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“Reader Emails,” the Garrett Controversy Goes Mainstream, & “The Proposal”

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Quite a day yesterday, that’s for sure. There’s no other way around it: this sucks for Becca. One day after your season premieres, the Garrett situation is all anyone’s talking about. And rightfully so. It’s a big deal. And if you don’t think it is, then you might actually be part of the problem. “Roseanne,” the highest rated show on ABC right now, got cancelled yesterday because of a tweet. So yes, social media plays a HUGE role in our society today. Believe that. Nothing is private anymore, and that’s the problem. Tomorrow’s podcast with Ashley Spivey is excellent. We get into everything that happened over the weekend, why she did what she did, and why this Garrett Instagram controversy shouldn’t be treated lightly. Already gotten a few emails spewing some pretty vile stuff towards Ashley, but whatever. The podcast is recorded, you’ll hear it tomorrow, and if you’re already pre-judging something you haven’t heard yet, I don’t know what to tell you. And not only that, if you already hate Ashley, you’re gonna LOVE the news I have for you tomorrow. Stay tuned. Everyone should listen tomorrow because it’s important to dissect exactly what we’re dealing with here. Save your, “What’s the big deal? So he liked a couple IG posts? He can like whatever he wants.” If that’s honestly your take on this whole situation, then you’re clearly missing the whole point of everything. I don’t want to hear from anyone who has that take, so please, just save your breath.

Yesterday’s post I was very clear about where I stood with everything in regards to Garrett’s IG account. I repeated at least three times, that I never said he was or wasn’t guilty. I just want to hear his side. After speaking with Ashley yesterday, and after being contacted personally by some of the people who were directly involved in taking the screen shots and tracking this down to Garrett’s old account (garrett_yrigs12 that was shut down after this all blew up), everything points to him liking those posts. Did people have a lot of time on their hands to go through back 7 months worth of posts to find this stuff? Yes. But they did it. Better to do due diligence then throw baseless claims out there. The reason I was skeptical was because it DID seem illogical that someone would spend that much time search old posts to see if Garrett liked them. But they did, and they found the evidence. So it certainly looks like he did like those posts. So that part of the questions I had seemingly have been answered. But it doesn’t change my stance on how I’m going to cover it. I want to hear the WHY now, because there could be a variety of reasons as to why he did it. Once I hear from him, it will be much easier to talk about. The longer ABC stays silent on this, the worse it’s going to get for them. They HAVE to release a statement or let Garrett release some IG video or something to where we hear him speaking. It’s too important not to. Until then, we wait, and I will continue to reserve judgment until I get a little more insight into how this guy thinks.

I’m sure you saw in Monday night numerous times during the commercial break, but the “Proposal” starts on ABC Monday night June 18th. It’ll air right after the “Bachelorette” for I think six weeks. Lets just hope it’s only one and gets sh** canned immediately. What a dumpster fire this will be. But the best part? I already know a few of the endings. But since I don’t know what order the episodes will be shown in (since each is a stand alone), don’t want to post just yet. Before each episode begins, I will tweet out who the lead in each show chooses and how the relationship ends. The ones I know of so far have all ended in an engagement, but I heard the “proposal” at the end is a proposal to either – get engaged, date, hook up, etc. Yes, that’s how awful this is. The final two people it’s whittled down to don’t see the lead until it’s down to those two. Basically it’s “Engagement at First Sight” on a different network. No dates, no courtship, you don’t even see the person for the first time til the very end, yet, people are getting engaged and audience members are crying. How utterly ridiculous. What a sh** show. Can’t wait to spoil it.

Ratings are in from Monday night, and the show’s premiere basically did the same as Rachel’s premiere, other than being down .1 (1.4) in the rating and 100k less viewers (5.5 million). However, Rachel’s season didn’t start on a holiday, whereas Becca’s did. Because if you go back to Rachel’s second episode, which aired on Memorial Day 2017, it was down from it’s premiere. And the season before that with JoJo, her premiere did 6.7 million and a 2.0 rating. But her second episode, which aired Memorial Day of 2016, dropped to 5.8 million and a 1.6 rating. The following week it was back up to 6.8 million and a 2.0 rating. So yeah, you’re just automatically going to get lower ratings on an episode that runs on a holiday. It’s inevitable and the numbers prove that out.

Get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow. Big day with Ashley’s podcast and the final “He Said, She Said” with Sharleen. Believe it or not, she got me to talk about my dating life for 30 minutes. I guess for the final show we wanted to go out with a bang. I’ve always been reluctant to talk about it because I’m a more private person when it comes to that stuff. It’s not like I reveal any names or my dates per se, but just talking about the struggles I’ve dealt with in the dating world and where I’m at with it. Listen for that coming tomorrow.

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