ok…the media/movies/tv constantly mock Christianity. Liberals attack our faith day in and day out, and I’m offended by people saying “talking to Jesus” means you have a mental illness, or that if you don’t agree with Ashley Spivey you’re a bigot. That’s incredibly hypocritical and offensive, but I would NEVER do what she does to try to embarrass or harass someone who thinks differently than her.

  13. meg2016

    May 30, 2018 at 6:52 PM

    Thank you for understanding.

  14. karigee

    May 30, 2018 at 6:59 PM

    Also Rob if you do not “get” how Christians are under attack, you must not watch any major television networks, watch movies, read major newspapers, or follow any major media news. Other wise it is very clear that there is a strong bias against Christians in today’s world. Because I do follow, I see it on a daily basis. Wouldn’t jump to persecution as you did, just want to be clear.

  15. ladyjane747

    May 30, 2018 at 7:15 PM

    Remember the days when Steve was proudly apolitical? Stated that he didn’t follow politics, didn’t know much about politics and may have even stated that he didn’t vote. Now he’s Mr. SJW because he LOVES Ashley? Really? What happened to the Steve who used to openly mock these people? Now he LOVES them and hangs out with them at ball games. LOL He reminds me of Chet on UnReal who’s trying to get an Emmy for his irrelevant show. This is a fluff blog about reality TV. Does politics have to infect everything? I come here to escape and now I have Reality Steve telling ME I’m part of some problem? I won’t be listening the blog with the baby-voice dimwit tomorrow, and if Steve insists on continuing to insult half of his reading/listening audience, I won’t be visiting this site or listening to the blog anymore, either. Go back to criticizing the contestants, Steve. You were a lot funnier then. Or I might just have to start getting my spoilers from TMZ.

  16. kernst33

    May 30, 2018 at 8:07 PM

    Listen, I’m about as liberal as they come, but the reaction to this has me sick to my stomach. The content of the memes that were liked disgusts me, but so does the vitriol that’s getting spewed at both Garrett and Becca as a direct result of Ashley’s and others actions. This whole situation has me sick, from the sort of gag order production has on Garrett so he can’t even make a comment regarding his actions to the twitter crusades against everyone involved. I’m glad that Steve is waiting to reserve judgment until we’ve heard more from those involved, but I wish he’d say something to recognize how dangerous it can be for others in the franchise to use their platform in this antagonizing manner where they’re so focused on tearing someone down who doesn’t have the capacity to defend himself. It honestly perplexes me that someone would appoint themselves head investigator on this guy and then executor of justice regarding what they’d found, but hey, it’s not up to me to decide what Ashley does with her time or energy. I just wish she’d put half the effort into caring about all of those involved (like Becca) than she seems to care about the insensitive sense of humor displayed in Garrett’s instagram behavior. I genuinely hope that after the initial scandal of this wears off, everyone takes a good look at what happened and what they did and that they grow from this, as nobody’s coming across as a winner in my book, save maybe for Becca who’s just trying her hardest to weather this as best as she can.

  17. cc2219

    May 30, 2018 at 8:31 PM


  18. tinyred500

    May 31, 2018 at 12:37 AM

    I totally agree with this. Becoming political is a sure fire way to lose followers, and his arrogance will see he falls on his own sword eventually, if he doesn’t stop. I think overall Steve is a fickle and contradictory type person. He’s written about contestants mean and unjust behaviour (whilst they were filming the show, post filming and then had another stint within the franchise where they still showed the same behaviour ) which clearly showed who they are as individuals, etc., and not producer produced reactions. Only for him to have them on a podcast, and next he’s referring to them as friends! He’s never met most of these people and had only brief contact with them. He says he doesn’t hold grudges, but he clearly does and makes it his calling to keep berating them. Now for him tell his readers and listeners we’re the ones with the problem if we don’t agree with him?! Nah, it doesn’t work like that, people come here for a bit of light hearted reading, not to be dictated to over what they should take umbrage over.

  19. katieottawa

    May 31, 2018 at 1:10 AM

    what the heck?? why does he need to justify his “likes and opinions” to the thought police or steve or to anyone else?? why does he need these hypocritical moral grandstanding individuals approval anyways? who do they think they are?? who freaking cares?? hes just some guy on a tv show. hes not a politician. who cares what his views are?? how does that impact you in your life? he isnt lecturing, promoting his views on the show or anything. just because he thinks somethings are funny doesnt mean hes going out and bashing transgender people or immigrants.

    since when has the liberals became the moral compass for all things acceptable and virtuous?? odd since they seem to be the most judgmental, bullying, divisive and quickest to use hateful words for people with differing views and opinions. For steve to say “it was wrong no if or so about it” …huh?? that is YOUR opinion. its your blog you can write whatever you want but its not law. Its your opinion and subjective. Facts are facts. Opinions can range. So tired of this way or the highway liberal attitude where everyone must think exactly like them or else they are wrong or are considered to be alt right

    so according to steve now Garrett has to justify and explain his “opinions and actions” to people he dont know who are judgemental to get their approval and bow down to their sensibilities?? f that. hope the guy stands behind his opinions and doesnt bow down to these liberal radicals. if she dumps him because she listened to that crazed feminist Spivey and because he found a jenner meme funny, hes better off and ill totally date him instead.

    how about make the next season of the bachelor/ette an all out liberal left wing affair. all liberal candidates that way they are sure to not have to disagree with anyone. Have ABC discriminate and erase all right leaning white people from their shows there you go, problem solved, you have your safe space with everyone thinking alike.

    i thought steve wasnt going to get involved in politics but more and more he is showing his colors and giving crazed feminists a platform to talk about feminism and push the metoo political movement. no one wants to hear female contestants come on his podcast and use it as a therapy session to talk about abuse and make unproven allegations. Go to a therapist or to a lawyer and leave this to be a more entertaining fun not serious type podcast.

    also im sorry but since when did steve become the moral high ground for decency?? May I remind people should go back and read his beginning stuff from 10 years ago. It was pretty merciless, crude and misogynistic toward women and all these now fragile snowflakes heads would explode and would compare him to trump if they went back and read his recaps from a decade ago. That was why i started reading him in the first place. Because he made fun of these people. Men and women equally. Now hes recaps are soft at best and he gives exgfs a podcast to play victim and whine about being dumped and bash the men for being players on social media.

    If he keeps going hes going to lose half his viewership.

  20. tinyred500

    May 31, 2018 at 1:33 AM

    My thoughts exactly.

  21. katieottawa

    May 31, 2018 at 1:39 AM

    steve has lost his sense of humor these last couple of years, I dont see anything “transphobic” about that jenner pic. its pretty funny. definitely funnier than steves recaps in recent years

    leftists cant take a joke anymore

  22. tinyred500

    May 31, 2018 at 2:21 AM

    The sad thing is, it’s happening in many western countries. The PC-left brigade is shutting down and gagging anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I remember when we could find humour in so many things, we used to have a lot of satire humour, now the sanctimonious moral compass of the left would see this as something we should be offended by.

  23. maidenhell63

    May 31, 2018 at 8:19 AM


  24. anita29

    May 31, 2018 at 2:55 PM

    I listened to the podcast just to hear what Ashley had to say about WHY she decided to make all these Instagram’s posts public. She wanted to warn Becca? Does she know what kind of conversations Becca and Garrett had? This is not our problem…this is not Steve problem and this is not Ashley’s problem. If she was so concerned, why not send a private message to Becca and to Garrett. Now she is on a media tour!?!? pleaseeeee…. I think this whole mess have ruined this season of the Bachelorette. At the end of the day, I feel really bad for Becca because now she cannot freely defend her fiancee or talk about her feelings until the end of the season. And I hope this stupid controversy doesn’t cost Garrett his job.
    No bueno, Ashley, no bueno…

  25. anita29

    May 31, 2018 at 2:57 PM


  26. whatever7

    June 1, 2018 at 12:24 AM

    Just so everyone knows: what he did or didn’t do isn’t illegal. I don’t know him, I don’t care. But he absolutely owes no one an explanation. Not you, not me. And really that’s all there is to it. Problem solved. Next.

  27. Carolinagirl

    June 1, 2018 at 11:13 AM

    She should have sent a private message to Becca.Now Becca is struggling in interviews trying to handle all of this and not reveal who she is engaged to.This should be a fun time for Becca going around in interviews and waiting for the premiere.I will always believe Ashley had a what can this do for me moment when she decided to release the info.I would have never thought Ashley would have been the kind to not think about another woman’s feelings in a situation like this…but she was. Yes, it is just a reality show but real people with real feelings are in it.I hope this has not affected Garrett’s job.

  28. sc07

    June 4, 2018 at 3:33 AM

    Totally agree with you on all your posts. If he had liked or even posted memes that conservatives could take offense to, this wouldn’t be a scandal. Liberals condemn conservatives for not being open minded and tolerant. But as soon as you don’t agree with them, they try to bully you into believing their way. So who’s really intolerant here. The liberals!!! We’re living in a liberal world of snowflakes, safe spaces, and just all around crybabies. Someone wanted to say you’re (meg2016) whining, well what do you call what all these liberals are doing.

  29. upmyalley

    June 6, 2018 at 11:32 AM

    I would take 10 Garrett’s over one Ashley any day. I find everything about Ashley offensive, right down to the smirk on her fugly face.

  30. SeaDub

    June 7, 2018 at 6:57 AM

    Great words Steve.

    Left or right or middle – we all know wrong and creating, laughing at, liking and / or supporting a photo of a child being thrown over a wall is wrong. All decent human beings know this. Do not let politics cloud that over. And bravo to Ashley Spivey for bringing it to our attention.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing” – Edmund Burke.

    And I remind or inform you that the rise of Nazism came from cartoons about Jews.

  31. alexaemerald

    June 8, 2018 at 1:55 PM

    SeaDub, I am of Jewish decent and find it terribly disappointing and hypocritical that Ashley Spivey has “nazi” in her twitter profile. I may not agree with some of the things this contestant liked but Spivey and Steve don’t have the right to judge others because they are far from perfect. No more podcasts for me.

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